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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/golf/blog/devil_ball_golf/post/Slow-pace-lose-the-ace-slow-play-penalty-negat?urn=golf-wp3880 WOW this kid got robbed of an ace in a competition! i don't think i have ever seen anyone play slow enough to penalize their ace!!! like some one in the article said he would have had to lay down and take a nap before i could make that call. have you guys ever heard of such a thing?????
  2. what i can't stand from any golfer good or bad, is when they toss their putter in the air after a missed putt thinking for sure they will catch it and end up missing it!! leaves a nasty mark on the green!! everyone knows that when you throw your clubs you throw them into the woods or water!!! jk
  3. Maybe Tiger does not have Phil's number? lol ...... wow the guy does a nice thing for a friend and people can do nothing but bash him. Why does it matter that he gave Clarke a bit of a stradegy guide and not Phil? because Clarke is not American? Big Whoop! either way im happy for Clarke!!!!
  4. i would never leave home!!!!! except to go to the gofl course lol
  5. i think an R11 or SF 2.0 with a winter digi camo pattern would look sick!!!!
  6. i saw one a long time ago and i forget what course it was (some where in Texas) and it read " Lay Up"
  7. yes it should have to be in the fairway to qualify. you also might want to make sure you have a marshal monitoring the hole. the words scramble and cheat are s ynonymous (sp?)
  8. Welcome Dee Bee! where about in Texas are you from?
  9. nothing compliments a GIR like a one putt. way to grind for that 74 btw
  10. Left over spicey chicken sandwitch............its never fun having to turn around on the 3rd or 4th hole and racing back to the club house HAHA trust me.
  11. game, set, match! well said Shorty.
  12. right on Recreational Golfer! that was well said.
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