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  1. GigaGolf Approach Wedge

    Thanks guys - called them and the new one is on its way!
  2. GigaGolf Approach Wedge

    Its supposed to be 51....I put the club side-by-side with my 45 degree pitching wedge and it looks pretty similar, but its pretty hard for me to tell since they're different brands (the pitching wedge is a Callaway) and have different length lie measurements!
  3. Hey all, I ordered an Approach wedge from GigaGolf last week and it arrived today...pretty quick turnaround! The only thing that seems a little odd is that the club is marked with a "P" instead of an "A" or "U" that I might expect. I was just wondering if anyone else has bought an approach wedge from GigaGolf and how it was marked....I don't have a loft meter, so it's hard for me to tell if its the right club or if I should call back. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, Been lurking here for a while and thought I'd share something that really helped me today, though I'm not sure if its a bandaid or a legit strategy. For the past few weeks, I've been struggling with the dreaded fat iron shot. On my practice swings, I was scraping the grass well forward in a good spot, but put the ball there and bam, fat shot after fat shot. I was playing a par-3 with a friend today and after the 3rd chunk, decided to not look at the ball when swinging, but instead look at a spot about an inch in front of the ball (btw the ball and target). It felt weird for the first 2 swings, but the rest of the round I was hitting the ball flush first and taking a good divot in front. By staring in front of and not at the ball, I think it helped in two ways: first, by not focusing on the ball, it almost tricked me into thinking it was just another practice swing and took a lot of the "hit the ball" pressure out of my mind. Second, it also allowed me to focus on where I wanted to club to bottom out and get my weight forward. Just wanted to see if this is a swing thought anyone else uses.