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  1. Yesterday was the first day out with the new driver. I really only hit it inside. Even inside I noticed I was getting under the ball. I tried lowering the tee but I am still hitting the ball on the top of the driver. Infact I even got a few idiot marks on top of the club head. Any idea for a quick fix on something like that? I was also snap hooking my irons. But that is prob because I am very strong on my grip. But the driver is a bigger problem. I am lining my self up with the ball on my front big toe and I was not grounding the club before i started my back swing. I just sort of hover n
  2. find a coupon code, retailmenot.com for any of the golf stores. I got my burner 09's brand new for 333 from globalgolf (used but MINT on their scale (whihc means never used) and cause i am a lefty i got 25% off
  3. I have the SV wedge, I really like it. I am a nike shoe guy too. Their sneakers have always fit me the best. So their golf shoes work just as well. The PD soft balls are fantastic. I really like them, dont know much about the premium balls but the PD soft is really a nice ball.
  4. Nice.. I just bought the r9 460 from golf smith, had gift certs and discount code. Paid 6 bucks out of pocket. Cant wait to hit it. but i am snowed in. Also got the burner 09 irons from santa !!!
  5. Played my best round ever in the rain. Just looked up some rain gear, man that stuff is expensive
  6. little dinky putting green roll up thing inside, outside a 4x4 mat and a net. Will bring it inside to the garage in the winter.
  7. Not a bad idea. I said to my self I was going to put the driver away but I just never did.
  8. I currently have a pair of Nike Air Rival which have been pretty solid. But I have started to notice that around half way though my heals start to hurt, wondering if there are some better shoes that might be more comfortable to use
  9. Just had a brutal round. Hard time off the tee, dont know wtf was going wrong.Thats not even the problem The secondary shots where fine. Problem was I was so frustrated with losing balls. I mean it would be just on the first cut of rough see them land but just cant find them. After the 3rd time it happened it went down hill from there.
  10. Solid.. thanks. My wifes parents live in Hicksville, might have to check it out next time we go for a visit.
  11. I have definatly noticed that I almost get laughed at when I go to golf smith to try out clubs and dicks is very limited as well. So I guess what i am asking is does Callaway make a better lefty club then taylormade?
  12. really stupid question here but are there better club makers to look at then others.. ie does Callaway make a better lefty iron set then say Adams? (all things equal)
  13. I smell HUGE discounts on sun mountain products
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