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  1. I couldn't do the third item on this video, but I attempted the first two. The camera is as far back to the wall as it can be, and it still doesn't get all of me in frame, so even if I got the angle right, I probably wouldn't be able to use this for evolvr video, but it's better than no video. I'll document the room during this crisis, really. At the end of the first two, I do a chip with the hands (I hope) as described in yesterday's challenge. Also, am I supposed to report practice related to this thread in the 30 day thread too? If video of this quality is acceptable, I'll be able to do video for the whole month's challenge. And maybe I'll be motivated to clean that room a bit too! This is my indoor practice room, although I go out back for speed sticks (which I also need to get back to). Erik, thanks for putting these instructions together!
  2. I have a Surface and also an actual camera. It's more getting far enough away from the mat to get what I need in frame. One of my "to do during quarantine" projects is to really document my at-home golf room. I started when I was setting up a previous one at my previous house and never really finished.
  3. I did day one, but my home practice room is not set up for video... yet. That's an oversight, because I figured 1-2 times per month I'd get to a range and get video for evolvr (success rate for this since setting up the practice room in November : 0). So... I'll fix that tomorrow. But I did day one. And I'll get video of doing day one again if you want, plus day two, tomorrow. By the end, even on the split hands, I was getting some "that felt solid" on the quarter shots. That feels great. (should I cross-post into the "30 days challenge" thread?)
  4. I need to get a way to film at home, then I'll only need the range to see ballflight.
  5. Congrats. I hope your retirement treats you well.
  6. I saw Flagstaff (AZ) mentioned, but a related issue hasn't been. As I understand it, there are some retirees who live most of the year in the greater Phoenix area and head up to Flagstaff for a month or two when the weather isn't to their liking. I'd say that's my plan for retirement, but at the moment, my plan is to live year-round in the greater Phoenix area when I get to that point.
  7. Oh my goodness, yes, please and thank you. I've been bad about doing any practice the past two weeks or so (see also: my fall-off on the 30-day challenge, with a single attempt to restart that lasted one day).
  8. Day 1 - March 26 2020. Fell off the wagon a few days ago due to having to transition my teaching to online. Which is stupid for me to fall off because of, because it means I'm home more ... and my home office is adjacent room-wise to my home practice room. So I used the home practice room today. Practice includes full shots with my 8-iron, half shots with my left-handed sand wedge, and medicine ball swings. I'm also thinking about how I can adjust the "at home" practice section of LSW for short game when I don't have a lawn or an outdoor mat.
  9. I'm walking a lot more than I used to. Just walked almost 4.5 miles today, recreationally. I know that's a lot like when I play golf, but maybe I'll build up some cardio energy that I don't really have (although it's nowhere near as bad as high school, when I could barely walk half a mile without getting winded).
  10. I don't know about the ones near me, yet, because I still haven't gotten around to playing golf in O.C. since moving here over half a year ago. However, the courses in L.A. (which I periodically go back to, part to play and always to play with friends) have closed as of last Sunday (final rounds were on Saturday).
  11. I voted intermediate, but tell me if I need to change. Putts I aim over something where I want the ball to roll over it about a foot out. All other shots, I stand behind the ball for where I want it to go, hold up the club shaft in the line I want the ball to start, and look for something on the ground to use as a marker to line up (that + the ball as a line parallel). Then I have to shift my feet in the rare circumstances where I'm trying to produce a curved shot.
  12. The tax return is the document(s) you file, the tax refund is the money you get back, if your withholdings caused you to withhold more than you ended up owing. As for me, I haven't missed anything golf-wise for lack of money since I got out of graduate school, so it wouldn't affect my golf. In my super cheaper days, we could go back to my not wanting to spend more than $50 on a camera or something, but those days long gone.
  13. Day 65. Off-and-on, with a dedicated 10 minute session this evening, 8-iron mostly, indoors, off a mat, into a net. Not happy with how I hit today, might be because I had blue jeans instead of slacks (does that affect movement?)
  14. Day 64. Missed yesterday, so two misses but still in the window. 8-iron and 6-iron shots, real and fake balls, plus practice swings of course, indoors, off a mat, into the net.
  15. To my friends who are debating not staying safe in this crisis, please reconsider. Whatever our disagreements, I like you and want you to stick around. As for me... gym closed, so I'm taking walks and thinking I should do some biking. I might turn that into "jump around the back yard" or something if I find out I should not go for the walks or bikings. If the golf courses close, which they probably will, it'll be a lot of indoor practice and backyard speed sticks, plus whatever exercise, with the goal of being better at golf when the time comes. If only I could figure out how to get a workable evolvr video in my indoor golf room. I also have the queue of books to read, so maybe when I next get to watch a live NHL game, I'll know what's happening.
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