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  1. Ogg

    Big Break Disney

    Let's not forget Bri Vega, she is in the finals at Q-School too. And where is Brian Skatell in all of these listings? OK, kidding.
  2. Ogg

    Big Break Disney

    I think Giuliani is just about as obnoxious as can be and I think Blake was right to call him out. Strike one for Andrew's NYY hats, that is enough to make you dislike him right away. Strike two for his motor mouth which so obviously and abundantly p*sses off the other contestants. OK, he stepped up with his game a couple of nights ago but I cannot see him rattling Vincent or Tony in the long run. My Mom was visiting last night and watched and thought Giuliani was cocky and annoyign right away. K-Max didn't seem to have much game so I am not surprised that he is gone. I see Kevin going next
  3. She seems to be insanely flexible. Just watch her follow through.
  4. Gerina finished 15th on the DFT money list as a rookie last year and I think Blair struggled to even play consistently on tour.
  5. I think that both Brenda and Blair lack the game and have gotten lucky. I think Caroline and Gerina aer both better golfers and this show should boil down more to 18 hole matches rather than just a one or 2 shots to elimination. Blair seems to have hit some poor shots that have ended up working out for her as did Brenda. Brenda obviously has a much better short game too. I wholeheartedly agree with Awsi too. They really need to put more confessional time on the air so we get a feel for what is going on behind the scenes. They certainly could extend the season out to a few more shows with mor
  6. I don't think there is much controversy with this group of people. There doesn't seem to be the one "bad guy" in this group and while the producers may have tried to make Brian out to be this way, everyone else seemed to like him. That is fine with me as K'Aanapali was almost uncomfortable with the way that they made Lori out to be nasty and then with how Christine was the black sheep. And I think Aaron is just a good guy who is llikeable. No one wants to bump anyone else out it seems too.
  7. It was a great show last night and I feared that Gerina would go home but Eugene just was so down on himself. A distinct type of self loathing that really seemed to just be opposite of what you would expect of a really great golfer. Reminds me of that statement "Some people win by winning, some people win by losing". But SO HAPPY that Gerina is still in it. I was also amazed at how incredibly flexible Blair is too. She looked like a corkscrew after hitting her shots. Listened to Golfgal's interviw with Brian too and he was very insghtful and contrite. Good stuff!
  8. I am sorry to see Brian go in a way because he was very entertaining although he was getting a little more than annoying last night. The constant talk of his game being superior and his building up of his skills was getting ridiculous. Not to mention calling Aaron a choker countless times kind of made you want to root against him. I also noticed Brian's swing on the range was nice and fluid (whose isn't?) and then some of the approach shots he hit were nothing less than choppy and not at all smooth. But again, I still think of creative editing of his comments, not to mention that the other fo
  9. 75 once - 76 about 3 or 4 times - a whole bunch in the upper 70s but I really want to shoot lower than 75 which was in 2003. I probably putt better now too!
  10. Again, as Brian said in one of his interviews (see golfgals interviews), creative editing can make it look like you said something differently than you did. In Brian's case, they asked him what do you do when you are standing over a must make putt and he siad I have to tell myself "I am the best putter in the world and that I am as good if not better than anyone." So them playing a clip of him saying "I am the best putter in the world and that I am as good if not better than anyone." is a little more than out of context. (quotes are not dead on but I think we get the meaning) So I wonder if
  11. I guess Rory McIlroy called the Ryder Cup merely and "exhibition". I recall David Duval said the same thing pre-1999 Ryder Cup and ate his words in a big way afterwards,. He took his lumps like a man though and admitted he was wrong. Wonder if Rory will do the same. As of right now he is standing by his words. Any thoughts?
  12. In GolfGal's interview with Derrick, he talked about Eugene and said he is a great guy, incredibly nice and all but he has played in tournaments with him where the guy has gotten down on himself easily. If you noticed in the show the other night, he was talking to himself and Derrick said that came out in one tournament they played in on the Canadian Tour. Eugene talked himself into negative thoughts. I think Derrick has the ability to bring out some good things in others. Making Brian laugh at himself proves that I think.
  13. I have to say too that I like watching Gerina simply becasue she has a nice swing and is nice to look at too. And how about Eugene? Is he the most twitchy fidgety jittery golfer you have ever seen?
  14. I don't mind the circles at all, and testing specific skills under pressure but I agree with holing out. Make it more about being able to play all the shots with an emphasis on putting considering that an even par round in regulation would require 50% of the shots to be putts. I am sure that with the mix of holes on any given 18 hole course, they could find ways to be tricky with tee and approach shots and make you still have to putt out. I personally like this group of players. I think there is a good variety of skills, and they seem to genuinely like each other (from what we have seen so
  15. Only got to see the first half hour of the show last night - so I was surprised to see that Caroline got eliminated. Can't wait to see the second half tonight (DVR). OK, my Mom said she think Derrick looks like Hugh Jackman. Never noticed it before but I had to laugh at it and he actually does. Got to see the glass break challenge which was awesome. Still cannot figure out why Caroline dawdled through it. I agree with all the other's comments. Get the people out there playing more. Have them draw to go head to head the week that there are an even number of players. That would be a little
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