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  1. Also.....I'm more likely to come over the top with irons, straight pulls and loss of distance. And I drop to the inside with my driver and woods, well below the line. I didn't believe until I saw it on film.....crazy. I started hooking and snap hooking my driver a few years ago and developed an inability to not hook the driver. Man, it was embarrassing! I call it my Barkley glich. Freinds told me to quit. I did stop playing for a season and hit the range and took more lessons. I had to learn to slice the ball again. It took several lessons, the whole season in fact. Just when I think it's no l
  2. Hello, I've always taken lessons and have had ten or twelve different instructors over the years. One thing I've learned about instructors is that just because they can play and shoot scratch doesn't mean they can teach. I've had some that can straighten me out in five minutes and others....well.....not so much. As we all know, understanding the swing and getting your body to do it is two different things. The best instructor I ever had lived in a small town in Nebraska where I went to college, he had no credentials but intimate knowledge of the swing and great communication skills. The
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