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  1. Vinny Cap

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Now watching Rahm, Bello & Garcia... E, -1 & -1. I'll keep watching the Spanish trio.
  2. Vinny Cap

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Watching one of the featured groups with Rory, Jordan and Phil... they are shooting like the scores my friends and I have on a Sat morning round. Where is my big check??? Tough course today! Good Luck boys!
  3. Vinny Cap

    Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    At a new course this year and have mostly been posting low 90's but have 2 nice rounds in the 80's. Had an 85 earlier this year and threw down a nice 86 yesterday.
  4. Vinny Cap

    New Irons

    @DavdThe 716 CB's are not blades. They are a cavity back iron... and a nice looking one at that! The AP1's are GI irons targeted at higher handicapped players. The AP2's are more like blades. I am about the same HI as you and I play Miura MC102's and Mizuno MP67's. I love the look and feel of both. The Mizuno's are blades and a lil harder to hit but I accept that when I take them to the course. Both sets are for good players and with time on the course and range they have improved my ball striking. I say you gotta like what you play... tough for me standing over some SGi shovel that I don't like the look or feel. I have shot some good rounds with both sets. Enjoy your new irons!
  5. Vinny Cap

    Question about my scores (new player)?

    @dbuck Was spot on with his response. As a n00b it is tough to break 100... so how you answer his questions should help you out with your question. Keep at it, practice and play often and enjoy this great game. I hate when my BIL takes 5 mulligans, plays his 2nd shot 3 times and then thinks he beat me. Be honest with yourself because it will bit you in the a$$ when playing in a tourney or for $$$.
  6. Vinny Cap

    How long should you take to hit your shot on the course?

    No swing thoughts before any shot. I think of what shot I want to hit when behind the ball. 1 practice swing, let my breath halfway out an wham! It's in the hole!!
  7. I am guilty of watching for Blair as well. Breed was loud and jacked... fun to watch. Hall is somewhat boring... too laid back. They do work good together.
  8. Vinny Cap

    How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    My course is riddled with them.... seems like nobody fixes any. The instruction on this thread is awesome and has helped me to do a great job on both fresh ones as well as previously un-repaired or improperly repaired ones. I have showed my friends what I learned here and they now use the correct tool and approach to fix them. Was playing with some college grads the other day and they never even attempted to do any repairs. One even asked what I was doing. I was like WFT? How long have you been playing for? It took me 3 years, when I started playing, to actually make one of mine to repair! I was psyched that day! Lets educate the masses!
  9. I dont have that one but I do have a X40 and it had a unique click to attach the charging cable. I thought it was broke the first few times I tried to charge it then I learned it had a really loud and solid CLICK! Here is your charger. Look for something similar.
  10. With those numbers it looks like you might do better with the hybrids. I would say go for it then and if it doesn't work put the irons back in the bag. @dennyjones Thanks! I I forgot to add Distance to gaps!
  11. I am not a hybrid fan, I like my long irons but if you can hit 'em, play 'em. Questions would be: Do you hit your 4i & 5i good? Do you have any gaps by pulling the 4i & 5i out and replacing it with a 5H?
  12. Vinny Cap

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    I totally agree but it would be a great start wouldn't it? I could write a novel on the stuff I see on the course but nobody would read it. I can shoot the flag with my range finder, grab my club, shoot, clean my iron and put it back in the bag before most people have fussed over what club to use. Putting routines and ignorance on the greens can clock in tons of time too.
  13. Vinny Cap

    Faster Play - Is It Hurting the Game?

    If everyone could and would play ready golf life would be good! I was lucky when I started as my friend taught me that as well as all sorts of good golf educate. I have passed all this on to my son while getting him into the game. We let faster players through all the time when we are out. They are all thankful and it lets me spend time with him on the course. Somethings you can't learn at the range. Sometimes when we play best ball and others don't or won't let us play through we just drive past them to the next hole if it is open or if we have a big gap between groups. I don't want to play speed golf nor do I want to play turtle golf. Have played as fast a 2:10 as a single, 3:15 as a group and as long as 5:45! As long as it is moving along I usually don't mind as I am outside, away from technology and out with family/friends. When you are waiting on every shot, backed up 2 - 3 deep at a hole or playing behind a Cantlay look-a-like... that's when it gets frustrating! I try to educate a lil when I can but sometimes it's best to not say anything. I really don't want to get bailed out of jail! LOL
  14. Vinny Cap

    Driving Range Only

    My first year in Golf was spent exclusively at the range. I didn't know anyone that played and I didn't want to make a fool of myself. Spent a lot of time on the short game and got real good with my wedge. Practice facility was sweet with grass Tees, a short game are and a huge 6 hole putting green for members. Then I met a new friend who got me out on the course and we have been playing together just about every weekend since. I would still go practice 2 -3 times a week before our Sat match. Eventually they tore it down for baseball/soccer fields so I had no where to practice. The last 3 or 4 years no practice just golf. I have improved over those years via lots of rounds. Now I joined a Club and they have a nice practice area... driving range, putting green and a chipping area and I usually hit a small bucket before I play. If I couldn't play anymore and only hit the driving range I am not sure if I would do that or move on to something else. Nah. I would go... love this stupid game too much!
  15. Vinny Cap

    My Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation

    Thanks for your list of great courses. I will keep this and see if we can play these next year on our trip.

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