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  1. If its from the japanese market its probably forged as well,they gotta have there forged irons
  2. I like the spin and shot making capabilities but I think the Mizuno Mpt10 has them beat in every category with the exception of durability.
  3. What do you mean by fickle? I just bought a Nexos 09 choosing it over the grom 09 and 10 models.They were about the same price except for the 09 was $20 cheaper on ebay. Anyways it seems to work great though the sucker can get heavy after 18.
  4. I must've asked the wrong guy because the guy had the 755's in pic and sig. Anyways the PX 5.5 flighted are really nice,a bit harsh on mishits but when you flush them they are almost as soft as a carbon head. Speaking of which I have looked all around for the 755 carbons with the black decal which are very rare and were more or less protos for the pros,have you seen any for sale? Don't get me wrong I like the 410 SS version but they should have produced the carbon and ss models like they did for the 735's. Love the clubs though because they offer a great blend of forgiveness, feel and workabil
  5. How you like your 755's? What shafts ya got? I love em.
  6. The grooves on the PW,9 and 7 are worn with the chrome wore off though not real bad, the 8,6 and 5 are moderately used and the 3 and 4 look new. The back of the heads are good with only minor scuffs on the sole. The hosels are all loose and some are chipped, though the grips are a bit better than I thought. I was really considering them but I was there for 30 min looking over each iron and a sales rep walked by me 4-5 times and never asked if I needed help which is unusual since they are usually a nuisance, so I walked out and figured the next guy can get the write up if I do decide to buy the
  7. which finish did you get? I just got the MP-t10 with th black satin finish 52* 07.I love it though its so soft on my first trip to the range I got a nick on the face. Course use only from now on.
  8. The condition is not really the normal wear and tear you expect on an older set of forged 1025 steel irons. In fact they look like they were stored for a long time and the grips dried out. Heck even the shaft bands are on there,TT DG by the way.
  9. I want an older set of blades for practice and when my swing is grooved but if I can't talk them down to $75 I think I'll just get a set of Mizuno MP 32 or 33 on Ebay. Than maybe my swing will be ready for a new set of blades by next fall so I can hopefully get a set of MP 69.
  10. Just saw a set at a local sporting goods store for $100 with original shafts and the grips need to be replaced. The heads are in good shape (guessing they haven't been used in a while)and as far as loft and lie I have no idea though I would make sure they are not to messed up before buying. So if I have to spend about $65 for grips (tour wrap installed) and maybe a bit more to get them bent would these be worth the money? Oh yeah anybody hit these before and if so what is the feel comparable to and do they have any forgiveness at all? Also I am talking about the 1025 M's
  11. The nicest are pretty much anything from Miura, Mizuno MP 32,33,67,68, Titleist 695 MB,ZM and Wilson FG 59 and soon to be the FG 62's.There are about 50 more as well.
  12. There the Tour velvets I believe and my MP T-10 hs the same grip and it isn't near as tacky as a tour wrap or others out there. Try getting a grip reconditiong spray and see if that helps.
  13. I have the Titleist 755 which are nice, they are not near as soft as say the MP 67 or MP32 when flushed but some of that has to do with design as well . the SS is more durable and more resistant to rust. Never hit the 735 but I like the idea behind the progressive set and when I get a new set (mizuno's) I may make a combo set. Oh yeah the 735's will be cheaper everytime if they are in comparable shape.
  14. Yeah this is the first year I've had time to practice and though my swing isn't quite there I'm getting really good with my irons. Now I just need to keep the ol driver in the fairway. Though I think you're right about spending that much money on clubs right now especially since my 755's are good irons in good shape.I'm hoping to get a set of Mizunos sometime next year maybe in the fall when there new ones come out. I love there clubs since they seem to be easier to hit than most blades and half cb's,for me anyways.
  15. Isn't that the set that Tiger says may be his but not the major winning clubs that they are claiming them to be? Apparently he forgot that he gave them away huh even though he says there in his garage.
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