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  1. Day 122. More carpet putting; larger room, a bit more time, different spot, same ruler. I am beginning to think bead is not the problem with my putting.
  2. Day 121. More carpet putting; ruler, putter, real balls. Getting some decent speed ones past the 36" marker consistently.
  3. Day 120. Five minutes putting on a ruler on carpet. Made most of them go the full 36" on the ruler (and continue another several feet). I didn't bring my cord for GG on the trip so I can't analyze yesterday's round just yet, but I suspect putting was a culprit. I feel like on half or more of the bogey holes, I had a <= 8' putt for par, but I made approximately none of them.
  4. Day 119. Do I know how to play golf? I messed up (very badly) the first five holes (+11 through 5) and still posted a 91 (ESC from 92). Had an 8 on hole 2 and a 2 on hole 8. Improved my standing in the 2020 TST Birdie Challenge (home course) to +3 and had short putts on holes 1, 10, and 15 that would have improved me on those too. How have I only played seven rounds at my home course in 2020? [not being in the same city hurts my ability to do that]
  5. Day 118. Evening wind down: ten minutes, 6-iron shots, focusing on setup and A1-A3, indoors, off a mat, into a net, with real balls.
  6. Day 117. I know it's a 5 minute challenge, but I'm not super excited that many days I'm doing only five minutes (or close to it). So today, I spent 40 minutes hitting balls (usual meaning; so, slow rehearsal swings etc, not just beating balls) indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls. One of these days I'll do this outdoors and not on the course and will get video for evolvr again
  7. Day 116. I missed yesterday (10/13; my previous miss was 9/19 and those are my only misses in the past month+, so I'm within the challenge rules). Today I did speed sticks out back while dinner was cooking; protocol one. Got to 110 with green stick.
  8. Day 115. This evening, on my way to go on a grocery run, I stopped at a course to do chipping practice for 15 minutes. Real grass, real balls, onto a real green; 56 and 58 degree wedges, quarter and putter-style chip shots.
  9. Day 114. Speed Sticks, protocol two, in my backyard during SNF. However, during the second batch of games, instead of watching I went for a walk of over 11 miles (and 3.5 hours), so that may have contributed to lower numbers from being a bit tired. 😕
  10. Day 113. I wish Saturday hadn't turned into half a workday for me, but at least I was able to get to the adjacent room to spend a dozen minutes hitting balls with a 6-iron.
  11. Day 112. Another day where I periodically during the work day go to my indoor practice room (next room over from home office) to hit a few balls (indoors, off a mat, into a net, real balls when hitting one). Today I re-emphasized the slow rehearsal swings.
  12. Day 111. After dinner tonight, I went to a nearby practice facility. I did 15 minutes of chipping (real balls to a real enough green) and 15 minutes of putting. The area was sufficiently crowded that I couldn't really do any drills, but I worked on technique and distance control.
  13. Day 110. Today was another one of those days where, periodically during the work day, I wandered to my practice room to hit indoor 6-iron (off a mat, into a net, real balls)
  14. Day 109. Wind down after work today included ten minutes hitting balls indoors (off a mat, into a net, real balls).
  15. Day 108. Spent half an hour putting, although this particular green makes it tough to do drills (few holes, often occupied). Still, felt productive. Glad my favorite evening green in the area has reopened! Real green, evening under the stars (and lights), real putter, real balls.
  16. Day 107. Speed sticks, protocol two, outback. The numbers seem to be coming down, making me wonder if some group of data collection was off. Either way, recent rounds indicate longer drives (a little noticeable) and marginally longer irons (yesterday, I had the right distance for an iron to a forward pin and flew the green... that may have been an aberration though).
  17. Day 106. Played 18 with some friends. Didn't play particularly well, but I drove the ball well (one of my highest driving averages in memory, plus most fairways too for whatever that's worth). GG round: View this round on GAME GOLF (four pars, four double bogeys)
  18. Day 105. Putting practice, real green, real putter, real golf balls. 4' around the world drill (took 20 putts to complete; not great). 6' took me 25 putts (I want to get that regularly under 24).
  19. Day 104. Speed sticks outback tonight during TNF (no alcohol consumed prior to doing the practice). Outdoors, protocol two. I hate the swinging from the knees we do as part of this protocol ... how they make me feel, that sort of thing. In the past, that's usually a sign that if I keep doing it, I'll improve at golf, so it's worth it.
  20. Day 103. Quarter and half swings with a gap wedge; indoors, off a mat, into the net, real balls (except rehearsal swings, of course). Done throughout the day, taking breaks from work in the adjacent room.
  21. Shindig


    There's only one time the 50-foot gimme is acceptable, and we all know why he gave her the putt, and I think many of us agree with the reasoning. This is correct, and my comment from yesterday was not. I used medal play to refer to tournament medal play, where the holes do have to be finished. When posting for a handicap, most likely score is correct. In fact, that difference is part of why I joined a club in the first place: to have a chance to play rounds where my 5' putts weren't hit back to me, and then I was made to feel a bit like a jerk for insisting on playing them out. Seemed to happen a lot, so I joined a club that played the ball out. Now that I look back, I wonder how common it was.
  22. Day 102. Ten minutes in the practice room after work; 6-iron, off a mat, indoors, into a net, real balls (when one was involved).
  23. Shindig


    In medal play, never give putts -- it isn't allowed. In match play, it's your choice.
  24. Day 100. Played 18 with a friend. Five sevens, but no sixes. Shot a 94. Six GIR. I'll do the GG thing later to figure out what's been going on.
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