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  1. I plan on doing a lot of work on mobility, flexibility, and strength. I believe we have a dome to hit in a couple of towns away so I hope to do that at least a couple of times monthly so I don't lose this swing that finally seems to be working.My shot dispersion, yardage gaps, and short game have all been getting much better so I hope to continue that trend.
  2. I play for the challenge. I've played for a long time with little improvement but continued to love the game. Since moving to Minnesota and marrying my wife who plays I've enjoyed golf even more. With her mental game guidance I've become the kind of player I've always wanted to be.
  3. I've been to the one in Vegas and it's fun for what it is. There is one here in the Twin Cities so I'm sure I'll try it again at some point.
  4. @boogielicious thanks again. As I'm sure you get this has been a lot of pain and my golf has just been getting pretty good so timing sucks. Of course we're getting to arctic time here in Minnesota so time to put in the work.
  5. Thanks so much. I'll certainly take your advice on running everything by my doctor. For some reason he felt PT wouldn't be a helpful option. I'll make sure to do these exercises as prescribed.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I don't think our gym here has a hex bar but I can try with dumbbells or kettlebells for sure.
  7. I was just diagnosed with severe arthritis in my knees and was told that eventually both will have to be replaced. My doctor suggested strengthening my legs to take some pressure off my knees so I'm wondering if anyone has any knee friendly leg exercises. Thank you in advance.
  8. I voted 2. I think like others have said I would want more why from Chuck. I've only taken a couple of lessons but for sure would want to have more focus based on what the instructor asked me what I was looking to work on.
  9. It was bo the golfer. Glad to be back thank you.
  10. Hello all. I was on here years ago and missed it. Golf has been much better and I look forward to reading the great posts this site has always offered.
  11. I would say there is no swing out there that works for everyone so to say that seems a given. I don't pout @iacas I'm tired. Tired of having 5sk trotted out in every single thread, tired of not being able to have an opinion that differs from yours, tired of people not reading what I write. I said it it works for me. I was looking to see what people thought of it yes. My give up has nothing to do with anyone's opinion but rather the condescending way some people go about giving it (you) I've been a member of this forum for a lot of years and know what it means, Jack shit. I liked the old days
  12. I would say any exchange of ideas are a discussion. Besides the point though.
  13. I am aware that many swings can get you to the 5 keys. This happens to be the one that works for me. I think Steve dispenses his information in a simple and enjoyable manner which was what I'm trying to convey. There are several videos discussing Eureka on his Steve's YouTube channel so I would direct people there. Thank you.
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