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  1. Well, the 825s have arrived. They couldn't do c7 (since the shaft was lighter than before), so the invoice said "light as we could make them." c9 Played 18 with them and love the feel. Have to avoid the over-swing, but that keeps the tempo good. Getting at least 10% more distance - havent hit a 5i (even the 825) 175y in a long time! Also, the RL (60g, adult flex) is much better for me than the R.
  2. The local shop gives a 90-day return (for credit), so I'm going to try going light. The irons are JPX 825s, the RL shaft (via the optimizer). I discovered the lighter SW by accident, trying all the heads. I see lots of people talking about going heavier, at least in SW. Anyone with experience on my setup? BTW, I'm 54 with a low 80s driver SS and a 14 index. I'm going to graphite for my elbow pain and experimenting around a bit. I like how these feel.
  3. Maybe, but shaft is a bigger factor in ball flight. Check out the numbers, though, to be sure that a lower flight will indeed give you longer drives.
  4. Titleist 910 @ 17*. Love it. Also carry it in 13.5 and 21 degrees. I hit the 21 and 17 so much better than equivalent long irons or hybrids.
  5. Don't know the Bullets, but if they are "very old," I'd bet that newer technology would be quite noticeable. All I can advise is to hit them all, preferable more than once, just to be sure you weren't simply having a horrible/great swing on a particular day.
  6. My first reply didn't go through, and I've re-thought it a bit. I had 7 clubs for 130 and in (7,8,9,pw, gw,sw, 59*), so I saw more need for better coverage 150 and longer. You only get 14 and need to deploy them as best fits your game. Mine is better for carrying the 7 wood. In looking at some earlier posts, I realize that my new clubs are not as juiced as many. My new pw is 47 and my new (Scor, like it so far) sw is 55, so the "gap" is no big deal. I do love the options we have now - hybrids, lofted woods, wedges ...
  7. I'm a pretty short hitter, so my "gap" distance is about 75 yards. I don't find myself there too often, so I ditched the gap wedge in favor of an extra hybrid (eventually became a 21* wood) to give me better coverage at longer (for me LOL) distances. My wedges are 55, 59. If I hit my PW 125 and my gap was at 110-115, I might feel differently ...
  8. Thanks, both. So in the demo, I guess that the shooter was simply fortunate that he pressed the button directly over the flag? I like the unit, but really prefer the Bushnell here: when it recognized a flag, it tells you.
  9. At the Golf page of Leupold.com, click the PinHunter feature, just under Overview. You will see a view through the rangefinder. It moves back and forth slightly over the pin -- WITH NO YARDAGE READINGS UNTIL THE PIN IS LOCKED ON TO. This lack of readings says to me that this is not the usual scan mode, wherein the display would be constantly be reading out yardages - which is the result I get, meaning I have to be sure to catch the shortest reading to indicate the pin. Surely this isn't the vaunted PinHunter ??? Can anyone explain how to get my GX-3i to behave as in that demo?
  10. I was always afraid of Titleist, thinking they were not for a bogey golfer like me. Wrong. I have 3 910F's (13.5, 17, 21), and a hybrid 910H (24*). They are money, easy to hit. Long and straight. Probably workable, too,but that's beyond me. The look and feel is top notch as well. I liked my TM's, but these are in a different league. Easy to hit, sound great, go long. I wanted to like the driver, but it just didn't work for me. Bought the RazrFit.
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