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  1. Fourputt

    Water Hazard

    You are correct in what a proper drop should be for a yellow marked water hazard. It really shouldn't be that difficult if one knows how to read the rules. When a pond is located close to the green like that, the proper dropping spot can vary widely depending on where the hole is cut on a given day. There is nothing in the rules that requires one to cross water if the line for a correct drop does not go over the water. While I agree with Erik that the design is such that in many cases that could be marked as a lateral water hazard, nothing in the rules says that it must be marked red. As you say, it's a short par 4, so designating it as a regular water hazard may be in keeping with the intent of the designer.
  2. Fourputt

    Cheating in tournament

    Just for your information, if a player hits a ball out of bounds, the ONLY correct play is to play again from the same place with a penalty stroke added. Anything else is at least a 2 stroke penalty, and in this case most likely disqualification because of a serious breach due to the significant advantage gained.
  3. Fourputt

    Cheating in tournament

    I'd have immediately told him "No, I'm not going Lexi Thompson, I'm going Rules of Golf on you." If a person wants to play tournament golf, then better to learn the lesson in a small event like this rather than in a more important competition. If he continues this practice, you won't be the last person to call him on it. I'd have been pretty insistent, and if the organizer or committee refused to do anything, I might very well go public about it. I'd certainly never play in another event run by him. This is wrong, the kid cheated another player out of his rightful place in the tournament, and the director colluded with him after the fact. It doesn't matter that it was just a couple of inches each time - he was deliberately breaking a rule, and then because he so glibly played that Lexi card, he made it clear that he knew that it was wrong. The fact that his parents were there is irrelevant - in fact a responsible parent would have backed you when it was demonstrated that his actions contravened a rule. Each time he placed his ball incorrectly, it should have been a 2 stroke penalty. If he 2 putted and marked before each putt, then he'd be looking at up to 4 penalty strokes per hole. That would have been a significant lesson taught. Instead he will likely continue the practice until someone takes the proper action and imposes the penalty.
  4. Fourputt

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    This is why I posted that most of our disputes end up with us proceeding on a consensus agreement, a resolution that all parties can live with. And it usually leans in the favor of the player unless there is powerful evidence to refute him.
  5. Fourputt

    Liar, cheater, advocate, different opinion?

    Another "It depends" case for me. 95% of the time, I'd not dispute the ruling, in part because I was involved in exactly such a dispute in a club tournament. The guy who disputed my act was 40-50 yards off the line of flight of my ball and really had no justification aside from his own opinion, and I did have a witness who backed my view and who had a much better angle than my accuser did. However, I can imagine a scenario where the accuser does have a better look at the path of the ball and could better see exactly what the ball did - such as a shot where the ball is hooking or slicing a considerable amount so that the observer well off the line actually does have a better angle to see it. In such a case I might take it all the way to the point of refusing to sign for that hole, or at least if I did sign, I would do so under protest and I'd make sure that it's known in the general membership what the circumstances were. I might make an enemy, but there are times when one does have to stand on principle. When I'm a situation where my dropping point is not obvious, I will usually try to get some verification from my fellow competitors - ask whether they saw what happened and if I'm pretty close to the right spot for my drop. If I am asked the question by another - and this happens often on a couple of holes on my home course - I will give the best answer I can. If neither of us has absolute certainty, we may simply decide to agree on a consensus decision as to the dropping point and play on from there with no dispute and no subsequent acrimony.
  6. Fourputt

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    If I didn't play when it's in the mid to high 90's, I wouldn't play much summer golf here. I've teed off with the temperature above 100. Even back when I could still walk 18, it never seemed to be a problem. Now I try to park the cart in shade until I need to go to my ball, drink plenty of water, and hope for a breeze. I'm just glad that I don't have to deal with the sort of temps that race car drivers do. Dressed in the fireproof suits and helmet and yesterday suring the NASCAR Monster Energy race at Chicagoland they were showing temps over 150°F inside the cars. That might be a bit hard to deal with.
  7. Fourputt

    LPGA Player DQed for Playing Damaged Club

    That should come under the 4-1 for normal wear. It's not unusual to strike a rock or such during normal play, so as long as the damage does not directly cause the club to be nonconforming, play with it should be allowed. Damage or wear on the grooves from normal play does not in itself make a club nonconforming. Attempting to "repair" them with a groove tool which could make them nonconforming might not be allowed.
  8. Fourputt

    LPGA Player DQed for Playing Damaged Club

    You could put a bad ding in the face, or where the sole and the face meet, something bad enough to possibly cause a poor shot if you hit the ball right on that spot, yet it could still be conforming and usable.
  9. Fourputt

    LPGA Player DQed for Playing Damaged Club

    It's important to note that for this rule to be in effect, the damage must cause the club to be nonconforming. If the damage was such that the club still conformed to the rules then using it would still be allowed.
  10. Fourputt

    Ball Movement

    Not only the pros. I never ground my club if there is any chance that it might cause the ball to move. I play different courses with all sorts of rough, and most of the time I don't take the risk by grounding the club. Matted fescue is just about the nastiest rough. The ball can be suspended in a "nest" as much as 6" off the ground. Simply no way to ground the club anywhere near the ball without it moving. Just do everything else the same but hover the club behind the ball. I will sometimes hover the club 6" or more away from the ball if that seems to give the least chance of causing the ball to move.
  11. The first affordable electronic calculators from TI didn't show up until at least 10 years after I graduated, so lots of students used slide rules after me.... I guess that makes me ancient? I can't see any breach here, unless it just a breach of rational behavior.
  12. Fourputt

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I was thinking about this today, and was wondering how many decisions will have to be eliminated or rewritten to work within the framework of the new rules. Seems to me that a good portion of the Decisions book will need to be changed to accommodate the different terminology and simplified interpretation of many rules. I'd think that will be as big a job in itself as writing the new rule book was. Or have they changed the game so much that they will just have to start fresh with decisions based solely on the new rules? Or do they feel that they have written a rule book that doesn't need any decisions?
  13. Fourputt

    Phil Mickelson Rule

    Water hazard still offers the stroke and distance option, just like the other penalty drop rules. Aside from that, I agree with what you wrote. 2 strokes was a sufficient penalty for the breach he committed.
  14. Fourputt

    Would You Play A Tough Course?

    The price has apparently gone up quite a bit since the last time my brother and I played there about 5 years ago. We used go up for 2 days, playing under a stay and play package through the Marcus Daly hotel in Anaconda. I think the golf was about $60, and we usually played 3 rounds, 2 one day and one the next. If it's $100 with the stay and play, I doubt that we'll go again. It's a 3 hour drive from his home in Idaho Falls, ID - hardly worth it when there are some pretty nice courses a lot closer to his house, and we have a great selection when he comes here to Colorado to visit me. The last couple of times we played from the Limestone tees (6144 yards), my game just wouldn't play from the 6776 yard Copper tees any more. That 630 yard increase is significant. I can't imagine playing from the Slag tees at 7700 yards. I also found that the fairway bunkers were not much of a problem, but those black slag greenside bunkers played quite different from regular sand. We both always struggled with them.
  15. Fourputt

    'virtually certain' that it's your ball

    Prairie dogs are protected? Why? They certainly aren't threatened. I'd be hesitant to stick my hand in a prairie dog burrow because they are known to be infested with fleas which can carry plague, but aside from that they are purely a pest around here. They are usually eradicated in a very lethal manner when they move onto anyone's land.

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