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  1. I will answer yes and no. No - when I am there working on things. I will keep hitting targets and shots... that why I came to the range. Yes - when I am hitting a small bucket before a round to get warmed up. If I am hitting them good and feel ready I will grab my clubs and head to the first hole.
  2. Vinny Cap

    Black Vokey Wedges

    I have some black oxide Mizuno's that have minimal wear from 40+ rounds over the last 2 years. Pretty tough finish on them.
  3. Vinny Cap

    What Kind of Grips do You Use?

    I like Lamkin REL Midsize grips as I have big hands. Have them on a few set.
  4. Vinny Cap

    Main clubs you use during round.

    I play all my clubs except the 8i. That one sees very little action. My son and I were talking about "What club could you take out of the bag" and my answer was 8i. My home course has a couple of odd holes where I need to worry about the hazards so I have a 2w and 4w just for those holes.
  5. Vinny Cap

    Need Help Explaining - Different Tees

    Best part of the whole thread: The best response I've heard yet came from our State Golf Association president after he just explained the system to one of the forward tees players and the player wanted to debate him about it. He said to a player, "well I can explain it to you again, but I can't make you understand it". You can lead a horse to water...
  6. Vinny Cap

    To Join Or Not?!?!

    I joined one this year with my son to get him out and play with him at non peak times... have played a lot together this summer. Mostly after work and Sun afternoons. I still get out with my regular buddies on the weekends too. We don't have any reciprocal relationships with others clubs.... wish we did. I have played at my home course 99% of the rounds but before I joined I use to play the same place pretty much every week with an odd round here and there at other places. This course is tough so I have enjoyed the challenge. I kinda know the area so I was wondering if it was Shaker Hills or Red Tail you were looking at?
  7. Vinny Cap

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    10 putts on the front and no fairways hit was pretty crazy!
  8. Vinny Cap

    Ben Hogan irons

    I have seen them advertised on TV and just checked out their website. Pretty slick irons are those FT Worth black ones. Now you got me interested in them! Play some lotto so you can try them first but make sure to let me know how they played. I think the lofts on the head would only take a few rounds to get use to.
  9. Vinny Cap

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    I hear ya. If you play 2nd tier and tear it up your a sandbagger. If you play Champ tier and duff it around your a vanity capper. Almost like a no win situation. Best of luck to you. Prob play 2nd tier and show them who da man is!!!
  10. Vinny Cap

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    Tough call VG. I do hope you fill us in on what you do and how you played. I can see both sides of the fence... good luck to you on what you decide.
  11. Vinny Cap

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Thanks. My son and I have had a lot of fun in it over the years. Many car shows and group rides. One time we had 15 Vettes go on an all day ride through 3 states for about 350 miles. Lots of fun and many thumbs up to all of us.
  12. Vinny Cap

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Cooter made me do it! LOL Seriously here it is. My 81 I have had for almost 10 years. Quite the Awesome fall pic if I must say so myself!
  13. Vinny Cap

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Well yea.... how could you forget... you sold it to me.
  14. Vinny Cap

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Well of course it's a Chevette.... who would want to have a Corvette? Ewwwe!
  15. Vinny Cap

    Any other car enthusiasts?

    Love cars especially muscle cars! I have owned a Camaro, Chevelle, El Camino and Trans Am. Currently cruising in a Vette.

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