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  1. Shindig


    There's only one time the 50-foot gimme is acceptable, and we all know why he gave her the putt, and I think many of us agree with the reasoning. This is correct, and my comment from yesterday was not. I used medal play to refer to tournament medal play, where the holes do have to be finished. When posting for a handicap, most likely score is correct. In fact, that difference is part of why I joined a club in the first place: to have a chance to play rounds where my 5' putts weren't hit back to me, and then I was made to feel a bit like a jerk for insisting on playing them out. Seemed to happen a lot, so I joined a club that played the ball out. Now that I look back, I wonder how common it was.
  2. Day 102. Ten minutes in the practice room after work; 6-iron, off a mat, indoors, into a net, real balls (when one was involved).
  3. Shindig


    In medal play, never give putts -- it isn't allowed. In match play, it's your choice.
  4. Day 100. Played 18 with a friend. Five sevens, but no sixes. Shot a 94. Six GIR. I'll do the GG thing later to figure out what's been going on.
  5. Day 99. Today should have been a speed sticks day, but I'm playing tomorrow so instead it was the medicine ball drill from LSW. Indoors, 12lbs, on the mat for some reason.
  6. Day 98. During the work day today, I snuck to the adjacent (for me) room and hit 6-iron practice shots periodically. Real balls, indoors, off a mat, into the net.
  7. Day 97. First day of speed sticks, protocol two. Got the red stick on initial run to 103, which I believe is a personal best. Done outdoors in my backyard.
  8. Day 96. Today was supposed to be speed sticks day, but wasn't. Instead, I did the medicine ball drill from LSW (indoors, on a mat, not sure why I did so on the mat).
  9. Day 95. I wanted to practice putting, but that green was closed at both courses I checked. I ended up going home and working on both the wall drill (like yesterday) and live swings (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls when a ball was involved) with a 6-iron.
  10. Day 93. Speed Sticks, protocol one. This finishes week six, next iteration (Tuesday) will be protocol two. Note: I missed 9/19; this is my first miss in the 30 most recent days.
  11. One stroke difference going into the second nine, four clear of the rest of the field. Should be good!
  12. Day 92. Played 18, hit 4 GIR and shot a really poor score, just like yesterday. High slope rating courses, especially on first play, really get to me! I have to figure out how to do better in those circumstances. GameGolf stuff I'll get done tomorrow.
  13. Day 91. Played 18 today. Had never seen this course before and wow is it a tough one. Those greens and those ways to get to the greens. Will do GG thing later. 5 GIR but only 3 pars.
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