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  1. I can't see a reason to do this. Once I hit my tee shot, my driver head doesn't touch the ground again until either I'm taking address at the next driver shot or I'm measuring club-lengths.
  2. Day 105. Half and quarter shots, indoors, off a mat, into a net, real and foam balls. I'm really skirting the 5 minute edge here, and I'm not sure I would have done any practice today if it weren't for this ongoing challenge ... which I suppose is a benefit of the challenge. It certainly isn't a complaint. Playing tomorrow (will post here about it after the fact).
  3. Tiger's got a clean card and a handful of birdies. Not enough just yet, but sure better than the alternative. I am losing my optimism that he will get to East Lake this year unless he wants to hand off the trophy in person or something.
  4. It's true, this has helped quite a bit. I am going to finish the write-up of my home practice room in the next week or so. It's amazing how much it helps, isn't it? The number of times I am told by a higher handicap player in my club that I should practice my short game or putting more is amazing. Somehow the low handicaps don't tell me that. Of course, my short game and putting are generally bad for my handicap, and I probably should over weigh them just a little bit, but majority long game has helped me quite a bit.
  5. Day 104. A bit of a repeat of yesterday; thought I'd get to the range, didn't. Spent some time indoors, exaggerating my priority piece (weight shift) on a mat indoors; some foam balls, some real balls (mostly slow practice swings though).
  6. Day 103. Off a mat, into a net, foam balls (but mostly no ball, just a swing), I spent some minutes today exaggerating my priority piece for when I get back to the range tomorrow to get back to full swing practice after last weekend's tournament and times since.
  7. Day 102. Almost didn't get to practice today: I was doing some writing and realized it was 8:00. So I didn't do a full range session when I got there. What I did do: 3' around the world. Unlike the normal drill, I did each putt until I made them, using about 17 total putts to sink 12. Not great, especially when I had multiple misses from the same spot in a row. Then I did this at 6', then back to 3'. Then I did speed sticks, protocol 2.
  8. Why would it be wrong? Neither of those two has a problem waiting for the grass to grow to slow down their next putt just a bit.
  9. What a tragedy for the store. I echo the sentiment to let management know. I know part of why Roger Dunn's chain has earned my regular patronage is how well they treated me when I was starting out, ranging from returns to hitting bays (with my awful circa 2006-07 swing) and such. As for this: You'll get nothing, and like it!
  10. Practice that last shot at the range. I've done it a few times, and it's always a good feeling when you have to play it as it lies, to know that just because you're in a divot doesn't mean you're in a hole.
  11. Day 101. I missed yesterday, my previous miss was July 17, so I'm safe as far as the contest goes (previous miss to that was in May). Today, putting drill on the ruler. Of course it came out fine. But I putted horribly at club championship, need to diagnose, practice, and then get back to my full swing work.
  12. I think they're unisex. Otherwise I'm wearing women's sleeves, but I like them and they're comfortable. Then again, a week or so ago I asked a friend why similar products don't exist for one's legs before I realized I was describing leggings. 😕
  13. Day 100. Round three of my club championship. I was on buffer duty, which when I told my mom this over the phone, she thought I meant I was on "duffer duty." That too, mom. Anyway, over the three rounds, I averaged about 10 handicap level approach, a little worse than 15 handicap driving (thanks in part to an OB and some shots into the trees), and made a mess of the bed short game and putting. Except today, I only had like 1.2 shots lost short game. Yay for me. I don't know how I managed to get near a 10 handicap level strokes gained approach despite hitting only an average of 3 GIR per day, and four of those (the same hole all three days, plus one more today) were hit with a short-game shot. If I can articulate a better form of this question, I might ask. BTW, yes, I didn't manage a par until hole ten, and I managed to par #15 too. Those are usually my two worst holes in the second nine at this course. View this round on GAME GOLF
  14. Yeah, and I'll echo this a bit. My club got a new president two and a half years ago and he ushered in some new rules for tournaments related to pace of play. With a total of one penalty being given out over two years ago, we went from 6-7 hour rounds in our events to 4.5 for the slowest groups. I realize we don't play for quite the same purses the PGA Tour players do, but that organization could fix it if they wanted to.
  15. I don't think I managed it well on Friday, as I woke up Saturday feeling hungover -- despite not having had anything alcohol to drink since Sunday. Headache for all of Saturday's round, and when I got home, I chugged another PowerAde Zero (despite drinking a full 32 oz one during the round and about 90 oz of water). No headache today, not that I played much better.
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