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  1. I tried to convert to a one plane swing, but found it too difficult to hit mid and long irons consistently well. I went back to a two plane swing, and have put in the time to practice to make progress. Admittedly, I didn't practice enough my first go around with a two plane swing. Taking a 6-year hiatus from golf provided me the clarity to realize I had to change my entire mindset regarding golf.
  2. His pairing has received a warning about pace of play, so maybe that's why.
  3. I've recently taken up the game again after a 6-year layoff. I am on the side of driving and approach are the biggest factors for high handicappers (did not break 100 in my comeback round.) Errant tee shots plus duffed approaches were what did me in. My chipping, pitching, and putting were above average. Only 2 holes were affected by a bad short game. I had 3 pars on the back nine once I got more familiar with what I was doing wrong that day (5 days ago.) When I scored par, it was always due to the same formula. Drive in fairway, approach on the green or right next to it, plus one or 2-p
  4. don28


  5. Wow! What a story! You seem to have acquired a new attitude and appreciation for things after your experience. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery, and many rounds of golf to be played in the future.
  6. I hate playing in front of guys who insist on rushing, but refuse an invitation to play through. Because they were friends of the marshal on duty, our group was given "warnings" twice about playing slowly. Despite the fact that we finished in exactly the time that the course suggested a round should take. Nothing says BS like a marshal expecting a foursome to keep up with a twosome in front of them. Thankfully, the next time I played that course, that particular marshal was not on duty.
  7. don28

    Green Fees

    Maybe the course is blocking off the other times so that people that wake up at 7-9 am have a shot at getting the good times.
  8. Welcome! There is a nice sized contingent here from Tennessee.
  9. On the plus side, it is a rare occasion when your playing partner asks to try your driver, wedge, putter, etc. Lefty equipment has come a long way in the last decade. I remember when I first got my starter set that it was a minor miracle to find anything nice in left-handed. Now, I even see more left-handed golfers than I ever had before. At the driving range yesterday, there were 4 lefties out there (including me.)
  10. I feel your pain over here in Middle Tennessee. Most of the courses within a short drive of Nashville are burnt out and/or have crabgrass growing into the greens. I have driven one hour away from home on consecutive Sundays to play a course with champion bermuda greens that are in good shape. Of course, these greens are as fast as putting on my kitchen floor, and the greens are very undulated. If you don't hit the green from the right angle, the ball leaves the green. Missing a putt can be very disheartening because the ball will continue to roll past the hole and be about the same distan
  11. Ironically, I switched from a Cleveland CG12 wedge to a Titleist Vokey wedge because it felt (at least to me) that the Cleveland wedge was heavier and stiffer than the Vokey. I didn't like the feel of the Cleveland, and have been able to hit the Vokey much better.
  12. Well, I am not putting well, and I did let the club ho out after today's horrendous round. I bought an Odyssey Tri-Ball SRT putter, used from Golf Galaxy. It looks and feels brand new. I also was easier to line up and sink putts with (at least at the store, lol.)
  13. Hole #17 on my home course. Par 5, 487 yards. Dogleg right, with a creek cutting across the fairway 266 yards out. The right side is guarded by a tree line, and so is the left side. The left side has a creek behind the tree line, so going left is no option. After the dogleg right, then hole turns back to the left a little. There is also a bunker protecting the left half of the front of the green. Unless you are an elite shot shaping specialist, it's not a par 5 that you reach in 2. I have found my best success on this hole playing 3-iron off the tee, 3-iron for second shot, and short i
  14. The face was the bigger question. It just has those few nicks in it. I don't NEED a new putter. Like most of us, there's a club ho inside of me dying to get out.
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