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  1. umm, I don't keep a handicap, but I usually score between 100-110. Most of that comes from a poor short game. I have been working on it and taking lessons, but a job in investment banking is not the most conducive to practicing as often as I would like. Also, this is only my second year playing and I had never played a full 18 until 2 months ago. Driver:250 3 Wood: 210 4 iron:185 5 iron: 170 6 iron: 160 7 iron: 150 8 iron: 140 9 iron: 130
  2. I know everyone is different, but I was curious as to what distance you hit your clubs (i.e., average distance you consistently hit your clubs). More than anything, I am just curious as to what is normal since the guy I usually play with takes two clubs less than I do. I know consistency matters more than distance, but I was just wondering.
  3. What would you say if the seller had over 1,000 sales and a feedback of 99+%? How about if the clubs were 60% of retail? Sounds almost too good to be true.
  4. Anybody ever go this route? Curious because you can find great prices, but I am worried about counterfiets. Anyone know if there is a way to verify if clubs are authentic?
  5. Try Bob Benning at Stoneleigh. It is about 10 minutes west of Leesburg (I know it is a trek), he used to be head pro at Congressional and Landsdowne I believe. Good guy. Make sure you are clear on what you want with any instructor. Explain that you want to go over the fundamentals, Otherwise I think many instructors just look at your swing and try to work on your faults. I think his website is www.benningolf.com
  6. You could try working on releasing your arms more (i.e., if you are right handed, making your right arm crossover your left arm at impact and after). If you do it too soon, you should hook the ball. I worked on this during my last lesson and it worked well. It helped me learn what a hook should feel like compared to my normal swing. From there, I worked on not doing such an exaggerated release and for the most part was hitting straight. Hope that helps.
  7. Lessons would be pointless without practice and practice would be pointless without clubs. I have started taking lessons this year and if you read my first post, I have been playing golf for a total of maybe 4 months (3 months last year and 1 this year). Perhaps I am a slow learner, but from what I understand, most people haven't broken 100 after 4 months. Especially considering that I can only play occasionally on weekends considering that my job requires 80+ hours a week.
  8. I should have mentioned that I ended up going with the Launchers. It came down to how the clubs looked and felt at address and I just couldn't get used to the G2s. I tried some other clubs (TaylorMades included), and I ended up happiest with the Launchers. I have hit them twice at the range and played 36 holes with them and I must say that I am very pleased. I would definitely recommend them to any high handicapper looking for a set of clubs. I also picked up the G2 driver and I never thought I would say this about a driver, but I can't stop the darn thing from going left on me. It isn'
  9. This is my second full year playing and I guess it would be best to describe my game as it stood at the end of last year because I am still trying to get some of the rust out. I have never "truly" broken 100 (i.e. not using any mulligans). I normally hit a 6 iron 155 yards, but as is the case with most beginners, I am very inconsistent. Ummm, whatelse? I don't really have a problem with slicing or hooking, but more of a problem hitting shots fat or thin. I have asked various people at my local golf shop and they have all said that the Cleveland Launcher irons are the easiest to hit and th
  10. Well, I at least appreciate the attempt.
  11. To clarify... It sounded like you took my post to mean that I was considering buying a driver. Actually, I am refering to a set of irons.
  12. I am sure similar questions have been posted numerous time, so I apologize for the repetiveness of this post. I am planning on buying a new set of irons within the next week or so and have narrowed my choices down to either Cleveland Launchers or Ping G2s. I have tried both of them out at my local shop, but they only have an indoor range, so it is a little hard to judge my ball flight in the 10 feet between the hitting mat and the net. Would anyone mind giving me their opinions on either set? As far as background, I am a high handicapper (this will be my second full year playing). I wou
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