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  1. I wouldn't play a full set of blades(3-PW) if your over a 10hc. You need to be a striker, not saying you can't learn though. The additional feel and distance was not worth the sacrifice of consistency. For me at least. The VR Pro Combo blades are just that, VR Blades. Your 8-PW are the easies irons to hit normally. Great set of clubs period. The only thing I didn't like was I would the 5i further than the 4i.
  2. Yea I talked to the TM rep today and he advised me against it. I already have the RIP 70 XS and love it. I was told it will feel completely different and kinda defeat the purpose of having a shaft like that. He did say that you will probably see more distance though. I ordered a 22g just to try. Only $20 figured it can't hurt to try. Just to add, because of the 3 weights, you change CG based on where you add the weight. Center, lower ball flight. Sides, higher. Also talked about changing the spin off the face as well.
  3. ... They can get any club in the world and most of them use clubs with some sort of cavity. Most PGA Tour players want to win, if they could hit a blade better than a cavity, I imagine they would.
  4. Played the VR Blades for one season. I'm longer and more consistent with my current VR Split C's. Why do you think majority of Tour players don't use a full set of blades...
  5. In theory, this should work right? A buddy of mine brought it up and I was surprised I never tried it. Instead of the 16gram center weight, you can use a 22gram or 24gram. Only thing that I'm worried about; when I re-shafted my SuperTri, I never thought about adding another 6-8grams. I have an Aldila 70 right, I guess that might mess my swing up a little. Any thoughts?
  6. I signed up for their e-mail updates a while ago. Had a free ship coupon from that. GlobalGolf.com also sends them out on a regular basis if you create an account, put some items in your shopping cart and then sign off. I've received about 6 of them this off season.
  7. Nike usually sets their clubs stronger opposed to other companies. My Split Cavity's are 2° stronger than my Zuno's on each club. In turn, I hit them about 10 yards longer per club.
  8. I actually just bought these from GolfShoesPlus.com for $89 with free shipping. I got the Silver. I've only worn them at the range, but so far they are great. Much more traction that I felt with my Nike's. The comfort is amazing, and the memory fit has yet to settle in. I bought these for walking mainly, not sure how well they are going to hold up for an everyday golfer, but so far I have no complaints.
  9. I very much agree with you. I just see much more improvement in the years with woods over other clubs.
  10. I personally think your driver should be the newest club in your bag. With the technology and money they put into these, it is well worth it. I know some of it is advertising and I'm not saying you need a new driver every year. Simply, it's never a waste of money to invest in a new club that fits you.
  11. Used cotton squares my girlfriend had. I tried to just get the liquid on the painted areas, but I wasn't perfect. Took maybe 15 minutes. I filled mine with PPG Single Stage Automotive Paint. I used a medical dropper from the hospital and just wiped away the excess.
  12. 10' Titleist Staff if I'm riding or have a caddy. 10' Nike 14 way SQ Tour Carry. Love both bags. Want the 11' Nike staff bag.
  13. For those of you who play Bridgestone, how well does the shell hold up to your wedges? Those of you who pinch the ball mainly.
  14. I really want to see the new Nike 20XI's hear real good things from the pros.
  15. I know exactly what you mean. I use Nike VR Wedges - not the new V-REV - and by the end of the round, the ball has confetti falling off of it. I get a discount buying direct from Titleist, only downside is I have to buy a minimum of 4 dozen.
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