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  1. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    From who? I really should do the two tee drill, especially since my really bad miss with a driver is a pop up that goes maybe 150 yards and left. Especially scary on two holes at my home course (consecutive too) that have O.B. left; that shot at either very likely costs me two strokes. I think that drill would help me on that too. The putting drills (which I've really gotten into lately) have been great. 3-6-9 and the around-the-clock are great. Get the ruler if you want to work on bead too: I enjoy that drill and it takes only a few minutes at home. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Swanson-Tool-Company-Ruler/1007805
  2. GAME Golf Live

    Thanks! For some reason, I interpreted their warning about using 5 rounds minimum to mean something else. And it says I gained 0.06 strokes putting compared to a scratch. That has to be wrong, right? My three longest putts made were a 6', 7', and 18'. Here's the round if anyone wants to look: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shindig/round/1792953 I realize I did lose strokes in bad ways (a sand shot on #11 that ended up over the green and next to a tree, an O.B. on the par-3 15th, two tee shots on par-4s that ended behind trees I didn't escape from), but ... after accepting that putting was the worst part of my game, having a round where I putt like a scratch feels weird. But if it's true, it's encouraging and I'd love to have a lot more rounds putting like that (I'll keep up whatever I've been doing for practice). I know we can cram gains by putting quickly, but that's something else entirely.
  3. What's our list for future ones? @Hacker James and @Hategolf had one place in mind for next time and I should have written it down.
  4. GAME Golf Live

    Yep, that one renders well. Would be nice to know my SG for particular round(s) but this is fine. Thanks.
  5. GAME Golf Live

    Thanks for looking into that @iacas. I appreciate it. And sorry if I seem like I only come to this thread to complain, but is anyone else's insights page rendering poorly? Just the base insights page where you can compare your last round to X handicap, or last round to last three rounds, etc. http://www.gamegolf.com/insights <-- that one. New problem, seemed fine a few days ago. Happened on a friend's internet last night and now in a coffee shop, same problem. Will try at home later today.
  6. Next outing you'll show us how much you've improved you mean.
  7. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    Ah, so it wasn't the course I was thinking of. If Los Serranos is worth playing (I forget if it's actually a good course), you could try this on one of the par-5s of whichever course stretches. Won't be quite as long though.
  8. August 19. Played 18. Scored an 84 (ESC 83). One triple (8 on a par-5, a bad tee shot as first and a really bad sand shot for no. 4) and three doubles (first hole drive behind a tree and was unsuccessful in going over it, O.B. on a par 3 followed by a "par," then another "behind a tree" bad drive followed by a poor punch shot that didn't escape the trees). I would offer some GameGolf insights on this but the page is displaying funkily.
  9. I Played a 702 Yd. Par 5 Today!

    Yikes man, that's ... nicely done. I'd be ecstatic with a 7 from those tees. Is this the course I think it is? I haven't played there in years, but the white tees scared me. I wish they'd do a combo of the white & gold tees.
  10. August 18. I've begun travel for the TST So Cal outing, or whatever we're calling it. I don't much care for the range near where I'm staying ($5 for 25 balls, wtf), but I was there anyway. Worked on knee in backswing, hands high at A4, plus my priority piece in transition at the range. Almost entirely 6-iron shots. I then putted, trying to hit a variety of 5' or so to a cup that does break. I also did some speed drills at 10', 15', and 30'. And then there was this cup option, where I hit a number in from 1' to 5'. And missed a few. Balls for scale.
  11. Hitting better with hands higher?

    Hands higher where? Higher than what? I hit the ball much better with my hands higher than the ground. Those pool table shots suck. Driver setup? Yes, having the grip point (from DTL) at my belt buckle and not below it helps a lot. I also aim to have my hands high at A4.
  12. Maltby Playability Factor

    My very informal opinion: it largely jives with what I've observed. That having been said, when I did the most swing testing, my swing was awful. I was playing MP-57s for a while (2008-2011, deluded myself into thinking that since I broke 100 and then 90 less than a year later, scores in the 70s were soon upcoming!), and felt that TaylorMade's R7s weren't much different than mine. Turns out they're comparable on the MPF. And the Nike VR Blades felt a tad more forgiving than my MP-57s, and sure enough, something like 100 points higher. When I knew I wouldn't be playing for a while, I went with high-MPF cavity backs. And even with approach shots being my best stroke-gainer (or lowest stroke-loss) most rounds, my new irons are going to be Ping G400s. Unlike some very good players here, I won't be able to determine from the feel of contact what I'm doing wrong, especially not during a round. Maybe if I reach near-scratch I can reconsider using high-forgiveness irons. That's more Maltby Philosophy than MPF. I think part of my delusion in the MP-57s was seeing Chuck Hogan's books talking about how yes, you too can play "players' irons" because you're capable of a good swing. Anyway, @WUTiger can probably give more detail about MPF -- he knows far more about these than I do.
  13. I think I was aware of this for the second article, but missed the first entirely. I re-read both in detail this morning and they're amazing. Great work @RandallT and huge congratulations to @Fairway_CY on the improvement.
  14. 2017 Wyndham Championship

    Wow, The Big Break's Matt Every shot a 61. Nice start.
  15. Remind us at the end of March and we'll put a pool together.