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  1. Snow finally cleared up enough in the back yard to hit golf balls again. It was a little muddy so i had to hit off a tee no big deal. I go to hit my 5 iron. The 3rd shot i make good contact and SNAP. I look up and all i got left is the shaft. I looked down to make sure i didnt make contact with the ground or anything. No contact with the ground... I couldn't believe it. Never found the end of it either. Sadly i knew i needed a new set but didn't know this early.
  2. Just my luck, unexpected bills came up and looks like another year of using my hand me down Hawk Eye irons. Not to much of a big deal. I ended up getting Diablo edge tour 2h with left over money; that club has the smoothest feel ever so I'm still happy! Thank you very much for your advice everyone, i think I'm going to go with the Razrx's when i get the money again.
  3. Wow that is amazing work. I love the fact you went the extra mile and even stained the outside boards! Looks amazing, thinking about doing the same since all we use the basement for is to store my 63 nova and thats on the other side. Though i think i'll get too lazy to make it as nicely stained as yours. What did you end up using for the turf?
  4. I'm just going to say this forum i have watched for a long time. Its filled with detected people that wish to improve their hobby/obsession and generous instructors that feel the need to help out people to further their involvement of the game just for the sake of helping others and i honestly admire those people. I have learned so much from them and even the people that have posted their swings. Do we really need to follow up on this thread? Golf is made up of a lot of classy, sometimes diverse, sadly also sometimes overly rich snobs but, aren't we better than this? ( Though sadly I'm not pa
  5. Whoops, didn't clarify that very well, the Razr-x Not the Razr X forged's. Sorry about that!
  6. I'm getting my Taxes back this week and instead of using it on bills i figured I'd spend it on something important.. Like new irons. I'm stuck deciding whether I should go with last years Diablo forged irons (via Callaway pre owned) or the new Razr x's. I would love to get some feedback on which would be a better purchase. Thank you.
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