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  1. I slice my driver but not my other clubs as well. If you're the same as me . . if you hopped on a trackman you would see that you slice all your clubs but that as the shaft gets longer and the loft gets less, the slice gets more and more apparent. Whereas you might not notice it at all on a 5 iron, you will probably see it, at least a little, in your 5w or 3w. Do you find your shots go a bit high and short? If you really only slice your driver and swing your other clubs great . . maybe you need a new driver? I don't know how common this problem is, though. I think, statistically speakin
  2. If you want to try something funny and have a little bit of acting ability . .the next time you take a lesson ask the teacher, seriously, what he thinks your potential is. Ask him if he thinks you can learn to play competitive golf . .ask him if he thinks that if you practice hard enough, you could play on a mini-tour or reach a low single digit handicap. Chances are he will not say "No way you loser!", which, of course, would be the truth. I'm sure your son has talent and a passion for the game but I would take him to another coach just to see get a second opinion. I'm sure there has to
  3. Anybody watching this? I sort of am but it's kind of boring - even for me, a self-admitted golf-watching nut.
  4. A lot of people have mentioned the Ping G series but I am a high handicapper and just got a set of used I5's and I don't find them hard to hit at all. I really like them, look and feel, over the G15's that I tried. My old irons were ~20 yr old ping eye2 copies and, after an adjustment period, I definitely hit the I5's a lot better than I was hitting my old irons. If you're trying clubs, maybe give the I series a try as well.
  5. Me too, about 2 hours early - same deal here in Northern Cal. It was actually not a good day to skip out but we just don't get enough days like this. Played crappy knowing my inbox and voicemail was filling up. Going to go out again today :)
  6. This will be my first winter in the nw. I've been up to visit before and tried to play golf in March and April and the public course was just ridiculous. I saw a guy playing in rubber knee boots. I laughed . . .at first. Balls were plugging so deep in the fairways that they were hard to find . .let alone clean and replace . assuming you could find a piece of ground within 100 yards firm enough to hit off. It's like trying to hit balls off chocolate pudding. I joined a private course that is supposed to be more playable during the winter. I hope so because I am determined to keep playin
  7. I had horrible rounds last week. It sucks when you're hitting it bad and you feel like you don't know why. I do 2 things to try and help me minimize the carnage. Firstly, as has been said, club down. When I'm hitting it really bad I'll hit nothing bigger than a 5 iron - even on par 5's. The other one is don't look away in disgust when you hit a bad shot. It's hard to do but force yourself to watch that sucker fly into the trees or wherever and get a visual landmark in your head before you start walking (ie . . it's just past the 3rd big tree on right, etc). Half the balls I lose are be
  8. ha - that's a funny picture just begging to be photoshopped. I have to side with the "looks kind of gay" group because well . .it does to me. Not that I think Camillo is (have no idea) nor do I think that was the intention of the photo . . but it is what it is (which is gay). I disagree with these types of photos for PGA or LPGA. A shirt-off pose to show physique is fine but this sort of staged sillyness just cheapens the athlete, in my opinion. Looks more like a Chippendale's flyer than a sports magazine cover. And the photoshop job on the head is strangley bad. I'm contacting my law
  9. Although I have a head movement issue I really don't think about trying to keep my head still. It's kind of hard to explain but my good shots kind of have a "certain feeling" through the downswing which is not about any specific thing. It's the weight moving forward, the body sort of "locking" into an angle (feeling of turn vs sway), the club dropping into plane . .it feels "strong" vs "weak". When I make a bad swing, any of about 5-6 things could happen (head movement, body sway, over the top path, stuck on back foot, "hitting" not "swinging"). I don't get the good swings by thinking abo
  10. I understand his not taking a PGA card. He will play in whatever tournaments he wants without having to play in the required 15 - that makes sense. However, even though he is quoting his manager - he sounds like kind of a dick when he says: 'Why would you take up membership in the States when you've been the most successful player in the world this year despite being injured and still have a great chance to go to world No 1?' and "I don't want to be dictated by having to play, having to go to America to play in the FedEx Cup when it doesn't really mean that much to me. It doesn't mean
  11. Ha - these losers and thier mail order brides are ruining our nations roadways. I would be laughing except I bet this lady is driving a car somewhere right now.
  12. Strange how common this seems to be. I've had it happen at 2 different golf courses. Once yelling and once air horn. It was only on one hole - they didn't follow me around the course. I didn't do anything about it . . ."Man on Golf Course Beats Children for making Noise" how would that look as a headline? Still . .somebody should beat them. Is anybody on here a particularly fast runner?
  13. I wonder about this also. My golf teacher says "no" definitively. According to him, the forgiveness of GI irons do not lead to bad technique or slower learning - just the opposite. I still got some used Ping I5's instead of the G15's he was recommending, though because I just like the feel of the club better. I would have to admit they are harder to hit, probably, than the G15's and I don't think they're teaching me much on the course . .but I love the feel of about every 3rd shot :)
  14. I'm a consultant and it's quite common to work non-standard hours. If I'm not on the road (about half the time) I can play about 2-3 times a week. I always bring my clubs with me on the road but, so far, never have had time to play.
  15. I really don't understand why people cheat. If you want to play around and practice fine - then don't keep score. If you want to keep score then play by the rules. I HATE it when my buddy tells me he shot a 91, for example, and I know that included "one mulligan per side" and whatever other improved lies and hand wedges deemed necessary. I do these all the time but then I don't run around telling people I shot this or that . . .I tell them I didn't keep score because it was a practice round.
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