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  1. 3 years. Best score on a par 72 is 73, and I'm 70. However, that 73 happened in 1989, so I'm not holding my breath about shooting my age. Maybe if I live to be 110.
  2. As I stated earlier, I can't really say that I have a favorite club, but this year my 5W has been my most consistent club aside from my putter. Just sometimes wish I could use it in more situations.
  3. Don't make a point of it, but when I'm playing well, it's pretty easy to track for at least the first few holes. After about the 5th hole, I just don't think about it any more. I don't usually even add up the front 9 at the turn. I know if I'm doing well or poorly just by how the round seems to flow, but I prefer to just be surprised by the actual score when I total it up at the end.
  4. On the second instance, I'd have approached them and explained what the situation was, and that I was having no problem hearing their snide remarks. I'd have said that if they wanted to take the situation in stride, then we were fine, and if not, I didn't expect to hear anything out of them for the rest of the round. I'm probably as old as they are, or nearly so, but I'm a big guy and I have a deep voice that I can make to sound quite threatening if I so choose.
  5. Well.... after 3 rounds of mountain golf at Pole Creek GC near Winter Park, CO, my cap has ballooned back up to the mid 17's.
  6. They are also born to it and live it their whole lives. Sun isn't the issue, I can find shade to park in between shots 90% of the time. Temperature and humidity are the issues that I don't deal with well. I was born and raised in Minnesota, lived 9 years in north central Montana. I'm conditioned from birth to a cooler climate. Colorado is as close to a warm climate as I can live in year round. We lived in the Bahamas for 2½ years, and left mostly because I suffered unbearably from April thru early November living in a tropical climate. Here in Colorado, I have to recondition my body every 6 months to adjust from 100° summer highs to 0° winter lows. My natural metabolism is better suited to the lower end of that scale. When we lived in Denver, I used to go out to the mailbox through snow in my bare feet. I wore shorts to play golf in 50° temperatures. I'm NOT a North African, I'm a North American. I know what works for me and what doesn't, and I can't believe that I'm the only person in the world who is uncomfortable playing golf in long pants when the temperature is above 70°. Sorry to get off the subject.... back to the LPGA.
  7. This is a matter of opinion and individual metabolism. For me, I need air moving over my skin or I sweat like a marathon runner just riding a golf cart. I virtually don't even get any slacks out of my closet between April and October unless we are camping in the mountains. One reason that I quit marshaling for the now defunct Castle Pines tour stop was because they required us to wear long pants, and in August, temps are typically in the mid 90's most days. Even with unlimited free water (we got to access the coolers on the tee boxes, just like the players do), I was always very dehydrated at the end of an 8+ hour day on the course. I can play 36 holes of golf in shorts with my shirt untucked and be far more comfortable that I am in even the lightest slacks. If I was required to play golf in long pants, I'd probably find another way to spend my leisure time.
  8. Poor choice of argument for comparison. Back in the day, men even wore coat and tie to baseball games, and that's never been considered a "Gentleman's Game". The attire for most sports is aimed at the most comfort which still supports performance. In my opinion, making golfers wear long pants and tucked shirts in 95° temps with 90% humidity, solely for the sake of someone's idea of "tradition", is just plain stupid. Players should be held to a certain standard, but I see no issue with shorts if that's what they want to wear in the interest of comfort. Even if they do crack down as intimated, the women still have a far more liberal set of options for on course wear. Shorts, skorts, slacks, etc., options which the men don't get. Men are stuck with slacks, and even though some have tried to break the mold (Daly, Fowler), they still are stuck just wearing stupider looking pants because the PGA Tour is stuck in the past and can't seem to see the light. Clothing styles have always been constantly changing, and golf attire is no exception. The only problem with so-called "acceptable" golf clothing is that it's usually about 30+ years out of date with the rest of the world.
  9. I don't see that anyone is "stuck" with it. I haven't even watched TGC in probably 2 months. Most of their programming just doesn't strike a chord with me.
  10. No problem. I've done that often in tournaments. As long as all you are doing is correctly explaining options or procedures, you are good. If you are uncertain, or if your information was obtained someplace other than the Rules of Golf (word of mouth rules information is more often wrong than right), then it's best to to just be quiet. If you really are certain that you have the information right, or if you have the book there to show him, then it's perfectly okay.
  11. However..... sometimes he goes after a pot that doesn't really need any stirring. Or he continues to stir after the pot is empty. What Rahm did was a bit off, but once it was determined that he ultimately seemed to get the ball in the right place, Chamblee probably should have just let it rest.
  12. Under the current rules, they cannot mark anything as a water hazard unless it is a watercourse or holds water of some sort. To be marked as a hazard, it must meet the rules definition of a "water hazard". This has been changed for the proposed rule book revision such that there will no longer be anything called "water hazards". They will all be called "penalty areas". They will be treated as lateral water hazards are now, and will no longer have to meet the water hazard definition if that proposal is adopted. That means that wooded areas, tall native grass, desert areas, etc. that now are required to be either out of bounds or lost ball situations would now be treated as you have suggested. That is still subject to change.
  13. Since the marker represents the ball for all practical purposes, I'd think yes. When I'm in that situation where I feel that my marker will have to be moved, I usually just putt first. But think of the cases where you see a pro play his first putt, then mark, check and reposition the ball, replace it and putt out, even when he isn't away. As long as I don't have to stand in another player's line, or take an inordinate amount of time, it's just a bit faster to simply play the stroke.
  14. I don't think that I could pick a "favorite" club. The right club for whatever shot I'm facing is always going to be my "favorite".
  15. Actually, in stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may choose to play his stroke first, as long as that doesn't interfere with the play of another player.