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  1. Could only play 9 on Saturday due to family Easter things. Shot a 42. Was all over the place on the first three holes. Settled down after that and hit five of the last six greens in regulation. Need to work on my driver and 3w and putting. I changed my putting stance and I feel like my putting is more consistent, but the greens were playing so slow it threw me off quite a bit. Still hitting my irons really well which has saved me quite a bit so far this year. Hopefully getting out a few times this coming weekend. Can't wait!
  2. Shot a 79 yesterday. Got a quick lesson before my round to work on driver swing and chipping. The adjustments seemed to help. I was hitting my irons really well all day. Possibly the best I've ever hit them for an entire round. MIssed some easy putts on the front, but made a lot of putts to save par on the back. Made 7 pars in a row at one point in the middle of the round. Overall a great day.
  3. I don't think I've ever come close to a six hour round. Plenty of five hour rounds at some local muni's. The issue I see is most courses not maintaining any kind of pace of play standard. If rangers actually got on peoples @$$e$, then there wouldn't be nearly as many pace of play problems. Instead, it's only collect the money and send them out.
  4. First time out for the year a few years back, the weather was calling for 20-30% chance of rain for maybe only the first hour of our round. No big deal at all, if it rains, at least it'll clear up after a few holes. Started sprinkling as soon as we hit the practice green. A few holes in it starts raining heavier, and gets heavier, and heavier as the day progresses. By the time we get to 18 it's basically a full on monsoon. My friend steps up to the 18th tee with driver in hand, loses grip on his club during his follow through, and tosses his driver 20 yards down the fairway and 20 yards into the air into a tree. Luckily it bounced around enough to not get stuck in the tree. Not sure I've laughed that hard before or since. Nobody watched the ball, but somehow he ended up with the best drive of the group, right down the center of the fairway.
  5. There was a fantastic article on golf digest a few years back that has all the changes from Augusta over the years for each hole. It really highlights the evolution each hole as gone through and why in some cases. Very helpful in visualizing some of these ideas. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-complete-changes-to-augusta-national
  6. Tiger holes out from 81 yards on 13 to go 2 up with 5 holes to go. Wise 4 up on Snedecker with 6 holes to go. Tiger advancing looks pretty good right now.
  7. I've never liked Phil Mickelson. As a fellow lefty, everyone assumes he's my idol or something just because we hit from the same side of the ball so that gets annoying. Add in the FIGJAM stories and, to me, he's always seemed so shallow and disingenuous when he's on camera. All that being said, he does have some fantastic calves.
  8. Bubba just shat the bed on 18 after driving the ball into the greenside bunker. Tiger 1 down after 10 not looking sharp with his irons, going long with several shots.
  9. Shot an 89. First time out for the season with only one driving range session, so not expecting too much. Lost two balls on the front through wayward tee shots on the front. Bladed a few irons over greens, but was able to recover for bogey. Missed a few easy putts on the back. Nothing I can't (hopefully) clean up. Was hitting the ball fairly decently when I wasn't blading the ball.
  10. I didn't get to watch any of the tournament on Sunday. Was the JB Holmes group out of position?
  11. Round 1 - Strokes gained by putting: 2.2 Through 12 Holes in Round 2 - Strokes gained by putting: -1.8 Big swing from yesterday to today in putting. Hopefully he can even out the negative strokes gained now that he's switched back to old faithful Scotty Cameron.
  12. Fair enough. Who doesn't love the Masters? Are people like that even real?
  13. I just have a hard time distinguishing concrete fairways as any less gimimcky than the USGA making the greens ultra fast or the rough really high to prevent players from pulling driver every hole. One gets criticized while one is "that's what nature has bestowed upon us. Let's be grateful that it's not like the US Open." I understand it, but nobody has said anything other than "it's baked out, oh well", when normally players are out of their minds over any little issue with the course. Just seems weird to me, that's all.
  14. I had forgotten about the bad greens at chambers bay, so that's a fair criticism. Shinnecock had one or maybe two bad greens on one day (3rd round) of the tournament, and everyone loses their minds. The golf course doesn't need to be green, but there should be grass that's alive. Everything but the greens look dead. Drives rolling out over 400 yards because it rolled 140 yards after landing is stupid. I guess I just don't understand how two bad greens on shinnecock cause a huge uproar, but basically no fairway or rough maintenance and nobody says a negative word about course conditions? That just seems hypocritical to me. It being "links golf" shouldn't be allowed to be used as an excuse for the R&A and not the USGA.
  15. So as long as the greens are playable the rest of the course can be hardpan? Watching the featured group, Matsuyama just hit a drive that rolled 140+ yards after it hit the ground. It would've rolled further, but it ran into a ditch. That's "playable"? I've seen plenty of courses I wouldn't pay $10 to play because they only water the greens and look identical to this. I get this is links golf, but a ball rolling out over 140 yards is ridiculous and in my mind every bit as bad or worse as one unfair green on Shinnecock on one day of the tournament.
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