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  1. Yup thats the vid that changed my golf game a year or so back, if I had to guess Id say 95% or higher easily make this mistake
  2. Dont all the best ball strikers do this? Loading into the ground.
  3. whatwhatwhat

    Now a fan

    Ive always liked the guy, his entire career has basically been an underdog story, a 2 handicap working in a pro shop at 19 overcoming plus 4s and 5s, then rising to the top of the game,hes earned the right to be cocky. Remember at the ryder cup, the interview before the singles he guaranteed a point, if he didnt have that sheer self belief he,d still be in the pro-shop.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by iacas As many know, MJonGolf has re-launched (again) and is focusing on the single-axis (i.e. "Moe Norman") golf swing. Here's a comment I posted to his site recently: Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, and a lot of other Touring pros all know Moe Norman. They've seen him, done exhibitions with him, and talked about him. Yet the continue to swing the conventional way. That's pretty damning. What do you think of the Moe Norman swing? What is your objection to it? Why don't you use it? What do you think of it?
  5. I think it looks alot better, but the title page is too big so I cant see that many threads and calling people with a negative reputation a "bad seed" is just plain harsh lol
  6. Yeah thats true, sergio, rory or noh have to be up there, theres nothing on those guys I remember when I seen mcilroy at adare, nothing on him, DJ on the other hand is just a monster lol
  7. Theres about a million threads on this but personally I would rather not hit balls than hit off mats, its just a bad habit to get use that set up(ie level ground, perfect lie, false feedback) imo
  8. I think she or you meant to say that she said its impossible to pivot correctly if you "only" focus on keeping the left arm straight, my god give her some respect, she hardly advocates bending the left elbow during the takeaway, btw its way easier to start the takeaway focusing on getting the right hip towards the target imo......helped me alot , focusing on the shoulders would make me sway.
  9. I just backed up a statement with some decent info thats all, I just said I think there will probably be 2 american major winners next year, saying a statisticly highly improbable event occuring is the same as a relatively probable event occuring is just plain wrong, and pointing that out doesnt show any bias in any direction. If you said it vice-versa(ie europeans 4, america 2) I would have said the same thing.
  10. The last time americans won all 4 majors was nearly 30 years ago, in the last 3 years europeans have won 2 majors twice so no, a basic study of statistics would tell you otherwise.
  11. Unless phil gets his early year form and wins the masters if not I can see maybe tiger winning one but thats it really
  12. lol what time do you guys play golf? I could only imagine drinking at 10 o clock in the morning Id be sick, but if I was hammered my hand-eye coordination would go to **** and it wouldnt be a pleasurable experiences
  13. And I never called you out for being patriotic but you have done it to me.......you dont think thats unfair? and then you go on to say something as stupid as that! my god, gmac started with 2 early birdies and rattled tiger whether you like it or not this pressure was about 80% of what caused him to fold, two insane clutch putts and you are saying gmac "had nothing to do it with", my goodness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (removed rude crap).
  14. We talking about graeme mcdowell showing tiger how to sink clutch putts lol love it I bet you did too, yeah valleygolfer you are mad for the personal attacks, I love fowler hes brillant, you cant just make up biases and assign them to people you dont like, its ridiculous.......graeme "the tiger slayer" mcdowell is part of the pga tour and came throught the collegic system so you A,s and B,s are rubbish
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