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  1. I can't get behind a so-called "test" that opines situations which might happen once in the history of the game, and more likely would never actually happen. A test that is created for the express purpose of making you fail is not a real test, in my humble opinion.
  2. I don't understand the issue. My Men's Club has been using multiple tees since it's inception in 1972. A few years back they expanded from 3 tees to 4, so now every tournament uses at least 2 sets of tees, and some (like the Club Championship) put the 1st flight back on the Black tees, 2nd and 3rd flights on the Blue tee, and 4th and 5th on the Whites. Occasionally the 6th flight will even play the forward tees. I guess I can understand the difficulty when players in the same flight are playing different tees. Our competitions are flighted, usually from 15 to 20 in each flight, and in each flight, all players play the same tee.
  3. So it appears that this rule is far less penal than it used to be. It puts less onus on the player having to be careful how he says certain things. The old rule would penalize a play for simply asking what club another player used even if he got no answer, and I don't see that any more. That stipulation always seemed a bit much. I've developed a habit of saying very little about my own shot until all players have played from that general location. I never mention what club I hit, or even whether I felt that I hit it well or poorly, simply because that could influence my opponent, and that could be a penalty under the old rule. I'll probably not change all that much, just to cover myself, but there does seem to be more wiggle room under the new rules.
  4. The possible options for a lateral drop can depend on where the hole was cut that day too. To give a real ruling, I'd have to be there and see just exactly what the angles were and how they affected establishing a relief point. It looks like it might be possible like Klineka said.
  5. I would agree with @Klineka. Where you game seems to stall out is with your full swing iron play. You are missing greens, and all the short game practice won't change that. It's great to be able to scramble well when you need to, but if you are missing greens and trying to get up and down all the time, then that isn't where your problems lie. I know because I used to be you. I argued the same point with Erik (Iacas) and lost. Short game (chipping, pitching and putting) is important, but it isn't a substitute for hitting greens with full shots. Much of my life was spent with a very good short game, and it was enough to get my handicap below 10 a time or two, but never better than that. I had a few what were for me spectacular rounds (personal best on a par 72 is one over par 73), but those rounds were the rare ones where I hit better than 50% GIR, then also played well when I missed a green. My normal GIR was more in the 30-40% range, so that I was putting far too much pressure on my chipping. It takes the whole package to really excel, but the full swing is the key to moving to the next level, and that's a key I never really found.
  6. It would still be an issue if he has a caddie carrying his bag, and a scorer carrying the extra club or component, as he would be technically using 2 caddies.
  7. I agree. The wording seems to say that the person is essentially performing the duty of a caddie by carrying equipment implicitly designated for play. You can't have anyone carry the parts for a club which would result in having more than 14 clubs so designated, any more than you can have that person carry an extra club "just in case". I'm thinking that the rules would view that as carrying too many clubs. You also can't have more than one caddie at any time, so there is that issue as well if you are already using a caddie in the usual fashion.
  8. Okay... after closer look I see what's being said there. The way it's worded, it's easy to misinterpret it that he's playing the second ball as a provisional ball. I had to read it about 4 times before it dawned on me that if he played a stroke with the second ball, it was NOT a provisional ball but was then the ball in play under stroke and distance. That works, and despite the different phrasing, the rule is still basically the same... you can't go forward, then return to the original spot and still play a ball from there as a provisional ball. It may take me a little while to wrap my head around some of the newer phrasing. I had gotten so used to the legalese in the old rules that the more freewheeling terminology of 2019 is going to keep tripping me up for a while. It's hard for an old man to learn a whole new rule book. I'm just glad that I'm not refereeing any more, so when I screw up, it's only my own score that's affected.
  9. Typically, it's been between 5 and 10 years throughout my golfing life. That said, the set I have now (bought new 3 years ago) will probably be the last set I ever buy. At age 72, My game is simply not in a place where any new clubs would be justified. I play an "R" flex now, and since I don't see any really advantage to be gained by going to a "Senior" shaft, I can't see that as an excuse my wife would accept.
  10. It was too far from the edge of the green to qualify for interference on line of play under the local rule (the local rule IS in effect, as I saw it used in Thursday's round). The lie of his ball met the second provision of the local rule, but not the first requirement. Both conditions must be met to be entitled to relief:
  11. If you get this while the workshop is still on, I'd like to submit a question. This is apparently from some version of a USGA rules quiz, picked up from a thread at the Golf Rules Discussion forum. My issue is that with the old rules, once you started to search, you abandoned the opportunity to play a provisional ball. There was good logic to that prohibition, since the whole reason for a provisional ball is to save the time required to return to the original spot. Apparently, that logic is no longer considered useful. I'd sort of like to hear how they came to the idea of dropping that very reasonable condition.
  12. And yet, somehow farmers and ranchers (and a myriad of other professions) have managed to make denim work well in all sorts of weather and all seasons for more than 100 years. I would agree that it's not my choice for summer golf (although I wore them year round for 40+ years on the job), but if the temps drop below about 60°, I'll be playing golf in jeans - relaxed or loose fit, but jeans.
  13. Something else that @Augster doesn't seem to recognize. A player who is so erratic that he can't trust himself to hit a second tee shot in play, is also very likely to have little or no clue where his next shot is going, from the fairway or not. That makes the local rule moot as far as any actual scoring comparison is concerned.
  14. I had wedges with "shredder" grooves by the mid 90's.
  15. I just played a few 9 hole rounds at my parent's country club the summer after I graduated from High School using a $35 starter half set. I mostly played because my mother asked me to come and keep her company. I knew nothing about it, but I still hit the ball better than she did. 🏌️‍♂️ I didn't really play any more after that summer for almost 10 years. After moving to Colorado in early 1973 I met a new friend who played, and I gradually grew into an enjoyment of the game, but never really made a decision to "begin" playing golf. No idea what my first ever 18 hole round was like... too long ago (1973) and there was nothing about it to make it memorable.
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