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  1. Hang on, serious question. If someone buys the sticks and does the drills religiously, but never measures anything with the radar (either due to not owning it or otherwise), does that mean the person won't get benefit from the sticks? The goal is to ultimately increase driver distance, not the speed with which one swings the green stick.
  2. Day 78. I was hoping to do something more exciting today, but stretching and medicine ball drill were all I had time for.
  3. There's terrible and there's unplayable.
  4. Koepka is paired with Holmes tomorrow; think he'll go to the restroom for five minutes in the first few holes to get them put on the clock?
  5. Sounds like how I play par-3s! But really, the idea of hitting two shots on a par-5 and then mentally treating the rest as a par-3 helps me a lot, especially since I pretty much can't reach in two. But I can hit two good shots to leave me a relatively easy par-3: I think about where I want the "tee shot" to be from and strive to make it the shortest possible par-3. At my home course, two good shots on the first and last par-5s leave me with manageable 60-80 yard par-3s; a good drive or a good fairway wood can make that even shorter.
  6. My golf thoughts often center around how important it is to avoid being in the sand.
  7. Consider looking for a club that has handicap tournaments. If 11.x is the average of your best rounds, you're probably going to enjoy the competition more when it's who played best compared to ability. Look in particular for flights.
  8. Yes, but the full title, "UK British Open presented by Her Majesty the Queen and Dubai Duty Free" is a pain to type out, and the acronym UBOpbHMtQaDDF isn't immediately recognizable and looks like the end of a YouTube URL. Given how close drivers are to the limit, I wonder how many are illegal in practice. I know they don't test every driver, and while I doubt a player would deliberately pick one that isn't conforming ... I think Nike at one point tested every driver they put in a pro's hands, as they were worried this would happen when someone (it ended up being K.J. Choi) was the first to win a PGA Tour event with a square driver. K.J.'s driver was conforming, of course.
  9. I collected mental game books at one point. I'm in the midst of packing for a move, but I think I know where some of them are. I have been thinking of re-reading Rotella's classic Golf is Not a Game of Perfect, but I think I'll be far less enamored than I was a decade ago. I suspect some of it is going to be bad advice too. For example, I expect he said in his book that the majority of one's time should be spent on short game and putting practice. Of course, we know better now.
  10. Maybe if you're filming a movie with Richard Kiel. Anyone who gets to be a rules official knows full well this isn't a situation where you don't play it as it lies.
  11. The way handicaps work in the United States is your 20 most recent rounds are considered; the ten best differentials are averaged (and multiplied by .96, but that isn't relevant). So taking just your five best rounds isn't indicative. If you don't know your however many most recent rounds, start recording them going forward. Start a spreadsheet in Google Docs; record the date, score, and tees played. Record the course rating and slope rating (these should be printed on the scorecard, or easily available at your club) for the tees you played. If you scored over a 9 on any hole, compute what your score would be if you had a 9 on that hole instead. After you have a few of these, we can get your formula ready to have a more accurate estimate of your handicap. You don't need to be a pro to have an official handicap. You don't even need to have ever broken 110. Just a desire to have one is enough to get least get an unofficial one. Are your competitive rounds played net golf? Most clubs have a net division for people who aren't regularly shooting near par.
  12. Current is an interesting question, and I don't know. But in the past, some players were such; for example, I know Calvin Peete didn't play in high school, but he isn't on the tour anymore.
  13. Are the non-competitive rounds played under rules of golf? Like Erik, I don't mean any offense, I'm trying to reconcile this so I can make sense of what's happening and help you. Are you just putting all your best rounds into the calculator? Why not put your 20 most recent rounds in, as per GHIN guidelines? I'm trying to figure out how nerves are costing you 2-3 extra strokes per hole. Then I can try to help you with how to handle those shots.
  14. Day 77. Spent 10 minutes hitting half shots with my W, another 10 hitting flight shots with it, and then 10 minutes of flight with my 8-iron. Slow, plus practice swings, maintenance.
  15. Glad to hear it. I like these too. My third pair just came in the mail today
  16. I was worried when I got my Ping G-400s that I wouldn't be able to hit the ball low if I wanted to. Now it's a shot I can hit easily. The real help was from @Golfingdad a few years ago when I was debating irons. Ten years ago, I thought every good player should be playing blades or near-blades. I played Mizuno MP-57s for about three years, as a 20 handicap or so, despite not really working on my full swing at the time (I was also in the "practice your short game primarily" camp). What a waste of time I could have been improving and shooting lower scores. I don't foresee going to less forgiving clubs, unless maybe maybe if I get to low single digits, but maybe not even then. My latest round I had .96 strokes gained vs scratch on approach. Granted, some of that was hybrids and a fairway wood. Now, that was particularly good, and not what I expect every time out or anything, but ... I don't see why I'd need less forgiving irons. Especially if you're aiming #DeadCenter on greens.
  17. I, too, would like this tournament to last until Christmas.
  18. Dylan Frittelli's outfit today answers the question of what Tom Kite would look like if he were part of this generation. I mean this as a compliment, but after typing it, I don't know how to convey that without this second sentence. ---- Also, David Feherty: "when I used to play with a single digit handicap, I would hurl before the first tee."
  19. Have you read Tom Coyne's Paper Tiger?
  20. Wow, @Vinsk ... I had no idea how many of Sam Snead's wins were so short. I'm not the topic author, but I hadn't heard that. Thanks! I'm almost surprised Snead's sole LPGA victory wasn't counted towards his total by some people. I never really doubted that Tiger was better than Snead (I didn't get into golf until mid-aughts, so it wasn't like I was there for the era when "will this guy be the next big thing?" was even a question). I just assumed the standard for a win was the same -- none of this one round thing.
  21. I certainly wouldn't buy a book about golf entitled Highest Score Wins. I'm wondering how you're shooting north of 100 in competition as an 11 handicap. When you say you're taking more time on certain aspects, do you mean towards improving or are you taking five minutes for each putt? There are plenty of good players who have aspects of their game that significantly lag behind. Stan Utley made some good money in professional golf, even before his teaching career, despite not driving it much past your average scratch player. Boo Weekley won on the PGA Tour despite putting at about a ten handicap level. You don't have to improve all aspects of your game uniformly. If you have a glaring weakness (compared to your general ability level), work on that a little more. For example, I was having 5-7 strokes lost putting per round a month ago, so I upped my putting practice. Now I'm a little worse than my handicap level at it, but it isn't this horrible thing standing out. Of course, figuring out what a glaring weakness really is is difficult. I encourage you to carefully read the following thread: not just the title, but the content, paying particular attention to the suggestions from professionals and low handicaps who comment on it. It should help guide your practice in a good way.
  22. Day 76. I missed yesterday (7/17/19), my first miss since mid-May. So I'm still in the contest! Speed Sticks and, I intended to do a range session but couldn't get range balls because of an event, so I putted for 15 minutes. I worked on 10-15' putts, focusing on hitting them with the right break and getting them to the hole, preferably in or about 1' past. I didn't do anything measurable for this. I'm falling behind in my 65% full swing practice, so I'm planning to focus on this tomorrow + Saturday.
  23. Oh wow, when you shoot infinity on a hole, you're really grateful for ESC when posting.
  24. Looks like the other two players in the same game as Tiger could have shared a cart.
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