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  1. Day 46. Another long day at work, another dozen balls in my indoor practice room when I got home. Slowly hit, and I love the feeling.
  2. Day 45. You know, for a semester where I've barely played golf (two months into the semester), I sure am practicing a lot, thanks to this challenge. I hit a dozen balls s-l-o-w-l-y, something I realize I haven't been great at. 11/12 came out excellent. Indoors, off mat, into net, real balls.
  3. Day 44. Phew, I really cut it close, but I got home at 11:40 pm and was able to spend ten minutes in my practice room (indoors, real balls, into a net, off a mat).
  4. Day 43. Focused well and hit a dozen great 8-iron shots. Nothing like a well flushed iron after a long day of work. Indoors, on mat, into net, real balls.
  5. Day 42. 15 pitches after tonight's TNF. Each was much better than the game, but that isn't saying much. Seriously, though, I hit a few that felt flush.
  6. Day 41. 15 balls (indoor, mat, real balls, into a net) after work and before dinner.
  7. Day 40. Today being Tuesday, it was putting day. I got a good 30 minutes in, mostly within 10', after work and before a social engagement. Real balls at a real grass putting green (my home course's practice area).
  8. Day 39. A dozen balls hit with good, full swings with an 8-iron, focused on setup, in my practice area. House guests tell me the noise doesn't travel that much, but they were aware I was hitting golf balls. Good to know!
  9. Day 38. 30 pitch shots (back to A3 and then through about the same amount), focusing on setup, 52 degree wedge, in my practice area.
  10. Day 37. Miserable rainy day in Southern California, but that didn't stop be from hitting 30 pitch shots (gap wedge) in my practice area.
  11. Day 36. Today was a work-from-home day, and I managed to hit a dozen balls twice during breaks.
  12. Day 35. I know you're probably tired of hearing this, but 15 balls in my practice room after work and dinner. Then again, this ability to hit a few each day is part of why I wanted that room in the first place.
  13. Day 34. Got home from work, a little more than a dozen balls in my indoor practice area. 8-iron, setup still.
  14. Day 33. Resumed my Tuesday tradition of putting after work and before meeting up with friends for the usual Tuesday evening social. Today was 20 minutes of putting (grass, real putting green, real balls, my actual putter), primarily 6' and 10' putts. I finished though by sinking two 15' in a row, which was fun.
  15. Day 32. Long day at work, did my usual balls (two dozen today) in the golf room. Felt good to actually hit the ball well after what felt like a ton of bad shots from tough lies over the weekend at two tough courses (and tough tees 'cuz that's how the club rolls).

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