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  1. Thought I'd revive this thread with some recent shots. They're iphone pix so the quality isn't the greatest. Maderas - San Diego SHADOW CREEK - Las Vegas Bali Hai - Las Vegas Ko'olau - Oahu Ko olina - Oahu
  2. I think it's good to mix it up. Playing poorly repeatedly on a tough course can really mess with your head and coming off a "good" round on an easier course can boost your confindence going into a harder course.
  3. For me it was on a Par 5 460. I was slicing my driver all day so I tee'd off with a 3 wood. Got it to carry to about 260 and hit a 4 iron in and greened it. Two putted for birdie. It felt so much better since it was two connecting shots. I haven't had TOOO many consecutive GOOD shots since I started playing this year.
  4. Vid of me taking some laps around a track in nevada.
  5. you need to tee it up and see where your tee is landing after you hit
  6. Yes, BMW came out with the 335i twin turbo in 07. Best part about it is that a $300-$500 "tune" adds about 40-60 more HP.
  7. 335i four doors and still fun to drive
  8. Panda express king taco in-n-out
  9. Cool, that's what I figured. I see some on ebay going for about $35 shipped, guess that's not toooo bad. I'll probably get some from there or check out some local shops. Thanks
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