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  1. Day 15, January 23 2020. Warmed up with some full swings (indoors, off a mat, into a net) and then did Speed Stix outdoors (patio, no ball, but radar). Protocol one, got to 108 with the final green swing -- that's good for me, for now.
  2. Welcome back! We all struggle with pieces. Hopefully we'll get better together.
  3. Day 14. Several times throughout the day, hit balls in the practice room. I was WFH this morning, and there was at least one full 5 minute period with proper practice swings to go with it.
  4. Day 13, January 21 2020. Warmed up a bit (indoors, off a mat, into a net, 6-iron) and then went out back to do Speed Stix (back to protocol one, even though I reached protocol two last summer). 104 was the "final green" speed.
  5. Day 12, January 20 2020. Today I was working from home and, several times, went to hit a few balls in the adjacent practice room. Indoors, off a mat, into a net, mix of real and fake balls (plus of course practice swings).
  6. Okay, I just lost a big excuse for future missed practice days. Feel free to call me out as appropriate! Day 11. Did protocol one for swing stix, but without the radar. Did this on my back patio; concrete, nothing over my head (or to interfere with the swing), but I didn't put the radar out for some stupid reason.
  7. Warmer in So Cal than in your neck of the woods I do have a garage but I swung them outdoors a few minutes ago. Weather report says it's 59 degrees -- I've played golf, enjoyably, in colder weather, even though I far prefer warmer temperatures. I never thought to bring them to the gym. All I bring to the gym are my phone, keys, headset, and sometimes a towel.
  8. Thanks. I'll avoid that. I'm going to aim to try outside later today or tomorrow.
  9. I'll bet they are counting the three headcovers as the other 3 pieces. 11 clubs and 3 headcovers. While it would be technically correct to count something like a tee as a piece, I think that would be a little much for a Callaway affiliated company to do.
  10. I have no excuse, but have been slacking. I'm in a new house, I have something resembling a backyard (it's mostly dirt with a concrete loggia), plus my indoor room is big enough to swing a 6-iron (I haven't tried anything higher). The problem is, the times that I often can do it are either really early morning or really late evening and my stupid brain wonders if the neighbors will think I'm hitting golf balls at them. I need to just do it and if they ask I can explain I'm swinging without a ball. Or I can figure out if my indoor room is large enough to swing them (the sticks, not the neighbors) in.
  11. Day 10, putting again (over carpet, from a ruler, real balls, indoors). Focusing on setup and stance, making many of them but still missed a few left (and one right, sigh).
  12. In my bag I have some used, usable, but wouldn't use in a tournament, balls that I use when I practice chipping. They're ones that have survived 36-54 holes of real play. When I practice putting outdoors, at a course, I putt with the same type I use, but I use new ones (I'm not sure why I do this -- should I?). Indoors, I don't have much in the way of the balls I use. My indoor practice is with Bridgestone e6, whether it's full swing motion (off a mat, into a net) or putting (across a ruler). I bought a ton of e6s in 2009 or so.
  13. Day 9. Putting on aluminum ruler while dinner was in the oven. Still flared a few wide left. Real balls, on carpet, aluminum ruler. Drill from LSW. Will aim to get out to a real green over the weekend.
  14. 3 wins, one of them a major. I'm going to say the PGA if I have to nail down one.
  15. Day 8. Indoor putting for 10 minutes after social activities tonight (none of that is euphemism). I hit a few wide left, didn't even make it halfway across the 36" yardstick, which may explain my 8.x strokes lost putting last weekend.
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