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  1. Day 4. Another ten minutes of post-dinner putting, short putts again. I need to set up the net indoors and I also need to get a light in that room so I can use it evenings
  2. Day 3. 10 minutes of putting after dinner. Real balls, on a real green, short putts, trying to recreate some shortish missed ones from yesterday.
  3. Day 2. Drove an hour to get to my home course to play 18 with some friends. Started poorly: bogey-bogey-bogey-OB tee shot. Still had an 85. Will load GG data later.
  4. Day 1, let's try this again. Got to the range this evening, despite having unpacked my mat (my goodness those can be a pain to set up, but the mat is so good it's worth it) at home. Small bucket, outdoors, off a mat (not my own), focusing on setup and shift.
  5. Shindig

    NFL 2019-2020

    Last Thursday night's game was exciting, hopefully showing the 49ers are human and maybe it's up to Seattle to hang an L on them, or Arizona upon the rematch. Cardinals aren't completely out of it yet.
  6. Day 1. Let's start this again. A small bucket at the range this morning. The first few were just trying to get back after not hitting any balls with full swings in a while. Then I went right back to my priority piece. 8-iron, 6-iron, 3h, driver. @iacas-- if you get a chance, can you revoke my achievement piece? I fell off a few days ago and am just getting back on. But keep it warm, I intend to get it back by this time next month!
  7. Day 0. I neglected to post yesterday, although I had done the practice. This takes me off the challenge, as I missed posting three days in the past 30. I'm not going to be able to today; I thought moving into a new house, the first thing I'd set up was my indoor practice room, but I haven't. Yet. I'm posting to acknowledge I missed. I got to 178 days with I think 5-6 misses, total, across that range (not included in the 178, obviously). I'm very happy with that, especially since I lived in a hotel for over a month in that range. Keep up the good practicing, everyone; I'll re-join you soon!
  8. Day 178. Once around the cup from 6' (made 4/12, not bad, but not great) and then a few casually from 12', focusing on getting to the hole.
  9. LCB: when you do top the first shot in front of a crowd, people remember it for a while, like Jeff Sluman's first tee shot in competition after he won the PGA. LCB: You start to worry your higher handicap friends might not want to play with you because they think you might think they're not good enough. They're still my friends!
  10. Day 177. Did 2x the drill where I try to make 12 balls from 4', around the clock. Not the "make them all eventually," just "attempt 12 and count how many you make." First round: made 7/12, tying a personal best (going from memory not written notes). Second round, made 8/12 despite missing my first one and my last two. I must have looked silly fist pumping the 8th made one (10th overall). Worth it.
  11. Day 176. Did an actual drill: 4', make all 12 (eventually). Set a personal best with 21 putts to do it and didn't fall under .500 after the 4th putt. Made 7 first pass, then 3, then 1, 0, 1. A total of 12+5+2+1+1 = 21 putts, a personal best for this drill. Obviously I want to get that down and one day make 12
  12. Pat McAfee is generally an entertaining guy. The AFC South has had a great cast of punters at various points in the past decade. I think the Panthers attempted the annexation of Puerto Rico a few years ago. Also no conversation about this play is complete without a link to this dramatization, which contains the actual play at the end of the 67-second video:
  13. Shindig

    36 In A Day

    There was a two month period, shortly after the 2008 Masters, where every Monday I'd play 18 in the morning, have lunch, and play another 18. One of those rounds was my first ever sub-90.
  14. Thank you!
  15. Nearing the end of the hotel stay, better practice coming as soon as Thursday. Day 174. Mirror work for full swing, slowly looking at weight shift pieces.
  16. I feel like there was a major where someone (I want to say Lee Trevino) tried an unorthodox route on a hole, and the next day a new tree was there to keep that from happening. How does he even know when it's safe to hit?
  17. (I practiced yesterday but didn't report it here, so it goes in the books as a miss) Day 173. Ten minutes of short putts, different course than my usual. Would have done a drill but I forgot my markers in the car and didn't go back.
  18. I don't know, but I'm going to follow this thread in case it is something that can help me, despite not having been a teenager for quite some time. I assume AimPoint lessons are already in the gameplan.
  19. Nooooo. But maybe. Overhearing commentary from McCord (and Feherty) in an early-2000s Xbox game was part of what got me interested in trying that game, and through that, golf. And you know from there. But I don't exactly watch for the announcers, so I don't know how much I'll notice the absence. I cannot recall the last time he said something that I absolutely had to quote. Some of his past sayings do still get quoted by me though. Then again, my views on sports commentary diverge from the general population quite a bit. Miller is still one of my three favorite NFL announcers and he only lasted two seasons, and I might be in more of a minority there than I am with respect to having enjoyed McCord in the past.
  20. Day 172. As is tradition this month, 5 minutes putting during dinner break. Long game practice should return by this time next week!
  21. Already been answered by the time I got here, but I'm going to ring in a few more things. My guess is Irons is playing Ozymandias, the hero from the comic book (I won't be using the other term). The movie portrayed the character in a negative light (it was one of a few things I didn't like about the movie, although I liked it overall). Nixon didn't get caught in this world, partly due to Comedian's influence. Was he a good president? Not clear, but the elder Nite Owl voted for him five times, but wasn't too happy about it later on. I'm also avoiding spoilers and also enjoyed the comics, and came to the same conclusion you did. Given my track record about these things, it probably means Irons is not playing Veidt. I said I wasn't going to get hooked on a still-airing TV show, but I had to watch this and wow, I'm hooked. I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday nights for a while.
  22. Day 171, managed to sneak away for 10 minutes of putting. 6-9', breaking putts. Real green, under the lights, at my dinner break.
  23. Day 170. I got home way too late, but remembered the challenge so I'm doing some of UGP's stretches. Probably good given how little I moved today. (Incidentally, earlier today I saw my future golf room for the first time, better than the previous one! Ten days until setup!)
  24. Day 169. I did a drill today! 4' from the cup, around-the-clock, get 'em eventually. Took 4 rounds, with 3 (sigh), 6, 2, 1 in that order for sinking.
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