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  1. I pay 30 bucks per dozen for prov's, nike ones and bridgestone 330s. 32 for callaway tour balls.
  2. No doubt man. Im in love with the Burner 3 wood right now.
  3. My girfriend

    hes cute... I KID I KID :)
  4. Gap Wedge

    I picked up a Cleveland 588 Diadic 53° I think a year or two ago and it filled my gap perfectly. Before that, I was really struggling between my PW and SW.
  5. How many wedges do you carry?

    I carry 4 if I'm including my pitching wedge as it's the same as my irons but the others are 53/56/60
  6. Longest Drive Ever Seen

    I hit a 394 yard drive down wind in a bestball 4 some tourny. I carried about 310 and hit the cart path, bounce bounce bounce and ended up back in the fairway! HAHA, I was looking no more than 350 yards and couldn't find the ball and my dad decided to go look at almost 400 yards. I was telling him theres no way it went that far and to just screw it, then he finds my ball and we go crazy lol.
  7. Grips?

    That's exactly the grip I got on my driver. Haven't hit any balls with it on yet but the grip feels so good and I hear it really tackies back up when you wash it.
  8. Fairway shaft selection...

    Good call, I was thinking about that. Maybe if I call TM they can tell me if the V2 would reduce the spin rate for me?
  9. Fairway shaft selection...

    Bump for some input :D
  10. Grips?

    Golfsmith has a 98 cent fee to regrip this weekend. I just got a new grip put on the driver.
  11. Well, I got a Taylormade Burner 3 wood for my birthday with the stock re-ax superfast 50g shaft. I went to Golf Smith yesterday and hit it and they said I was getting too much back spin with the shaft (4600rpm). So they handed me the new Titleist 3 wood and he wanted to see what my numbers were like with that shaft (totally forgot to look what shaft it was, but it was black) and he said my backspin number was a lot better at 3600 but said the perfect backspin would be 2800-3000 for my swing speed. So he recommended I get order the UST V2 thinking it will get my backspin to a better level but they didn't have that available to hit and I don't know where I could go to hit it with that shaft in it. Do you believe his judgement to be correct? I'd hate to order this with the wrong shaft. The last swing with the titleist was 111mph clubhead speed. Thanks in advance :D
  12. Are Kids Really Hitting It 330 Or Are They Just Bragging?

    There's always a jealousy factor when it comes to someone who can hit the ball a long ways, especially on a message board because people equate distance with skill. But what you have to remember is that just because they can hit the ball a long way, doesn't mean they can putt, have good iron play or any type of short game. Hell, Ken Griffey JR has been known to outdrive Tiger on a regular basis, no way he's a better golfer though.
  13. Super bowl head coaches

    It's just the way it is. Until pro sports even out more on the minority side in power positions such as Owners, GMs, coaches you're going to continue to hear about it. I'm glad we're getting a shot at these great things, but like most of you it gets old having to hear every second that a lot of the recognition is because we are minority.
  14. The Hottest Professional Golfer

    Anna Rawson is # 1 right now for me. Michelle Wie is also up there, but she's not of age so I'll just take a cold shower on that one at the moment.
  15. Your favorite Professional Golfer.

    Tiger Woods. Before him I didn't have an intrest in golf. I guess when you don't see many people that you can relate to out there on the course you aren't drawn to it. All that is history and I'm now addicted. Of course I have love for John Daly. I love the swing of Adam Scott and have a strong hate for Sergio Garcia. I also enjoy the game of Camilo Villegas