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  1. 1. For next year, I forecast my handicap to be lower than 5 handicap. I am looking for my score average to be 80. Right now, it’s 85. I am also looking to play in pats next year. 2. In order to achieve this goal, I am committed to one or two rounds a week. So, basically, around 80-104 rounds next year. Also, practice more than usual. I think that two times a week practicing is sufficient. Practicing involves at the golf range, practice hole where I hone my short game approach, and putting for at least 30 minutes. Also, use the swing plane golf aide and super speed to further develo
  2. I agree with you guys. Maybe choking up the driver brings it down to 240 to 250ish.
  3. stricklerlee


  4. I’ve played a lot of golf recently for the past two years. I started playing in October of 2017. Then, I started taking a break just two to three months ago. Now, my game has deteriorated a bit but I have found myself more movitated now. I am trying to be prepared for the upcoming pat event in December but more likely next year.
  5. I’m trying to swing steep as I come back and then flat as I swing through the ball.
  6. New swing updates...today was a good day. Lots of consistent and accurate shots with a little draw.
  7. Sorry, I have the YouTube videos now. 7 iron face on 7 iron dtl
  8. Thank you. That makes more sense to me about the Titleist mb forged irons.
  9. I'm about to buy a set of Titleist 716 forged MB irons. I tried them out indoors and I don't know what they should feel like when hitting range balls. However, it would be nice to know if buying them is a good idea.
  10. Well I’ll be posting a face on video on Sunday; however, I have found a couple of swing flaws. I’ve found that at nearing the top of my backswing my swing appears flat and coming down my swing it appears steep. It looks minor but I can’t seem to correct it. Any swing thoughts or drills to help fix it?
  11. Sorry will post one this week. My apologies.
  12. My new swing as of yesterday. My shot is pull, slice and not very consistent.
  13. I'm sorry since I haven't been on this board for a few years. So I probably need to dust off some and come up with a new swing video while hitting at the golf range. Very sorry...will post the next video at the golf range.
  14. Okay, this should work. What do you think of my new improvements?
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