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  1. Good job on that! I would have been gone as well. I am here to play 18 and then go do other stuff. Those who don't mind being out there for 5+ hours are no fun to play with. I have been paired with a few sales guys that were just like you described... once I just picked up and drove off to the next hole and continued playing.
  2. This guy is pretty funny. I have been playing for about 6 years and keep getting better every season. My son is just getting into golf and likes it better than playing with his phone. Every weekend I go out with my buds we have a ton of fun no matter what the scores. When we play for money, we use our handicaps to make it even. We always see a packed course no matter where we play. Sorry folks, sport is dead. Mail all your unused golf clubs to me... no need to keep them in your house collecting dust!
  3. So I watched the first 2 episodes this week and it was ok. Not the worst show on TV and not the best. The second show was a bit better. Not everyone going for the trench. A lil strategy to get the highest scores. Most of the girls are cute and some got smart and switched the tight spandex from black to grey... made for better viewing! I will keep DVR'ing and watch when I can. TV nowadays is pretty lame so we need some OK shows to fill the nights. They don't always have a tourney on every night. A lot are dissing on Big Break. Not sure why. I liked that show. Best was when Mel Collins was hosting. She is HOT! That was a cool series with neat challenges and they moved around on holes with some hard shots. I wish it was in GC archives but it is not available on demand.
  4. I say play what you like... like what you play! You might just swap out the shaft for something more suited to you now, then you can still swing them as it sounds like you like them and can hit them good. Most new irons are ugly with flashy badges and other gimmicks on them. I have and play old Ping Eye 2's, Ping ISI's, Mizuno MP 67's and sometimes when I want to torture myself an old set of Wilson Dyna powered blades.
  5. PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    Horrible, so horrible. Bad music, awful cuts and swipes, way too much social media pop ups. It does look like a bunch of 5th graders made it. Way too much money spent on this turd. Here is what I see happened. Some bigwigs son or daughter needed a job, they heard about this and wanted in on it and since they have no talent, schooling or any experience they produced this turd and nobody on the board spoke up cause they didn't want to hurt the CEO's feelings and now we will have to listen to this when watching a tourney and contemplate quitting golf so we don't have to listen to it.
  6. I like to shop locally for as much as possible but with the closing of the 2 Golf stores next to me, my choices are limited. I have so much golf gear that I actually don't need much... a glove every year is usually it. I was given 3 of the 4 golf bags I have. All nice and I ebayed that last one as I wanted something specific that was a couple years old. I have bought clubs on ebay, craigslist and at local shops. Bought my golf shoes from the Golf store that closed as well as other golf goodies. Balls and Tees I have so many that I don't think I will ever have to buy any. Online is easy as you can shop from your desk but I prefer to hold and swing the clubs before buying. Would rather feed the local guys especially if they offer help and after sale support. Can't get that online most of the time.
  7. Faldo's Masters commentary is awful (as usual)

    I like Faldo. He does a good job with commentary. He has 6 Majors, golf experience and has some good humor at times. Keep him there! I also like Miller, and McCord. Those are my fav 3. Nantz on the other hand, I cant stand. Chamblee as well. Always so critical of everyone and all their flaws and what they should be doing. How many Tourneys did he win?
  8. I always have my range finder on my bag so I shoot the markers to know what they actually are. Nothing worse than thinking your 100 yard club now goes 120 and dropping it in the pond at the course. I start my bucket with my 5i and hit 3 shots. Then I do 7i, 9i and then 3w & D. Now that I am warmed up, I play holes in my head hitting D the 5i then a chip... then 3w, 9i & 58.. you get the idea. I have been asked a few times what I am doing and after explaining they usually say that's a good idea... better than smashing a whole bucket mindlessly with my driver. I take my shag bag over to the chipping area and drop groups of 5 balls all over the place and try to get them within 6' - 8'. After two shag bags of chipping (60 balls in the shag bag) I hit the putting area and do the classic 3 ball challenge from multiple spots.
  9. Cool custom built putting platform

    Would be about the same as a slow 5hr round. I usually have about 8 beers on those days. I would be more worried my kid would be playing on it all the time thinking it was a cool ride. Hell lets combine them all. Shotgun a beer while he rolls around all while trying to putt it in the hole. Now that sounds like fun!
  10. Cool custom built putting platform

    That's sweet! I want one in my living room.
  11. I use to try hard to get better going forward but in hindsight I see going forward is not always as easy as falling back. By the way, my car was used too!
  12. Why pay over 100 to play a round?

    Thanks! It was a sweet trio. I miss them and have thought of getting another... maybe some day. I get a lot of location issues so I always say Central Mass as most agree with that. Sounds like you are "Extreme" Western Ma.
  13. Why pay over 100 to play a round?

    Im a lil East of Worcester. Don't ride anymore but when I did I had a lot of bikes. Last 3 were Ninja Zx7, Ducati 900 SS and FHLT 1340. Had all 3 at the same time. Was great as I could pick what kind of ride I want to go on and choose the best bike for the ride.
  14. Why pay over 100 to play a round?

    As a biker, being able to ride over to the club and just play as your gear is already there is worth $$$ in my eyes. Def one of the perks of joining a club. I like to keep the GF's low and have a few fav's that are reasonable $$$'s. Like to splurge once in a while and mix it up as well... so sometimes I'll pay a lil bit more. Best part and also applies to me: "I have opportunities at work to play nice courses in scrambles but I turn them down. Can't stand the people I work with on a day to day basis never mind having to spend time with them outside of work." I have 3 or 4 golf buds I always play with and we are pretty competitive. That's all I need! I actually joined a club this year with my son as a junior as he wants to play more so I am looking forward to that and we will get our $$$'s worth for sure!
  15. Winter Depression Thread

    Never heard of Egremont so I looked it up. Wow, you are about as Western as one can get. I head out that way once in a while. Usually head East more as the Cape is so fun in the spring, summer and fall. I am right next to Worcester. Its good to have another Mass member. We might have to try and setup a lil gathering this summer for us Massholes.

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