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  1. Day 169. I did a drill today! 4' from the cup, around-the-clock, get 'em eventually. Took 4 rounds, with 3 (sigh), 6, 2, 1 in that order for sinking.
  2. Day 168. How did I just notice a mirror in my hotel room? Mirror work for weight transfer. Haven't hit an actual ball in about a week, but at least I can do this in the interim.
  3. Day 167. Contemplated putting yet some more, but instead did medicine ball drill in my hotel room.
  4. This is about when I, most years lately, disappear from golf due to being busy at work. So I'm happy I'm still getting something in. Day 166. I spent 10 minutes putting, real green, under the lights, after work. 6' and 12' putts.
  5. Day 165. Ten minutes of putting after work; 3, 6, 10 feet. On a real green, but post-dark (lights though).
  6. Day 164. I knew I'd be inside a lot tonight, so I brought a rubber stretchy band to aid in some stretches. Did at least five minutes' worth of ones I'm told are golf focused.
  7. Dang it, two weeks in a row I missed the deadline. I forgot Korea was in a very different time zone (almost wrote "timeline"). I also started Evan Engram in fantasy football last week, so maybe I'm just bad at this whole "set a reasonable lineup" thing.
  8. Day 163. 10 minutes of putting after work (real green, evening). This was 6' putts with break and then a few 15' with a focus on making sure each had a chance to go in (and several did).
  9. Day 162. My usual "it's late but I need to practice" at this point... 10 minutes putting. 6-8 footers with some break. Outdoors on a putting green that is half being repaired (I putted on the good half).
  10. Day 161. The day got away from me, but as I set down to bed, I am doing the 10 minute stretching exercises I got from Urban Golf seminar a few weeks ago. In hotel room, with a stretchy band.
  11. Day 160. Was going to play today, but there's a big ol' fire near the course we were going to play. My friends went anyway. I got some work done (in hopes of having free time during the week... yeah right) for work and, after dinner, went to a range nearby. Range balls, off grass, working on the weight shift priority piece.
  12. Day 159. One of these days I'll get back to the range. Tonight I only had about 10 minutes, but I used them for putts of 4-6' that broke. This was partially decided by seeing which hole on the putting green was open .
  13. Round uploaded! Now I'm going to try to edit and sign it. See how that goes. I hope I remember how I played. Incidentally, some Windows updates are driving issues for some of my students, so maybe these are related problems? Unclear.
  14. Day 158. Despite a busy work and social schedule today, I managed to find 15 minutes to putt. It was mostly 9-15 footers, but I did a few 3-6 footers too. Why didn't I have this much time to putt when I was playing tournaments more regularly? (the answer is because I was too busy doing things that long-term would improve my scoring, i.e. my full swing)
  15. Well, if you choose to take them up on the offer, please take me along. I have a 50/50 chance of leaving the green unscathed!
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