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  1. Man, I don't get this reaction at all! I mean, I see as many Srixon range balls as Top Flight. Pinnacles too. If you haven't played the gamer v2 then I wouldn't bash them because it makes you look like an idiot to those of us who know what a solid ball it is. I've yet to find a ball that matches the prov1x. That's what I usually have in my bag. But, I'll tell you right now that there is not a ball that comes close to it in the $20 range except for the v2 gamer. It's soft, it spins, it's long, it's workable, it's durable, and it's cheap. Try it. And there is NO doubt that a decent player can tell the difference between balls. I can't stand to play cheap balls on approach shots and around greens because they do not react properly.
  2. I was at the galaxy this evening looking for a wedge to buy a buddy for his birthday and I came across the Adams Tom Watson series wedges. These things are gorgeous with their classic lines and mirror finish. Also, they're $50 a piece which would make it easy to get him a set. Has anyone played these or have any opinions about them? If people like them I may actually buy myself a set as well at that price.
  3. No more than 1 per round. No fewer than 1 for every three rounds.
  4. Do you mean a 3 ball sleeve or a 12 pack. A 12 pack means you average over 1 ball lost per round in a ten round scenario.
  5. There are other ways to protect against skin cancer. It's just an ugly hat. Those things Martin Kaymer wears around his neck can be sun blockers too.
  6. I frigging hate Rory. So disappointed with the results to this tournament. And his hat looks way worse than any pants Ian Poulter ever wore. He stole that hat from Shingo Katayama!
  7. That was remarkable. So many people let their negative situation become their identity. It's nice to see someone who makes no excuses. That guy looked like a low handicap that could kick most of our tails.
  8. No conspiracy. What is amazing is the ability that the pros have to hit the same club some 40-50 yards shorter or longer depending on their swing. Personally, I find myself in situations where I am between yardages all the time. I then have to hit a easy shot or really amp up on one to get the correct yardage. That method doesn't often yield quality results. But the pros have practices sooo much with each club that they really have an excellent ideal how far a shot will go with 80% - 100% swing power. That always amazes me.
  9. When talking about Tigers possible rebound, why would anyone use his opinion of Tigers marital ethics to formulate an opinion? Whether you like the way Tiger handled his marriage makes no difference to his chances of returning to form. Given the context in which I said it that is absolutely untrue. Ratings are down and interest in golf has diminished since Tiger started to struggle. Obviously there is nothing vanilla about Ricky Fowler or Ian Poulter. Perhaps I should have used another word, but the point should have been easy enough to take. I will assume that since I am only 27 you will continue to view me as a fan boy simply for that reason. That is very scientific and objective.
  10. Quote: I can understand that ..... but then please don't impute opinions to me that I do not hold. Thanks a bunch. No opinions were imposed. Again, I simply responded to a single post. Perhaps you should be more clear about your opinions if you don't want them taken the wrong way. You are most welcome. Quote: I was taking the mick (TW as Superman). It is hard for me not to so so, my bad. 10 demerits for me. Forgiven Quote: I repeat, I'm not saying TW wasn't a superstar - he was the brightest in the firmament - but right now he's more of a black hole. Let's hope he starts burning bright again. I actually never once said that you didn't think Tiger was a superstar. I said that you are not giving him credit where credit is due, which is true. Quote: So here we have it. Everyone else is "a bunch of vanilla golfers", and only your hero Tiger has any flavor. That is my definition of a boyfan, and it really makes me wonder how much you truly appreciate the game of golf as it is played professionally. See, now YOU are imputing opinions on me. It is true that the PGA doesn't have any real exciting stars. The ratings have proven that. I actually have not once stated my opinion about what I think of Tiger the person or the golfer, other than to say that he has done a tremendous amount for the game. That is what I think is so comical about your response to my posts. You have taken to calling me a boyfan and saying that I don't appreciate the game simply for giving Tiger Woods credit for advancing the game. Truth be told, I don't care for Tiger the person. I have stated numerous times that his behavior on the course is embarrassing and someone with his influence should be a more appropriate example to the public. I especially don't like Tiger's life decisions that we've heard so much about. I also don't care for the Buddhist stuff that he's into. That being said, I think anyone who tries to discount what Tiger has done for the game is verging on stupidity or at best denial for whatever reason. Like I said, you have actually imposed an opinion on me that is not at all true. I watch pretty much every golf tournament on television whether Tiger is playing or not. I especially love to watch Tom Watson, Fred Couples, Charles Howell III, among others. I am fascinated by the history of the game as well. IMO knowing the history of the game makes Tiger's contributions even more obvious. So you see, it is actually possible to know and respect the game while also acknowledging the truth about one of its superstars. Quote: On that at least we can agree. Judging from the single post that I commented on it doesn't seem that we do agree, but I will assume that you didn't portray everything you believe about golf and life in one single paragraph.
  11. I kind of feel like everyone is saying the same thing at this point...
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