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  1. Day 59. I spent 20 minutes on the putting green (real golf course, nearby), first warming up and then the 6' drill with the coins. It took me 35 putts this time, although after 28 I had 10 of them in. 12:00 (it wasn't straight downhill) and 2:00 took me the remaining seven 😕 Either way, not as good as last time but a ton of progress from a month ago.
  2. Day 58. Today was a good day. Took an extended break from work to go to a nearby golf course and putt for half an hour. Unfortunately, most holes were cut near the edges of the green, but I was able to snag one in the middle for a few minutes at one point to do a 4-5' coin drill, and that only took me 19 putts to finish. I also hit about four dozen chips throughout the day, all indoors, off a mat, into a net, mix of 56 degree and U-Iron, focusing on contact. I also hit a dozen full swings with my 6-iron, priority piece in setup and takeaway was that focus.
  3. Day 57. Despite it being a busy day, I found ten minutes to hit a few slow 6-iron shots, priority piece (setup, takeaway) and slow swings. As usual, this was indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls when hitting.
  4. I believe you are allowed a reasonable amount of time (I don't think it's a predefined limit, but it's somewhere between Brian Gay walking right up after not knocking a putt in and Don January waiting half an hour, closer to the former than the latter) and then ten seconds, after which it is deemed at rest.
  5. Day 56. Went to a real putting green to practice 6' putts for half an hour. First drill (around the clock, 6', 12 coins) took me 37 putts, slightly worse than 1-for-3. 😞 Second time doing the drill (different hole), 29 putts, slightly better than .400.
  6. This is encouraging, thank you. I might yet have to figure out how to pair my phone and GG yet (although mine isn't an iPhone).
  7. For those who don't know, many years ago, before this rule, there was a player (I want to say it was Don January) who let a putt hang on the lip for something like half an hour during an event. And fall it did. I believe the rule was written in response to this incident, which was an extreme example of something that I believe was happening quite a bit. Similarly, I think the 14 club limit happened after an event had some players showing up with a full left and right handed set (this might have been one of the Ryder Cups in the 1920s).
  8. Day 55. Played 18 holes today with friends. Shot an 87, despite 10 GIR. I also made two par saves on near-GIR. The good news is, I'm no longer surprised when I make a 6' or 8' putt on the course. The bad news is, I do still miss more than I should of short putts. But there's some progress being made. GIRs included 7, 8, not 9 (it's a long par-4, I have minimal chance to GIR it anyway), 10, 11, 12, 13, near-GIR on 14, made it on 15. That's a darn good run. The near-GIR on 14 was a 6-iron in, had perfect 6-iron distance to a back pin with wind hurting and went about tw
  9. Apparently I have two rounds on my device (one of them is from yesterday, I wonder what the other one is, but I also have two failed uploads -- I haven't tried yesterday's yet). Oh well, I'm recharging it and will record tomorrow's too. TBD if I can even remember enough to sign the rounds when it's ready.
  10. Day 54. I had two separate 10 minute full-swing session with my 6-iron, working on my priority piece (setup and backswing related) slowly.
  11. Day 53. Played 18 today. Haven't tried to upload GG yet. Hit 7 GIR, shot 90 on the nose despite an O.B. and a lost ball. 16 holes at bogey or better (including one birdie), plus triples on the two with the O.B./lost. Very mixed bag.
  12. I went to the Open the last time it was at Torrey Pines. It's still the only major I've been to. Fun time. I can't wait to watch this one.
  13. Yes, but at least Tiger Woods got to be the reigning Masters Champion for an additional seven months.
  14. Day 52. Today included 30 minutes putting (went to a course during a break from work), mostly 6-15', highlight was making two 15' in a row and leaving the third on the back lip. I also hit three dozen balls (another 30 minute break), working on my priority piece (setup and part of backswing, with hip and chest alignments). I also did speed sticks protocol one out back. Today was a good day.
  15. I figure I should talk about my workouts somewhere other than a Google sheet. I set up a rack in my garage a few weeks ago and have been using it MWF mornings before work. Today I did 140 lbs squats, 125 lb bench press, and 205 lb deadlift, plus warm-ups for each. I don't plan to advance mine as quickly as I did when I was getting back, but rather focusing on being comfortable with them. I'm sure Rippetoe would disapprove, but I also don't eat enough (or I don't eat the right things?) to advance as quickly as some people do in his program (I'm also not as young as some people who go throug
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