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  1. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    Huh, I like something Brendel says about Tiger. That wasn't high on the list of things I thought I'd say about sports this year.
  2. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Shouldn't this be in the HWC thread?
  3. Home golf room setup

    Yeah, and that worried me. But I worry about a lot of things, sometimes unnecessarily. Edge of mat to wall is 56" (in direction ball will go). I could move it back about a foot before I have to worry about the wall in the other direction.
  4. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Oh, you weren't suggesting in the previous post that he should get handicap strokes and get to post a net score.
  5. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Big strategic mistake for Tiger, letting me hit his approach on #10. Misses short. But seriously, Tiger in the lead I missed this so much why did I allow myself to schedule meetings today?
  6. Moviegoers and Critics Disagree

    Speaking of colossal dung heaps that won awards, have you seen Birdman?
  7. Moviegoers and Critics Disagree

    Based on this and your follow-up related comments, I'm going to aim to see this movie. I remember of it. Another great movie.
  8. Tagging again? As long as February event doesn't overlap the L.A. Open (or the Super Bowl, I guess), I should be able to make it. January depends, but as before, don't plan around me for it if others can make it.
  9. Par 5 Strategy in a Mike Malaska Video... Do you agree?

    Look, you can go and be a snowflake all you want, and if your goal is to brag online about things that are fake, please make them more believable, such as telling us you're Batman. But let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you actually believe what you're saying. Not that it represents reality, simply your view of it. If your goal is to improve at golf, go and evaluate your own abilities for real and see if your iron shots aimed at greens actually tend to hit and hold... or even end up within 30 yards of the green more often than not. Evaluate how many putts you really make from 10'. Because you're claiming to, as a beginner, be better in many aspects than top professionals, better than Tiger Woods was at his prime, better than Jack Nicklaus was at his prime. Do you see why this is unbelievable? It isn't that we can't handle disagreement, it's that you can't handle being called out on your hallucinations. Here's the next thing you should realize: your golf game probably is consistent at this point. Your goal should be to move the consistency to better. Heck, you even described your game as consistent the whole time. Ah, an astroturfed advertisement for another golf forum, got it. None of the regulars here were embarrassed by your comments, by the way. Do Tiger and Phil and Sergio make par on some, boogies [sic] on some, and double bogey or worse on some because they're inconsistent and have a lack of golf experience? I can vouch that Phil would love to shove it in our faces if you actually do make 80% or more of your ten-footers in an uncut video. We don't even see the takes you cut out, so you can keep filming until you get it. But that song...
  10. Par 5 Strategy in a Mike Malaska Video... Do you agree?

    From what you've told us, I think prioritization is your weak point; you should consider working on that. I think this makes a lot of sense; thanks.
  11. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    That would be very welcome news.
  12. Home golf room setup

    Thanks for the move, Erik. And I fail at reading comprehension. The iSwingBox site even tells me once I found it: "Dimensions: Width – 47 inches. Height – 51 inches. Depth 6 inches. Net weight – 59 lbs. " Yeah, that's going to fit. Time to buy
  13. 2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Tiger in with a 69. Sorry I only saw a few shots. Guess I'll watch replay tonight
  14. Tiger Woods Biography (May 2018 Book)

    Mmm... reliable then. I'll probably get it.
  15. Home golf room setup

    Thanks for that heads-up. As it is, I'm measuring to find out if the iSwingBox will fit first -- it isn't clear to me from their site how big it is and how much space I need. I want to make sure I can swing with it in the room. (Maybe I should move this response to my thread about that room, as I'm getting us off-topic a bit)

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