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  1. Recently signed with ping. According to instgram
  2. Well iam not sure why you think that litchfield was a joke, that is one of the better courses here, i guess that the fact that DL 3 has a house on that courses doesnt mean anything. LOL As for the summer heat, yeah its not fun to play here in the summer time, after 12 noon the courses are wide open. But you are going to take a beating from the heat. But if you want the good rates and fast play, the summer is the way to go.
  3. If you are looking for golf packages, you can contact Myrtle beach Golf Holiday. Iam not really sure how much help they would be, but its a start. And if you are here on vacation, you should be able to get in touch with the golf desk at any of the hotels and they will be able to set up tee times for you. You might want to call ahead on that one, if you have a large group or whatever. Either MB golf holiday or the golf desk at the hotel where you are staying would be the way to go.
  4. Hey all, seeing how i live in Myrtle beach, Let me be your tour guide. First off, if you are looking to pay high greens fees, then you can play the Barefoot courses, Grande Dunes, World Tour, Wild Wing Plantation. The Legends. All great courses, but you are going to shell out some money to play there in our "golf season". If you are looking to play good courses here are some. Arrowhead Country Club, The Witch, The Wizard, Man-O-War, Wicked Stick, Shafteberry Glen. Thats just to name a few. All the above courses are great. You wont go wrong with any other them. I guess iam kinda bias, because i live on Arrowhead Country Club. Best course there is. As for the TPC course, i havent played there in a couple years. Hopefully that will help some, if not please feel free to leave me a message.
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