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  1. I see, so your game is to be the critic of other people's posts. I've made a handful of posts recently and everytime I do you are to right there to tell me I'm wrong. We'll, I have a lot of success with my approach and really don't care if you don't agree. We are all welcome to share our thoughts on these forums but you riding my every post is taking the enjoyment out of it. It is more realistic that there are many approaches to the golf swing than just one single method. If you think you have locked in on the single version of what's right and wrong than your are not nearly as smart as you t
  2. First, your cast iron taylormade's don't take to adjusting well. You may have trouble finding a club fitter that will do it. If you want clubs that you can tinker your best bet are forged club heads. A couple of things to keep in mind when looking for new clubs: Shafts have a big impact on the feel of the club and your ability to generate max club head speed at just the right time. If you're looking for improvement do analysis on your current shaft and the shafts you consider buying A lot of your success with clubs will be mental - if you like the way it looks at address yo
  3. Even without seeing your video I can tell you that these are very typical swing symptoms. The fix is very likely that you are not getting your weight forward in your downswing. And, you are probably leading the downswing using too much arms verses weightshift->hipturn->droparms->release wrists. The proper weight shift and sequence flatten your swing and almost everyone has to work at developing the skill to do it.
  4. A few observations... As you reach the top of your back swing, your head has tilted forward and you are lifting your club. You are doing this instead of truly coiling your shoulders around your spine through the end of your backswing. In addition, you are not getting your weight forward through impact. So, you are missing out on the 2 primary power sources: weight shift and rotation. In addition to moving your head away from the target in your downswing, you attempt to push the club with your right hand just before impact. Without a good forward weight shift, your attempt to do this (mo
  5. You're kind of like that guy who keeps giving you unsolicited advice on the range
  6. Absolutely, but a lot of players simplify things by thinking in terms of one side being the leader.
  7. Become the master of the 2nd shot. In other words, get very good with a 7 wood off the deck. It's a very easy club to hit accurately and you'll easily hit it further than most will be hitting their irons. On a long par 3 tee off with it, par 4 it's your 2nd shot, par 5 it's your 3rd shot. It's an equalizer if distance is your challenge.
  8. Since an optimal golf swing leverages the legs and core for power the choice of right arm, left arm, or both to use to time, transmit and direct that power into the club swing is totally up to the individual golfer. Since the club should be swinging faster than your muscles can pull or push somewhere through impact, just after impact should find your right arm relaxed with its weight being 'flung' down the swing path regardless of which arm muscles were used to get it to that point. Left dominant is generally more controlled but has the potential to leave the power of the right s
  9. Best downswing thought - Hit the ball in the hole.
  10. What I find is the further forward the ball the more room I have to shift my weight. So, all full shots have the ball forward.
  11. This is a fundamental that is that ruins so many golf swings before they start. Let's look at why. Bending at the waist is physically easier - it takes less work from your legs to bend over and your body naturally avoids work. The big problem is that you are out of balance by the time you reach the top of your backswing and worse... Your upper body weight is not over your legs which means a ground up swing is dead. Through your transition your weight needs to be firmly planted over your loaded legs so 1) you can linger in your transition in balance until your forward weight shift happens and
  12. Good to hear. An observation for you... When you start getting your lower body into it guess what? You start doing work! And that takes fitness. Some people have an illusion of an effortless golf swing. But in reality, it's effortless for your wrists but more work for your legs and core. So, keep is mind as you go from hitter to swinger your fitness, core, and lower body strength demands go up.
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