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  1. G Mac would be the first to pop in my mind of someone doing good, switch to different MFG for $$$ and then fell off the map... don't see his name in the leader board much anymore. Honma is big with the LPGA. So Yeon Ryu and Shen Shen Feng play Honma. I have tried 2 different models. They are kinda like Miura's, buttery soft but with Gold on some and mega $$$'s. Hope it works for Rosey... I like him. He's a good golfer and a Gold Medal winner!!
  2. Perfect! Your move is the right one. I would rather you ask if I want to play through. It can fee odd to ask if I can play through and some say no.
  3. OMG 39! You are over the hill bud. Pack it up. Sell them clubs, buy a plot and start digging!!
  4. Do a lot of you play with the wife/husband? Curious as when I was teaching the wife she thought she was gonna get in my Sat morning round. Oh no.... this is me and the boys I told here. We can play together after or Sunday or after work. I had to remind her of Girls night out on Friday night... do I tag along?? She got the point.
  5. Good thread! Mine was a dark Blue 68 Camaro! 283 V8, Powerglide 2 speed. Nice fat 50's in the back with Cragar SS mags! My Dad gave my brother and I an ole Vega to split.... that lasted a half day and I was out looking for a car later that afternoon.
  6. I have both of them. Started with a Bushnell V2 and got really good at guessing the yardage to the flag after a year or two at a couple of courses I play often. I am usually within 1 - 3 yards with my guess before shooting the flag. These courses have many markers that are anywhere from 10 - 35 yards off. Seen many people fly this one par 3 by 20+ yards because they are relying on what the sign at the Tee says... can be funny sometimes. Last year I got a GPS watch and while it is great for all the hazards on the course I have found my scores going up. Not sure if it is because I am w
  7. The Good Place has been odd this season. I still watch as it is a good show but curious where it is going?!?!?!?!? Watched the last 2 Magnum PI's. Not too bad so far. Tough to get use to Higgins as a woman.
  8. I will totally agree, I like to play faster but in reality, in Mass on a Sat or Sun, a 4 hr round at a Muni is not too bad. I have played way faster on weekday morns ass a single. 45 min for 9 and other similar times. Weekends are tough. Ahh, sweet! Take the tourist $$$. Smart golfer!! Yes 2 guys can always playfaster especially if you keep it between the trees and play ready golf. Have played may 18 hole rounds as a 2 some in 2 - 2/1 hrs. Those are my favorite!!
  9. 4 or less is good for a foursome on a weekend on a packed muni... 4 1/2 is a bit long and anything longer is just ridiculous. As a single you would wager with others you never played with before? Hope you didn't think I gave a speech. We just say we play ready golf... I think I only had to explain what it was once or twice.
  10. I hear ya. Once you know your "fitted info" it becomes easier to buy clubs as I am 1* upright and +1 " for length and have bought a few "barley used" sets for next to nothing.
  11. This 100% all the time ever round I play. Our group is on board but when I play single or two of us get paired with others I bring up the ready golf for Driver and Irons on the T box and when we get to the green ready golf for putting unless you are right on someones line. Everyone usually lines up their putt at the same time. Makes the most sense to do and then we putt and off to the next T box.
  12. I just looked up the Ben Hogan bh-5 irons and they look pretty nice. Are they all beat up or too hard for you to hit? I would go to a local store and hit some clubs to get an idea of what you like. Look at the used section as well as deals can be had.... might be able to get new-er irons and some previously loved wedges too!
  13. What do you currently play? Big different in cost from set of irons vs set of wedges.
  14. I pretty much use the average logic here. Cover your head and duck/crouch down when you hear FORE! Yell FORE when it is going Left or Right into where people are or might be. I too have a loud voice and that helps as the whispers who say they said it but sometimes its tough to hear 200 - 300 yards away.
  15. I am pretty sure they have a "Not Liable for Blah Blah" clause on the ticket when purchased. Not sure about Europe. Here is a USGA doc covering what we are talking about: Ticket Holder expressly assumes all risks incidental to and associated with attendance at the Championship. By virtue of the Ticket Holder’s attendance at the Championship, the Ticket Holder acknowledges that s/he/ understands all risks incidental to and associated with his/her attendance, including but not limited to being struck by a golf ball or golf club, and hereby waives, releases and discharg
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