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  1. I usually start with one on. For chipping and putting I take it off. Takes away from the feel. Sometimes when my swing is off, I take the glove off for every shot and that seems to help for the rest of the round.
  2. Christmas presents

    I picked the Mevo as I just read the review this morning and it looked pretty cool. I don't live too far away so if you get it and need help, I can help! I don't like GPS' as the one I had was way off. I like rangefinders better. Lessons or a new Driver are always appealing too! Tough choices.... can we get all of them?
  3. How long is your golf commute?

    I have 10 courses within 20 - 30 mins from my house. Not bad. Enough time to sip my coffee and get in the golfing mode. With my son having more interest now I will be looking to join somewhere especially if he really is interested in playing High School Golf.
  4. What are you listening to?

    Looks like we have similar taste. Had Crue blasting on the way to work. Can never get enough of Shout at the Devil. I usually play that first when I am jamming on the drums with my MP3 player and headphones.
  5. Golf Goggles/Glasses

    Awesome line Russ!
  6. What are you listening to?

    Yea brutha! Up the irons for sure! On the stereo and in the golf bag! Gotta have Killers, Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind and Powerslave! Those are the best! Had Ride the Lightning on today... really gets the blood pumping!
  7. What are you listening to?

    Had a good ride into work with some Iron Maiden cranking. Piece of Mind played all the way through and then Journey was next on the MP3 CD mix... A lil odd going from Maiden to Journey but I made it to work and will queue up some Motley Crue for lunch!
  8. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    I would go get my Eye2's and then just use the W - 50.7° and SW - 57.7° Back with the old lofts it was a no brain er. Now with W, AP, GP, SW, LW you have too many choices and too many wedges in the bag.
  9. Hidden Ability? (how I hit an unexpected 3 wood)

    Keep that 3W warm in the bag and try it off the Tee instead of the Driver next round. I had a similar shot with my 5W, far shot, up hill because of a bad drive and it was on the dance floor looking at an 18' bird. 2 putted for par and I always wonder if I can take it out again and do the same shot.
  10. When is it too cold to golf?

    @Marty2019 Can I trade you my 35* morning for your 55* temps? I would go play 18 with shorts on and a 6 pack in the cooler!
  11. When is it too cold to golf?

    In New England, if you cant pound a 16 penny spike into the ground to hold your Tee, it's too cold!
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    The last two weeks I have played pretty good. Trying to squeeze in as much golf as I can before winter so I played Sat & Sun. Last week: Sat 88 Sun: 85! This week: Sat 86 Sun: 82! Tied my lowest last week with another 85. That is good for me but I want to shoot an 80. Sun I was worried with a 45 on the front but I tore it up on the back with a 37 for my best 9 hole score and lowest round ever! 5 pars and a birdie was pretty sweet. Trying to do that 6 challenge but it is tough. Would have made it if it was a 7 challenge. Hope this coming weekend I can get out both days again.
  13. Which one would you take?

    This is a good question and I hope a lot more people chime in. It looks like the better golfers pick the 30 birdies as they stand to par the rest of the holes and maybe throw in an eagle. The bogey + golfers look at the bogey free round as a godsend and if you can squeeze in a couple of birdies or an eagle you will have an unbelievable 4 rounds. I have about 10 - 20 birdies under my belt and just got my first eagle a couple weekends ago so to have 4 rounds of 72 would be sweet! Mount those 4 cards in a nice frame in my office and show everyone!
  14. @satchmodog I found some old info that might be helpful to you. Good story with a special link to your dad. I like that! I use to play my Eye2 's and they were about a club off of my buddies playing new stuff. Once I dialed them in, I knew how far every club would go and club choice became easy. Sometimes I messed other up as they asked what I hit and then grabbed the same club... oops! Yea, we have different lofts... looks like that ball is OB! If you put some new grips and better shafts on them, you might never play anything else! *** Not the gospel but the info below was what many companies used back in the day *** Iron - length/loft/lie 2 -- 38.5" / 20* / 57* 3 -- 38.0" / 24* / 58* 4 -- 37.5" / 28* / 59* 5 -- 37.0" / 32* / 60* 6 -- 36.5" / 36* / 61* 7 -- 36.0" / 40* / 62* 8 -- 35.5" / 44* / 63* 9 -- 35.0" / 48* / 64* Pw- 35.0" / 52* / 64* Sw- 35.0" / 56* / 64*
  15. Which wedge should I pick?

    That's odd. When I was club shopping (Dick's, Sports Authority, Golf Town) they would tape the face and bottom of just about anything I wanted to hit. Try that approach.... say I am here to buy X or Y club. Can I hit them?

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