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  1. I just read this thread thinking I'd eventually get something out of it. I think you had the right idea a long time ago @iacas in locking it. Wow.
  2. Bo the Golfer

    DeArmond Shoots A 17 On One Hole

    That is rough. Great attitude by him. Hope he gets another chance some day.
  3. Bo the Golfer

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    Sergio for sure. Still a petulant child at 39.
  4. Bo the Golfer

    What Does Winter Golf Look Like to You?

    ^^this with feels like temps of down to -30. Been a great winter. Not
  5. Bo the Golfer

    Unsolicited Shot/Swing Advice

    I voted no. Who the hell am I to mess up someone else's game? I can do that to myself
  6. Bo the Golfer

    What a Great Game

    Great read. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Bo the Golfer

    My Swing (SemperFi)

    I work on flexibility as that is an issue for me. I also take very slow swings with a weighted club for 5 to 10 minutes a day keeping my left arm straight. I'm knee deep in snow here but was in Florida last week and finally hit some balls and I am definitely seeing changes for the better.
  8. Bo the Golfer

    My Swing (phillyk)

    I think your first paragraph answered my question thank you. When you are a terrible golfer like myself trying to self coach on changes if feels impossible. I find it interesting that an accomplished player feels even small changes are huge to them.
  9. Bo the Golfer

    My Swing (SemperFi)

    Still seems like you are breaking that left arm and not keeping it straight although it is somewhat better. I have fought this as well and have done thousands of slow practice swings this winter to try and get rid of it.
  10. Bo the Golfer

    My Swing (phillyk)

    As a + handicap player do you find tweaking your swing much easier? I would think you know what works and can get back to that quickly.
  11. Bo the Golfer

    Do You Play with a Phone in Your Pocket?

    In my bag with my wallet and keys. I play every round with my wife so I'm pretty well assured that I won't be getting a call or text.
  12. Bo the Golfer

    Proper Lunges

    Lol yeah now that I look at it you're right. Does a hell of a lunge for a zombie.
  13. Bo the Golfer

    Proper Lunges

  14. Bo the Golfer

    Proper Lunges

    Thank you for this post. I have knee pain from two previous surgeries but lunges are a great exercise so it helps to be reminded to do them correctly.
  15. Bo the Golfer

    My Swing (Bo the Golfer)

    I was just down in Florida for 5 days and finally got to hit some golf balls. Of course being a dummy I didn't have my wife video me but to be fair she was hitting a bucket as well. I tried several things as I am the ultimate tinkerer and wanted to find a direction that i felt would work and I would commit to. I actually tried this Michelle Wie type stance where I was very wide and used the grip from Leadbetter's A swing. Hated it. Hit some crazy hooks and never felt comfortable. I then tried some iron swings incorporating a stack and tilt feel with a strongish but more normal grip. I actually hit some pretty decent shots but felt that it could have been better. Finally I just set up with my feet shoulder width apart, feet flared out, and concentrated on two things. I tried to keep a steady head according to key #1 and took the club back thinking of Kevin Chappell (I really like his swing). I'm not sure I've ever hit the ball better. I didn't bring my clubs with me but the driving range down there (Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf & Family Sports Center in Clearwater, FL-awesome place if you are ever down there) gave me a driver, 7 iron and PW. I hit every club really solid. I had a few pulls but for the most part hit some towering, straight deep balls. As golfers I am sure we all know the feeling of hey, I found it only to find that we suck a week later. My issue is that when that suck creeped in I was off to another swing. This site has taught me a lot recently as maybe it's being a little older that I am better at assimilating info and understand jumping around from swing to swing is foolish. I will be practicing with this session in mind going forward. The only problem I have now is that I went from mid 60's weather to -25 here in Minnesota so practicing indoors will have to do for now.

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