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  1. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    5-iron for me. I punched a 3H yesterday, but that wasn't really a "punch out" so much as "there's a tree overhanging my path to the green, but the path is otherwise unobstructed, so I'm going to advance the ball as much as I can in that direction" and I ended up near-GIR in light rough. @Golfingdad's video a few months ago got me picturing and practicing it well and now I'm comfortable hitting the shot.
  2. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Well... I had a good run at it yesterday, my second attempt. Despite starting 7-6-6 and being clearly not going to get the award this round, I went holes 4-14 (inclusive) with nothing worse than a 5. I then hit a pop up drive on the long par-4 15th, hit a great wood to pitching distance, and way over-cooked my pitch shot. I did not get up and down from well behind the green, and there's a six (with at least three bad shots mixed in). That shot might be the impetus for me to finally remove my old PW from my bag and figure something to do, perhaps learning partial distances with the W in my iron set. But such a long streak in there makes me feel good, even though I knew I was out of it from the word 'go.' But I hadn't hit a ball in three and a half days, including no warm up before the round (worked check-in for the outing). I also managed a 4 on #16 (a par-3 that I'm hysterically bad at) and a par on the longest par-5 on the course, which was playing into the wind (good driver, good 4-wood, good full W ignoring the pin tucked where a bad shot brings sand or water into play, a putt to under 2', and a relatively easy par).
  3. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Well, way to make that seem achievable, even for me. My home course only has three par-5s anyway. Okay, I'm on for gameplanning this. It sounds like a great goal. At very first thought, I think I have 3-5 sixes per round -- knocking one or two of those away would help quite a bit, even if I don't achieve the sixes goal.
  4. TST 2017 Fantasy Golf

    I see this thread started in December -- am I right that the next season of fantasy begins at calendar-year begin not league-year beginning?
  5. They're great. I've played a 9 hole round, in which I was trying to hit as many irons as possible (as opposed to lowest score). For example, I played one hole as 5-iron 9-iron instead, so I'd be able to hit both. Distance: even accounting for the difference in loft, I'm hitting further. I'll get fit for woods soon, too, as I don't think I should be on S-flex in my hybrids, but I'll let a fitter determine that. The 86 was my first round with the new irons. My literal first-ever shot with the 8-iron, didn't even hit it on the range, lead to a birdie (and a $70 skin). Funny story for that round: no 4s on the scorecard. Bogey or double on 10 of the par-4s, birdie on the other. Parred every par 3. Didn't birdie any par-5. I hook them a bit, but I hook my other clubs too. I just have to get used to the shot cones.
  6. Club preference

    Yup. I'm happily in the "I will not be getting a Scotty" club.
  7. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shindig/round/1858113 86 at my home course. 40 first nine, including a chip-in birdie on #9. 46 second nine, including three doubles (#s 13, 14, and 17). Lost 3.12 off tee, 4.94 on approach, 0.7 on short game (!!!), and 4.94 on putting. Thoughts: two really bad tee shots, plus a weakling. Hole #1, pulled into a tree, hole #14, a hook into some trees. Glad to have not lost a ball on either. Hole 2, just hit a weak drive. Other than that, I think my drives were pretty good. Only other meh one was a slice that came out of nowhere on #18, and then I followed it up with a stupid shot that could have gone into the driving range. First round with new irons, hit 5 GIR and 5 near-GIR. Had three holes where my birdie attempt came with a full swing shot (but within 100; two were full flight gap wedges) that hit the green, so that had to have helped my short game stat. Putting was unimpressive and I missed enough short ones that my two really good 2-putts (#2, #3) don't really make up for it. Still, a round where I didn't really feel in control at any point and I played to my handicap. That's pretty good!
  8. Well, where are you losing strokes compared to where you want to be? Also, I know I sound like a broken mp3 telling everyone this in response to your question, but consider a Game Golf. They're slightly more than $100 off Amazon now and helped me narrow onto where I was losing strokes. I also had a round where one of my skills was at 0 strokes lost compared to Scratch (for that round at least) and that feeling was well worth every penny I paid for the device.
  9. NFL 2017-2018

    Struggling a bit with this week's pick in that format too. Miami on the road, coming from a home game in Los Angeles, crossing coasts... but up against the Jets. Giants look bad so far this season too. FWIW, in my league I'm debating Eagles or Dolphins this week.
  10. Tee box etiquette

    There is the order of play; in stroke play, you can play out of order, as long as it's not to give someone an advantage -- so in a tournament, someone else going first to indicate line of play is not okay. In a casual round, or for fun, if someone in the group hasn't played my course before, I'm happy to go ahead of them off the tee.
  11. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    I don't see an issue with it. Even in a friendly event, you're there (in part) to win -- and strategic concessions are part of any match play situation.
  12. I think the general view of additional wedges isn't for the full shot, it's to have better gaps in the partial shots. For example, if I dropped my gap wedge and carried only my 47 and 56, I'd have trouble from 45 yards out in a clean lie: a half swing with the 56 gets me 35, a half swing with the 47 gets me 55.
  13. Your experience with golf lessons

    That's a week or so of devoted practice -- as long as you don't do something silly, like play a round, decide it isn't working "right now" and not come back to it, you'll be fine. The bad thing to do is insist on better ball flight from swing one -- I've hit plenty of bad shots on the range working on a priority piece, as have far better golfers than I am. Quite frankly, if your swing doesn't feel awkward after a lesson, something is wrong. In-person one: sort of. I was hitting balls at the range (this is a generous description of my activity that day) and he was giving a lesson in the next stall. The player he was teaching, I later learned, was a 4-handicap preparing for high school tournaments. Then his next lesson arrived, a five year old (give or take) girl learning to swing a club for the first time. I was so impressed by the disparity and amount he seemingly helped both that I asked for his card after that, called, and scheduled a lesson. Online (current lesson taking strategy): I was sold on the idea of online lessons from the free help in the "My swing" thread here and signed up for evolvr from ther.e
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    87 yesterday with a tee shot O.B. on #2 (yes, counted in the score), but 5 GIR and 6 near GIR and two greens hit with a full swing (one PW one 9-iron) but not for GIR.
  15. Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

    Yesterday, http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shindig/round/1843254 87, 5 GIR, plus two hitting of a green with a full swing shot, and 6 near-GIR... and hitting my tee shot O.B. on hole two. Just a pull that ended up in the par-3 course next door. What a great opening: par, resort bogey (aka a triple), par, par. Lost 5.91 shots driving; two obviously from O.B. on #2 (I assume O.B. is just an immediate "two shots lost" on whatever type of shot it was), a slice into a weird position on #18 that I had to pitch out with a hybrid (didn't hit that pitch out as well as I could have either), a few short drives (174 yards on #5... I realize it's uphill, but I feel I should be getting more than that when I'm in the fairway), a snap hook on #14 (where I fear going left anyway, one of these days I'm just going to hit a hybrid off that tee, even though I know I shouldn't). But I hit some great drives, too: had only a hybrid into the long par-4 #15, played a long par-5 as driver, 5-wood (not a great lie so I didn't pull 3 wood), 9-iron. 3.94 lost on approach (I'm very happy with that). Any time I can keep this number under four I'm happy. Lost 4.36 on short game; included in here is a near-GIR on #5 that I didn't even get onto the green, a putt from off the green on #10 that went way past the hole, a pitch on #11 that didn't get to the green (got up and down for bogey from there), a super weak putt from off the green on #13, and an 80 yard wedge shot on #18 that I left short (got up and down for bogey from there too). Lost 0.78 putting. I haven't looked too closely at this; I think the issue is I am missing in the 6-10' range more than I should. Perhaps I'll make that a point of practice in the near future. Either way, two rounds this past month with under 1 shot lost putting (when I used to lost 2+ compared to 20 hcps) is both a sign of how much I was able to improve and how unimportant putting practice really is (since I was able to improve so much so quickly). Bonus takeaway: my approach and putting shots lost were lower than a 10 hcp expected value. I think this might be the first round I had where I had two categories with more than a one stroke advantage over a 10 handicap expected value.