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  1. I just picked up a 904F three wood with a stiff graphite shaft as mentioned here: http://www.hookedongolfblog.com/?p=324 I have hit it about 8 times now, 3 from the fairway and the rest teed up. Overall I love it but have one question: The ball flight tends to draw. I've hit two straight, one hook, and the rest had about a 10 yard draw. This is not normal for me - I hit a straight ball with a tendency to fade it. Is it the shaft? Does this mean the shaft is too stiff? All else being equal - Does a stiff shaft make the ball tend to draw? If I reshafted it with a fishing pole would I get my fade back? Or is it the other way around (the shaft is not stiff enough)? Here is my question: Stiff shaft = Hook Flexible shaft = Slice or is that backwards? -Rich I am not complaining about having a draw - I am just thinking about picking up a newer 983 driver and dont want that to draw (so I should go with x-stiff)
  2. Chipping out of light rough: 2/3 carry, 1/3 roll. Ball back in stance a little with my 60 degree lob wedge. I love how the ball skips and checks up - watching the ball spinning in flight - everything about that shot I just love it.
  3. 18th hole par 5; guest day at my father's country club. I hit a big drive right down the middle and am right next to the 202 yard marker. This green has a small lake fronting / surrounding it to the right so I normally lay up on this hole but because I only had 200 I had to go for it. I took 3 wood (into the wind) with my father standing right there watching and came up out of the shot slicing it into the lake. He gives me some quick tip / advice / encouragement and tells me to just rehit from there instead of dropping at the edge of the lake. He says "You've got this shot, just aim right at the flag and stay down this time." I hit it perfectly straight on line with the flag and it landed two feet short of the pin, one hopped, and fell in for the luckiest shot of of my life! BIRDIE almost Tin Cup style Here is a picture of that hole
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