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  1. Thank you mchepp for getting me started. I tried flaring my feet today and everything sort of came undone. I couldn't connect to much. I guess it'll take some getting used to. I'll keep at it and post another video when I think I got it back under control.
  2. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: bogey golfer My typical ball flight is: range: straight and long, course: sporadic The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: inexplicable shanks in general I first started chipping balls around a baseball field at the age of 12. Played leisurely through middle school and high school, mostly summers with friends. Never took the game seriously. Never had a lesson, never even watched a lesson, or so much as had another good golfer check me out and give me pointers. Dropped the clubs aft
  3. The club I belong to is incredibly annoying because they are constantly holding these mini tournaments. This is great if you are good enough to compete, but if you are a high handicapper newcomer to the sport, like myself, it is extremely frustrating to not be able to use the course which I've paid good money to have access to. Yesterday, I went to play and though I thought the calendar had said no tournament, sure enough I was mistaken and there was one, a $5 shotgun. This was the last straw so I just said •••• it and entered. They put me in a group with two sweet older women (one in her la
  4. You could probably spend your whole vacation in Tahoe and not regret it.
  5. After every round I have one or two 55cl mugs of Stella Artois from the tap.
  6. Thanks for all of your very useful input. I just won an online auction bid on a slightly used G15 driver for 180 dollars, no shipping. I hope I got a good deal. Afte all my research and everyone's comments in this thread, I feel very confident about my choice. Hopefully I will no longer be forced to tee off with my 5 wood just to keep it in the fairway.
  7. Thanks, let me know how it goes. What other drivers did you compare it with? I've delayed making a purchase until I decide between the 10 and the 15. I've decided against the K.
  8. Thanks for everyone's input. I am going to consider the G10 now, too. Though, after more thought, I think I am a bit more interested in an immaculate drive than I am in saving some money.
  9. I suppose I should take into consideration the V2 rapture as well? Or any other suggestions. I am just getting back into golf for the first time since high school (10 years ago). I sucked before and I suck a little less now. The least consistent part of my game is absolutely driving. I have an old, cheap Wilson driver which is very difficult to hit with. Today, the fine people of Ping came to visit my course and I got to try out some of their clubs under monitoring. The difference with the G15 driver compared to my little Wilson was earth-shattering. Driving straight suddenly became very e
  10. Did anyone see the move de Jonge pulled on his caddy after the 18th hole on Sunday? 1. Storms off green. 2. Throws putter on the ground. 3. As caddy is picking up the putter, Jonge picks up his bag to get something out. 4. As the caddy stands up and is about to put the putter into the bag, Jonge knocks down the bag and storms off again. Is he known for this? How many players treat theirs caddies this way? What a douche.
  11. I met my current wife when we were paired up together at my local club. Of course, she is also the person who got me addicted to crystal meth, so not sure if it was such a good thing. She gets out in three months and I haven't made up my mind yet as to whether or not I will let her back into my life.
  12. No, I have no memories of so much as even a single sore muscle in all my younger days of playing golf--though then I was only playing once or twice a week. My goal now was to play/practice every day, but my body is just not willing.
  13. In the last week of July, I took up golf again after a ten-year-hiatus (I'm 26). Due to a pretty fortunate situation, I can pretty much play golf all day every day...except for I can't, because of my god damn hands. I understand that after 10 years of inactivity the muscles in my hands may be suffering a bit of atrophy, but this is ridiculous. After one measly round of golf, my hands are sore for days. My grip is light so what's the deal? For the most part, a few days pass and my muscles are ready to go again...except for the ring finger on my left hand which remains in a permanent state o
  14. My hc isn't actually 36 that's just the number the forum automatically gives you when you don't fill in that field. I was a bogey golfer in high school and since I've started playing again a few weeks ago at age 26 I've decided not to keep score until I get back in shape. If I can hit a 5 wood out of gentle rough no problem, shouldn't I be able to hit the 3 hybrid out of rough that is a bit longer?
  15. Thanks for the response Gerald. After my first round with the new club, I am terribly disappointed. I know it's too soon to say, but it just felt like a lame substitute for the five wood. Also, I found it more difficult to hit off of rough than my five. The only good use I put it to today was for chipping from the rough just off of the green. That was an idea I got from an interview I read of some pro a few days ago. I thought it worked very nicely for that. Maybe as I get better at golf I will notice more its effectiveness.
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