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  1. RichWW2

    2018 BMW Championship - FedExCup Playoffs

    Round 1 - Strokes gained by putting: 2.2 Through 12 Holes in Round 2 - Strokes gained by putting: -1.8 Big swing from yesterday to today in putting. Hopefully he can even out the negative strokes gained now that he's switched back to old faithful Scotty Cameron.
  2. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Fair enough. Who doesn't love the Masters? Are people like that even real?
  3. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I just have a hard time distinguishing concrete fairways as any less gimimcky than the USGA making the greens ultra fast or the rough really high to prevent players from pulling driver every hole. One gets criticized while one is "that's what nature has bestowed upon us. Let's be grateful that it's not like the US Open." I understand it, but nobody has said anything other than "it's baked out, oh well", when normally players are out of their minds over any little issue with the course. Just seems weird to me, that's all.
  4. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I had forgotten about the bad greens at chambers bay, so that's a fair criticism. Shinnecock had one or maybe two bad greens on one day (3rd round) of the tournament, and everyone loses their minds. The golf course doesn't need to be green, but there should be grass that's alive. Everything but the greens look dead. Drives rolling out over 400 yards because it rolled 140 yards after landing is stupid. I guess I just don't understand how two bad greens on shinnecock cause a huge uproar, but basically no fairway or rough maintenance and nobody says a negative word about course conditions? That just seems hypocritical to me. It being "links golf" shouldn't be allowed to be used as an excuse for the R&A and not the USGA.
  5. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    So as long as the greens are playable the rest of the course can be hardpan? Watching the featured group, Matsuyama just hit a drive that rolled 140+ yards after it hit the ground. It would've rolled further, but it ran into a ditch. That's "playable"? I've seen plenty of courses I wouldn't pay $10 to play because they only water the greens and look identical to this. I get this is links golf, but a ball rolling out over 140 yards is ridiculous and in my mind every bit as bad or worse as one unfair green on Shinnecock on one day of the tournament.
  6. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I understand it's been dry and they probably don't have sprinklers, but Chambers Bay looked almost identical, and that course was brutalized by everyone. One or two bad greens at Shinnecock, and it gets brutalized by everyone. Baked out brown dirt fairways causing drives well over 400 yards, no big deal? C'mon.
  7. RichWW2

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    How come the USGA gets so much whining about one or two questionable greens during the US Open, but the R&A has their course looking like garbage and there's no uproar from the players? That being said, go Tiger!
  8. RichWW2

    2019 Masters Lottery

    Rejected yet again.
  9. Tiger birdies the first hole of the day. Officially on 58 watch.
  10. I'm only following on shot tracker, but he's missed all his short birdie putts today. New putter isn't helping yet.
  11. RichWW2

    “Ernie, not again!”

    Sounds like it could be the plot outline for Taken 4. This made me respect Ernie even more.
  12. Agreed. Go Tiger. He just took a double bogey after missing a short birdie putt on the hole before. Saw some stats earlier that he's top 10 in strokes gained tee-to-green, but his putter has been the main thing letting him down. Hopefully the putter switch helps.
  13. RichWW2

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    Got a new driver last year and finally developed a consistent swing for it within the last few months. Can carry the ball around 250 or so. The ball flight is a lot lower than my previous driver so usually there is some roll out. Getting about the same distance as the older driver but got rid of my slice (for the most part) and keeping it in play a lot better. My struggle has been with my irons recently, so I still get beat regularly by a guy I out drive by 30 yards per hole. Distance isn't everything.
  14. Our unofficial limit is 45 degrees. Can wear pants and a light jacket and still be able to mostly swing normally. We play the Kitty (will never call it the Falcon) a lot because it's cheap and we can walk it. Still a hard course no matter the time of year for a Par 3 course.
  15. 1. Never had a hole-in-one despite hitting the pin several times or being within a few feet. 2. I can shoot 50 on the front 9 and 36 on the back 9 like it's no problem. 3. I have played every month of the year the last two years. Living in Ohio, that's quite an accomplishment. Have to take advantage of those 50 degree days in January. Also, 50 degrees in January is shorts and T-shirt weather.

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