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  1. Actual day 8. Got home this afternoon, spent some time hitting balls (6-iron only, flight and full) indoors, off a mat, into a net.
  2. I'll check next time I'm at a drug store, probably tomorrow. For this. Wait are you on Pure grips? I feel like mine (installed 1.5 years ago or so) are still having tack, but maybe it's because they all feel uniform to me.
  3. Oh no he made a 10. That's @Shindig territory!
  4. I haven't used isopropyl -- I just run it under the sink and rub hand soap on it (and every few times, throw it in with the laundry). When I wear it, I also pinch it with my glasses -- I thought I just discovered a way to keep the glasses from fogging, now I find out it's the right way to wear this? Edit wait, I meant to ask. Why the isopropyl? I am not sure I have any, but I could pick some up if this is what I should be doing.
  5. Stupid broadcast. Cut to Tiger, I thought it meant he was going to hit a great shot (because why else cut to him?). In the water on 12. Why show us that? He did it again! He needs to hole this next shot to avoid having a six on a par-3. Okay, I always wanted to be as good as Tiger, and his play on #12 today makes me think I got my wish. Thanks to the monkey paw, I should stop wishing on that thing. I wonder if Tiger's misfortunes are related to my mom playing as him on Xbox after Thursday's round.
  6. It was a low-event round. Not a lot of need for par saves going on.
  7. (Self note: what would have been Day 8, yesterday, 11/14, counts as a miss. I practiced -- got to an outdoor range, even, and got video for evolvr, but I didn't post here about it, so it counts as a miss)
  8. Im just made a birdie at 11 of which Ben Hogan would have approved, by chipping in from right of the green. IIRC, Hogan said that wasn't a green to go for in regulation. Of course, things were different then, both in capability and understanding.
  9. Jon Rahm just hit second shot on #8, a wood that barely got off the ground, hooked into the trees, tried to punch out and hit a tree and now the ball is in further trouble. I will probably have something similar happen next time I play, so that sequence is going into my memory box for encouragement as needed. Same with Tiger's putt/chip that barely got on the green on #13.
  10. Day 7. Since I'm away, it must be carpet putting. And it is! A bit better today, including hitting a ball with another one (which tells me I got the same line after the ruler).
  11. Amazing how hard it is to find something when you aren't looking where it is.
  12. I haven't exhaustively tested this, but if you click names on masters.com's leaderboard, you see their scorecard and can see possibly every shot they hit that day. So it isn't just for live shots. Note: I only checked for Tiger, might not apply for others, ymmv.
  13. Usually yardage. If I can't figure it out from that, rating/slope. If I'm totally lost, I'll ask at check-in which tees they suggest for someone of my handicap.
  14. Yes, but it also reminds me of the time I was in the trees and was going to have to pitch out to be about 30 yards further from the green than where I was in the trees. I pushed my pitch out, hit a tree, and it ricocheted into the fairway, 20 yards closer to the green than I started. I went on to bogey the hole, IIRC. --- 12 first round eagles, for those following; here's the twitter putting them all in once video:
  15. John Prine song ("I remember everything") featured prominently in the broadcast. That wasn't expected -- I don't remember it being part of a broadcast before. Might be related to his recent passing.
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