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  1. Well, I found my driver shaft broken in the trunk of my car. It was a flexible shaft so it was easily brittle. I want to replace my driver shaft and tried to find a replacement shaft for it but with no luck. I bought it about 2 months ago so the money back option is no good. Can I find the matrix HD6 online somewhere? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. My Swing (scottyjoe145)

    Excellent swing!
  3. My Swing (Th3R00st3r)

    I think it's because when you take your club back at parallel, your hands should be over your toes and your club head should be behind your head. Hands in, clubhead out. Watch Rickie Fowler's swing and see how he does it.
  4. My Swing (Th3R00st3r)

    Much, much better. I think you need to bring your hands in a little more at your setup. Just a tad bit. From your recent videos, you really look like you're standing closer to the ball. Also, you're still swinging OTT. Keep looking at how tour players swing the club on youtube. Look how they're literally taking the club up and then when they downswing, they swing flatter than their backswing. This helps you not strike at the ball but rather make a consistent, more power, accurate swing. Get that club to hit the ball from the inside, not the outside.
  5. My Swing (shamus)

    Yes, your shoulder was also flat. I would like to see your updated swing and then I see if it is still OTT or not.
  6. My Swing (shamus)

    You're also swinging over the top. Your backswing is flatter than your downswing. Try fixing that and you will have a much better club speed. Also, yes, change your tempo. Your backswing should be slower than your downswing.
  7. My Swing (Th3R00st3r)

    Okay, here is what I see. -You still need to stand closer to the ball. Even in your recent videos you still haven't done that. What you need to do is to watch this video of Rory Mcilroy using the driver and irons and see how he is at address. When he is using his driver, his hands are right under his head. When he is using a shorter club(irons), his hands are between his head and hip. This help keeps his golf shaft at 45 degree angle. -Also, your golf plane is incorrect. This top example shows exactly what you are doing. You need to bring your club straight up more and then swing down flatter, like in the bottom example. Hope that helps.
  8. My Swing (nikeman6)

    Yup, it is a very nice swing. I don't think I see any flaws in there whatsoever. Just keep practicing and you'll be shooting even pars in no time.
  9. My Swing (DarkPrince)

    Okay, you have acknowledged that your plane is flat. That is a good step in the right direction. You have been taking lessons with your private instructor. Good. However, from your recent videos, I don't think you really understand how to swing a golf club. In order to swing the golf club, you must feel like Jim Furyk. Do you see how he swings the golf club in an overexaggerating sense? All golf pros bring the club almost straight up and then when they do the downswing, they swing flatter. You, on the other hand, swing the opposite way. You bring the club way out and then when you do the downswing, you force the club to swing way left as you hit the ball. I found this on google. The top example is exactly what you did in the videos, right to the point. You need to swing the opposite way of what you're doing, like Jim Furyk. But you don't have to swing like him, just lean towards his swing.
  10. My Swing (Th3R00st3r)

    From what I can tell from that angle, you're too far away from the ball. Bring it in a little bit. Also, you're not taking the club far back. You look a little too stiff. You need to take the driver's shaft to parallel to the ground.
  11. My Swing (stricklerlee)

    Yeah, at the range yesterday, with my new revised swing, I was pulling fading the ball. But they were ending up on target most of the time. I can see from watching that video that I am going over the top. After carefully analyzing my swing, it looks like when I do my backswing, my swing is flat(the butt end of the club is angled at about 2-3 feet away from the ball). During my downswing, the butt end of the club is angled straight at the ball. It should be the other way around. Right? Also, what I should feel when I do my backswing?