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  1. Day 22. Went to the putting green during a morning break. After some warm up, I set up a ring of coins at 3' and hit from each one in succession, picking up the coin if I made the putt. Made 8 of the first 12, then made the 4 remaining on second pass for a total of 12/16 = 75%. I'd be very happy if I could get my average from 3' up to that (and even improve!) I then did the same from 6'. Made 4, 3, 2 on the first three passes, then 0, then 1, 1, 1. This came out as 12 out of (12+8+5+3+2+1+1 = 32), definitely something to improve from. But at least I'm now measuring. That concludes "for the challenge" portion; I'll end up hitting 2-3 dozen full swing practice shots (the usual) working on my full swing priority piece (setup related) each time, too.
  2. I assume because he plays municipal courses like the rest of us. I mean, hasn't he won a ton at Torrey Pines? Although I hear he's going to play in Ohio soon, but I don't think they're at a municipal that week.
  3. My phone just reminded me that this was a year ago today. I hope the range counts. Note that I did not hit towards this creature, and in fact, stopped hitting while it was out there. Fortunately, I assessed the situation at the range and determined that, while I couldn't outrun that creature, I could outrun several others who were hitting balls there, so I was likely safe. I think in my real camera I have some more photos and possibly a video I can look for if anyone's interested.
  4. Welcome back. I've had a few hiatuses, shorter than yours, but it always feels great to be back.
  5. My latest round, despite driving it poorly (popped up quite a few), I had less than 2 strokes lost approach. But I had 9 strokes lost putting. I still hit 4 GIR + another two with a full swing but not for regulation. So the approach part is nice! My sand shots have been really good lately. Despite that I've had sand shots to hit. Last night and tonight I drained a lot of 3' and 6' putts on the practice green. Reading Erik's post from a while back about not accelerating, and the pendulum, has helped, and now I'm thinking of that actively when practicing short putts. I'll do a measured drill on these soon.
  6. Day 21. After a bit of feedback from my evolvr instructor (I asked a clarification about latest priority piece), I hit another 30 practice balls (2-3 sessions a few times during the day) indoors, off a mat, into a net, focusing on the setup (hips tucked under, left higher than right, not actively leaning away from target). Not part of today's report: successfully practiced a lot of 3' and 6' putts last night on a real putting green, will aim to do so again tonight too. After the last few rounds I'm inclined to believe my putting, especially from within 10', is warranting the extra practice time
  7. Yes! I did this in the last few in-person meetings I had back in March and I didn't know why others were doing it, but I followed along. I knew the reference, I just didn't know what the health thing going on was that caused it. I hope this trend continues even after the pandemic.
  8. Looks like the Ryder Cup will be back to odd-numbered years, with the President's Cup back to even numbered years. Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup Rescheduled for 2021 & 2022, Respectively The PGA of America, Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA TOUR jointly announced today that both the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup have been... From the article: The 43rd Ryder Cup, scheduled for September 22-27, at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin, has been rescheduled for September 21-26, 2021. Likewise, the Presidents Cup, initially slated for September 30-October 3, 2021, at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, will now be played September 19-25, 2022.
  9. Note that the club Piz is referencing has 42 degrees of loft, which is about a 9 iron in a GI set.
  10. And also how many hospital beds could be cleared if there's a real spike -- if someone's in the hospital for an elective procedure, and you (I don't mean you, I mean generic you) want to make the situation sound worse, you cite that as a lot more people are hospitalized, letting readers infer that it's all Covid related. I believe several news outlets did this when some hospitals started allowing non-Covid related elective procedures.
  11. Oh, I've gotten new bags since I got this -- this is my second ever golf bag, and I've thrown out bags I got after this one. Even without being able to use this pocket (and the zipper broke years ago, it only dawned on me recently it might be fixable) it's still great. I love where the clubs go in and how it organizes them and it has enough pockets otherwise. The issue lately is bringing even more water bottles to the course because the ability to refill at and on the course is gone.
  12. Thank you. I need to do some reading to figure out what these mean. If I am understanding you correctly, I might break the existing zipper and reset it with the top just below the break? The break is very high up on the pocket (the pocket is the big one that goes the length of the bag), and the two pieces would meet in the middle (although I'd likely most often just keep the upper part closed.
  13. Day 20. My second miss in the past three weeks was yesterday (7/6). Today, I hit two dozen balls (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls plus a few foam ones to start), focusing on some setup changes (left hip higher than right, somehow, which I'm doing by leaning away from the target, not sure if that's right) and tucking my hips under. Will aim to get to a putting green tonight too. [Oh, for accounting purposes: my first miss of this series was 6/28, the other was 7/6... it's okay to miss twice before hitting day 30, right? Or should I have reset the counter somewhere?]
  14. Okay, it appears there is a broken tooth on it. I think it's more clearly visible here:
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