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  1. Eleven

    Big Break: Greenbrier

    For some reason I'm not nearly as interested in this season as I was the last.
  2. I think I smoked one the course once or twice years and years ago. I'm a bad golfer now, back then I was just digging holes around the course, enjoying my golf cart ride. I don't smoke weed now, only because I reached a point where I was abusing every drug, legal or not. I just stopped the abuse and dropped the illegal drug use completely. If weed is ever made legal, I'll fire up again. I don't get drug tested, and I wouldn't excuse myself if anyone I was playing with lit up, but I would not partake. I would however, pay close attention to see if it affected their golf game, God knows how much beer can affect someones game!
  3. Eleven

    My home course in Infrared.

    Thread title took me back in time!
  4. Eleven

    Columbus, OH Golfers

    Good luck, hope you find someone to golf with! I'm just up the road from you, in Enon. But I'm golfing Friday in West Liberty and Saturday in Cincinnati :(
  5. THE very first post in this thread. It's not really a segue, since it's in the very first post of this thread and it's at least the 2nd time that someone asked basically the same thing. I know it's 5 pages back but it's the post that got the thread started. Zip and his escapades stole the show for a page or 2, but it's not that hard to remember how the thread got started. :)
  6. Eleven

    Is it free drop or...

    On my local course, one hole has a wasteland area running along the right of the fairway, it used to have a drainage pond and lots of trees, if you hit there, you were dead. They started cleaning it up, moving out dead trees, clearing out the area. It looks nice now but it's still just as bad to hit there. One day we had just teed off, I hit right there, and then I noticed the stakes and cord marking the area off, they had replanted some grass in the area where the trees and deadfall were removed. At that moment, the course owners son (The course PGA pro) came up on us and asked if we would check in when we made the turn, I assumed they just wanted to know because there was no one behind us. He asked how I was hitting, I was having a good start, bogey, par, bogey...then this crappy tee shot into the crap. He said "That's ground under repair, you get relief. Anyone asks, you just tell them a PGA pro told you!" We laughed, he drove off and I proceeded to take my relief! So what that tells me, at least at my course, if there is anything planted new, and it's staked off, then it's ground under repair!
  7. Eleven

    if you could play a 15th club......

    I would have never thought about it...I'm not a great golfer but I've been able to get rid of my 3 hybrid and 52degree, I just never seem to use them and carrying clubs, I wanna get it light! I'm down to 11 clubs now but I love the idea of adding a left handed club for that bizarre situation! Driver 5 Wood 4 Hybrid 5 Iron 6 Iron 7 Iron 8 Iron 9 Iron PW 60 Degree Putter
  8. Eleven

    Hello from Central Ohio

    Welcome fellow Buckeye-State-Person!
  9. Eleven

    Best Pre and During Round Snack

    I normally golf in the mornings so my routine is: Instant Oatmeal at home, maybe a Greek Yogurt before I leave or on the road. I usually have a banana and granola bar somewhere on the front 9, and a peanut butter sandwich on the back nine. Sometimes I bring Cuties (little tangerines) for the back nine as well. I take bottle water and sometimes diet green tea. Today I had some Vita CoCo with me, but didn't drink it until after the round. I would most likely drink that during the round on really really hot days where I'm sweating. I'm still hungry after the round, but I usually don't have issues with energy. I'm 45 years old and in fairly decent shape. I walk the course, usually pulling the clubs, sometimes carrying.
  10. Eleven

    Can you play a round of golf with 5 people?

    I've been joining some guys with regular tee times early in the morning, Up until today there were usually just 2 or 3 of them, plus me. Today I showed up and we were 5. I am usually the only one hitting off the Blue tees (regular), most of the guys are older and hit from the Silver (Middle), and one guy today, 80 years old...hit from the Gold tees (Forward). Today I felt very rushed on my tee shots, and I think we were slow. I don't think there is anything wrong with playing 5, as long as you keep up, but I think that many, teeing off from 3 different sets of tees was a bit uncomfortable for me. If that scenario comes up again, I will just go solo and tag behind the guys, creating a gap between them and anyone coming up on them. This was my first fivesome, and it was just strange all around, seeing 5 balls on the green threw me off, waiting on 4 other guys to putt threw me off, and of course feeling rushed on the tee box because 4 other guys were waiting on me. Not A Fan. :)

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