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  1. excellent first post man we will miss you, lol
  2. just buy a groove sharpener off eBay
  3. but can you translate that into a real game of golf?
  4. have you guys seen this video? Quote: After Rory's first round of the 2011 US Open, he was interviewed. During the interview a ridiculous kid was wiggling his eyebrows on camera. Hilarious!
  5. did you win?
  6. funny thing about today is the club pro approached me and told me I am one of 6 people in the entire club who practices the most to me, that was a huge compliment I had no clue people would notice something like that I'm usually at the range 2 or 3 times a week, usually getting in 1 or 2 rounds
  7. If you have an iPhone or access to one you can use the app called SloMo It works great
  8. thanks for the tips guys I plan on playing 9 holes with the local pro it's kind of pricey, but I believe it will greatly improve my game and it obvious I need to work on my grip, as I have been experimenting with different set-ups and it's not really giving me any improvement
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. I really had no clue I was moving that much. I'll definitely put your suggestion into my routine. Should my right arm be straighter than it is? I have been working on that but it seems as soon as I get to the top of the swing the arm breaks. Ok I just uploaded a slow motion version. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but what the heck
  10. thanks I'm picking up one of those Frogger ball towels
  11. Here is another video. This is the best I can produce at the moment. If this isn't good enough then I guess I'm out of luck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c46NtPRh-Ys
  12. yea, OK, I'll try and make another video today
  13. Here is a video of my swing. I wasn't using a left handed club as I didn't have my clubs with me when I shot the video. Anyone have any suggestions or advice? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks