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  1. Shindig

    New to both the Forum and the Sport!

    Welcome to golf and TST. I was barely a beginner when I joined and I've improved quite a bit since then. I hope you get similar positive growth.
  2. Shindig

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    @nevets88 this means he's added the third playoff tournament, right? I guess he really really wants to get to East Lake
  3. Shindig

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    I have a question, and it's pace-of-play related. How important are practice swings on the course for a player of my level (handicap 12.9 as of tomorrow)? I've played my last few rounds only taking practice swings when I have a funky lie or stance, and then only one and (other than when I was exhausted for round 3 of club championship), I shot really good scores (for me). I know I used to take a practice swing or two before every stroke, even things like a good flat lie in the fairway. I am asking in this thread because I think my doing so contributed to a slower pace of play than I should be holding myself to, and that's part of why I switched. I don't think I'm leaving strokes on the table by doing so, but I see pros take practice swings... but I also know that just because they do it doesn't mean it's right. I will continue to take 2-3 practice swings when I am working on my swing on the range. But I'm rarely holding someone up when I do so, especially when I'm hitting into my net at home.
  4. Day 72. Hit a little over three dozen balls this morning (indoors, off mat, into net). Getting back to that serious evolvr practice. Will aim to take video at end of week if progress continues.
  5. Day 71. I thought I'd do nothing today, being tired and all, but I thought wrong. While waiting for my dinner to marinate so I could cook it, I wandered up to my practice room and hit four dozen practice shots (full swing, real balls, mat, into a net, indoors, 8-iron). I focused on my evolvr lesson from over a week ago and hit SLOWLY which I always felt self-conscious doing at the range. Now I can do it at home and I don't feel self-conscious at all. Anyway, it went well. I'm probably still not doing it slow enough. Note to self for the future: consider posting a video of me swinging slowly and ask those who know better how fast they think I'm swinging as a percent. It's probably higher than I think. (in case anyone cares, I over-marinated my scallops, as I hit about twice as many shots as I expected, but they were yummy anyway) Huh, day 71. That's the par of my home course according to the scorecard.
  6. Day 70. Third round of club championship. Despite being in the final group (for my flight at least) and reasonably well rested, I was exhausted and played like it. I'll post gamegolf and such later, right now I am still exhausted. Had fun though, definitely gave me something to build on going forward. Maybe day 435 in this thread will have better news
  7. Day 69. Round two of club championship. Shot an 87, drove it poorly, putted poorly on paper, but that's partly because I aimed well away from some interesting pin positions, focusing on getting on the green, but it did inflate my putting strokes lost. Anyway, I'm playing in the final group in my flight tomorrow, so that's awesome GG round: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shindig/round/2332776 Long story short, all the practice this summer (this count dates back to June 1, with I think two misses in there) has paid off. Now to finish the deal
  8. Shindig

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I'm a bit late replying to these, but what happened was I mentioned how surprising it would be if Zach Johnson won his first major this week. There are two players by that name in the field: the one who has won two majors (who cannot win his first ever major at this event for that very reason) and the club pro with that name (who would be very surprising if he won, since club pros pretty rarely win majors these days).
  9. Shindig

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    85, first round of club championship. 39 first nine, 46 with two doubles and a triple on the second nine. On the second nine, played the even-numbered holes in a total of +2 and the odd numbered holes in a total of +8.
  10. Day 68. Round one of club championship. Shot an 85 (net 70), pretty happy with that. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Shindig/round/2330630 Lost less than one stroke putting, awesome. Hit 6 GIR, awesome. Hit another 6 near-GIR and another 3 greens where I wasn't near-GIR but had a putt for par anyway. And then there were three other holes. My tee shot on the par-5 17th was pulled and it ended up resting near a tree, where I had no right handed shot. I pulled a hybrid, thinking I'd backhand it back into play and at least advance it. Noooope, swing and a miss, then a pull. Ended up with an 8 on that hole. Debating what I should do next time. Maybe use unplayable to take the ball back a few yards to where I could get a decent lie and punch the ball forward? I think if I encounter this situation in the future I may do that. Thoughts for elsewhere. Oh and if I did the calculation right, my Aug 15 handicap revision will be the lowest mine has ever been, almost regardless of what happens tomorrow. But I'm going to try to shoot good scores tomorrow so I can play Sunday and I want to score well then too!
  11. Shindig

    Question about taking a drop.

    On occasion, you'll see lateral hazards that aren't water. In addition to how nice it is that you want to get in with the rules early, I love that you want to keep the course in good condition. We should all be so lucky as to have people like you at our respective clubs!
  12. Day 67, two dozen pitches (indoors, real balls, off mat and into net).
  13. If you don't mind my asking, did you go to the super fancy Callaway performance center near you (run by Callaway) or the one at RDSA or somewhere else?
  14. Shindig

    Big courses

    Also, this isn't just a "beginner player" thing or a "high index" (like Jon here) thing. I'm a 13.x index and there are five holes at my home course that I think of as having a par one higher than listed on the scorecard: the four toughest (for me) par-4s and one particular par-3. I play my first two shots on those par-4s with the intention of being able to chip or pitch from a good position with a chance for par (according to scorecard) and to take scores higher than 5 out of the likely set of outcomes. That par-3, if I'm pin high but not on the green I am looking 5+ in the face. So I lay up to where I can pitch on and, I hope, walk away with nothing worse than a 4. My first time attempting this strategy, I pitched in for an actual birdie. That was a pleasant surprise Back to OP. As you play a course a few times, you might start to collect the scorecards and think about how you can play each hole that makes anything worse than double bogey unlikely. You can re-evaluate your strategy on each hole as your swing improves... which I know it doesn't feel like it will right now, but it will. Welcome to TST, by the way, and I hope you stick around and hang out. I joined shortly after taking up golf and have gotten much good guidance. Now I provide it sometimes
  15. Shindig

    Picking Up Wrong Ball

    It is not a "match play" situation, though, as far as the rules are concerned. If you and your friends are going out to play 18 holes, hole everything, lowest total score wins, you might colloquially call it a match, but as far as RoG goes, it's stroke play. When Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate went out on a nice Monday morning to settle the matter of who was the winner of the 2008 U.S. Open, you might want to call that a match. But it was stroke play, and the rules of that mattered -- even though it was just the two of them. The 1962 U.S. Open ended in an 18 hole playoff, stroke play, but it was only two players: Arnold Palmer, playing at Oakmont in front of a largely hometown crowd, and he was up against a 22 year old who had never won on the PGA Tour up to that point (much less a major!). Palmer made a double bogey on the last hole, taking him to three over for the day. His opponent had a tap-in for a bogey and even par for the day. Palmer picked up his (the opponent's) marker to concede the putt but the USGA rules official stepped in to remind him that no, you cannot concede a putt in stroke play. Palmer put the marker back and his opponent, Jack Nicklaus, made the putt and went on to a fantastic career in his own right. My point is that stroke play and match play are different games with a lot in common, but the situation is different. And knowing the conditions of the competition is important to knowing what rule applies. But even a great player can get them wrong on occasion

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