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  1. Shindig

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I'm up for Saturday if you still have room. Walking or riding? I haven't played this course before.
  2. Shindig

    What Mobile Phone Do You Have?

    I like my Samsung Galaxy S3.
  3. Shindig

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I have something some evening that weekend, I need to look up. Most times work for me. I strongly prefer mornings. When the L.A. Open sent me my volunteer schedule for this year and asked me to get to Riviera to start at 530AM both Sat + Sun, I was delighted. I think I didn't break 100 my first two TST outings. I'd have to check, but it isn't that important. I know one of them I shot 99 on the nose, and my partner and I won whatever contest it was, 100% due to him. Literally, his score on every hole won it. My point is, ugly golf doesn't matter. Keep up and it's fine. As long as you do the usual etiquette things for speeding up play (hitting provisional, watching balls off the tee, don't take ten practice swings for your eighth shot, etc) we'll all have fun.
  4. Day 11: at the risk of sounding like a broken mp3, club across the chest drill from my latest evolvr lesson.
  5. Day 10. As is so often the case after an evolvr lesson, I obsess over it. Not a bad thing. Club across the chest drill, as per the lesson. Several times, indoors, over the course of the day.
  6. Shindig

    Walking Golfers?

    I took up golf early in graduate school and this was a big reason for walking. I carried for a while, and later bought a $100 push cart whose cost has long since been amortized away to nearly nothing.
  7. Day 9. Did not get to the range as I thought I would, but I did do the "club across the chest" drill as per evolvr lesson. Weather this weekend doesn't look promising.
  8. Shindig

    2019 Hawaii Open (Sony Open)

    Chez Reavie, three eagles today, all on par-4s.
  9. Day 8. As yesterday, club across my chest, going through the motion (not as in "phoning it in," but as in "practicing the motion").
  10. Shindig

    Walking Golfers?

    I walk with a push-cart for my clubs whenever I can. The exception is when I'm playing Palm Springs courses in the summer, in which case I'll ride.
  11. Shindig

    Greetings from SoCal

    Given where you live, Griffith Park golf club might also be something to consider. There are two (nice) courses at that complex. One of them is where I have shot both my personal best 18 and my personal best 9, the other is where I have made my personal most-birdies-in-a-round record.
  12. Shindig

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    But Brookside is such a far drive from me ... Yes, I have to leave Saturday open just in case my club asks me for team play, but they probably would have already if I were going to... I think I'm a reserve. Anyway, assuming that doesn't happen, or even if it does and we choose Sunday, I'm fine with either day.
  13. Day 7: did the same. The plan at the moment is to do this tomorrow and then hit the range on Friday alternating this drill and then swinging (of course, I will post here; just listing my thoughts with respect to practice as part of this).
  14. Day 6 (missed 1/7). Got my evolvr lesson, spent five minutes this evening doing a drill with a club across my chest as per the lesson.
  15. Shindig

    SoCal - OC, LA Weekend Rounds

    I didn't realize we were trying for this Sunday morning; I'll be out of town, sorry.

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