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  1. Let's have 6AM Pacific starts again soon. This was fun and I still have most of the day to do things like get home.
  2. Despite the best efforts of the rest of the field, the weather, and one security guard, Tiger wins big.
  3. Nicklaus isn't even on the property?
  4. I need a high-def picture of Tiger's yell with the putter above his head. New desktop image on laptop and phone please.
  5. I still want to see Tiger claim the records for oldest Masters winner and for longest between first major win and last major win. Who had the red striped shirt that Tiger hugged ?
  6. FYI, Tiger's win at the 2008 Open at Torrey Pines is more recent to us today than Tiger's first Masters was when Tiger won at Torrey. But only barely.
  7. Two putts for a win. On a related note, my club has a fourball competition coming up.
  8. Okay, Tiger just needs par on this last executive-sized par-3 to win it.
  9. No. Not until the last putt is holed. Yes please. If he wins this, I will finally have witnessed Tiger's career slam (since his last Masters' win was before I followed golf).
  10. Good point! If he pulls this out from here, it can give him the confidence to win ever more majors, since he knows he doesn't need to lead through 54 holes to do so!
  11. Right at the pin. Maybe he was thinking if he goes eagle-eagle to finish he can tie Jordan Spieth's to-par record?
  12. Safe in the fairway on hole 71.
  13. Chromecast? Screenshare? HDMI out? I tried a lot of odd things for this in the past.
  14. I am so nervous over even these short putts, I hope I'm helping Tiger by worrying so much. I am sitting like @jamo is in his avatar pic.
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