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  1. I think there's a balance issue involved? I don't really know. I enjoy them because it's a different thing. I have also recently borrowed a left handed sand wedge from a friend and I hit some pitches with it some nights in my home golf room (I don't count this towards the 5 minute rule). As for lunch break, I believe doing just the right handed is better than nothing at all. But how much time do the lefty swings really take you? I need to get back to regular swings. I skipped a week in June and was irregular in May and non-existent from about November to May. Somehow, a few times in June I've had these random 240 yard drives pop up, about once per round. It's been nice. Last Friday I recorded (at the range, not on the course) a 101 mile clubhead speed, so I'm guessing these irregularities are the result of doing everything right. So I need to keep up with the overspeed training and also my evolvr lesson.
  2. Good answer, and a correct one, but I bet Sergio could pitch from on a green without leaving a divot if he needed to do so.
  3. Shots from on the putting surface go into the books as putts, regardless of club. Shots from off aren't, even with a putter. Plenty of golf courses where hitting the green at one part makes it tough to roll the ball to other pin positions. Hole 6 at Riviera comes to mind too, and I think TPC San Antonio #17 is similar. Non-pros playing probably shouldn't be allowed to hit a non-putter from the putting surface. Kindly remind me what is printed on each trophy.
  4. Question: he got into the 2019 U.S. Open contingent on remaining an amateur. His performance at said Open gets him into next year's : is that also contingent on remaining an amateur? I would guess not. In other words, when an amateur who got in contingent on amateur status (e.g., U.S. Amateur champion, etc) finishes high enough for the next event, is that invite requiring the same status?
  5. I had an argument with a TaylorMade rep back in 2008 at a golf show and it left a bitter taste in my mouth since then. I refused to consider their clubs, balls, etc. In retrospect, this may have been stupid. As it stands, I have four OEMs in my bag and I like my clubs. If it comes time to replace any of the 13 replaceable ones, if TM turns out to be the right club, I'll give them another consideration.
  6. I used to play with someone (regularly) who would distract me on purpose mid-shot. Unless you're making the clanging with the intent of distracting me, I don't care. That said, I try to stay still when others are hitting, but I'll move ahead while they're getting prepared.
  7. Hmm... you're not naming names, but my reading says irons and your signature says TaylorMade irons, so... Even with cast irons, should I get mine checked?
  8. Sorry, the dry response came off serious online. I should know better by now. Specs: how long (compared to standard) do you play your clubs? I have mine written down somewhere, I think I play quarter inch under standard length. You'd also want lie angle (although standard isn't the end of the world) and flex of the shaft (which can be approximated by how far you hit your 7-iron, but that's a very rough approximation). If you have a nonstandard size grip, that'd be relevant too.
  9. Check it out: View this round on GAME GOLF I played a bit more aggressive than usual today as I wanted to see how I'd play some holes if I had to be more aggressive in the upcoming match play. Some went well (13, 14) and some worse (12, 16).
  10. Day 45. Played 18 at my home course. A friend of mine had his round for the individual match play today and I tagged along to help fill out the group (this is done to avoid issues that can result if a random pairing person interferes with the match, probably unintentionally) First 16 holes only one six. Then I bogeyed the closing two par-5s Still shot an 86, which I'm happy with. Check it out: View this round on GAME GOLF Also my half wedges are going further than they used to, and I need to start thinking about how heavy grass affects the shot I want to hit when I'm pitching or chipping.
  11. Day 44. A busy non-golf social calendar didn't stop me from doing ten minutes in my indoor golf room at the end of the day. Focusing on exaggerating the latest priority piece.
  12. Exactly. And the mid-90s city less than a half a kilomile from Pebble that I referenced is very inland.
  13. It's California, and in particular it isn't too far from San Francisco, one of the coldest June regions in the United States. I'm half kidding. But that region does get unreasonably cold. I am less than half a kilomile south of Pebble Beach and it's much warmer here (nearly 70 degrees F), although I will be wearing long pants when I go out today. The city my parents live in, about equidistant from Pebble Beach as I am, although further inland, is expecting mid-90s temperatures. In short, wide variations in temperature are why we see them in sweaters.
  14. The choice of tee box side doesn't make a big difference, especially at our level. On the other hand, you should map out for a given starting point where the likely finishing spots of your ball are, and choose that line accordingly. A fade for you moves right to left: if it's reliable enough that most of your shots don't curve to the right, then aiming right may make some good sense, so I'm not sure why you're calling it a gamble. Maybe I misunderstood what you're saying.
  15. Just saw Snedker and Cabrera-Bello tee off on #1. When Brandt was on the tee first, the infographic showed the fairway bunker was 246 yards away. Rafa stepped up and the bunker is now 247 from the tee. Is anyone else disturbed by the thought of a mobile fairway bunker?
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