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  1. To me, putting is all confidence and it doesn't matter what putter you have if you are confident with it. If you are confident with a forty year old bullseye then great, you save money and you are comfortable on the greens. When I bought my putter, I tried every putter you could try and the first thing I did was look at it at address, if I liked it at address then I would try putting with it. If I didn't like it at address then it went back on the shelf. Putting is the one thing where the club doesn't matter as long as it finds the cup.
  2. your right, he never said that's all I need, I did read the review and it was very helpful. I'm not sure if you mntioned it or not but what kind of trajectory does the i15 have.
  3. Thanks but I have a tough time reading reviews because they are only one persons opinion or a group of people with a similar view. That's why I started this thread, I like reading numerous opinions and personal experiences with the driver.
  4. I tried this driver out in the golf town simulator and I liked the feel and look of it and was wondering what your thoughts are on this driver and what type of player it is for. Thanks
  5. I am going to be buying a new wedge soon and was curious what the difference is between the Cleveland cg 15s and the vokeys. Do they perform differently or is it just preference?
  6. Yesterday, while it was raining and there was no one on the course, my buddy and i were chipping off of a hitting mat onto the nearby ninth hole to see who could spin the ball back more. His first shot promptly landed in the hole without bouncing. I know it wasn`t me and not even in a real round but i thought it was cool.
  7. I have always had a problem seeing the ball so I tried the zstar yellow and it is so much more visible and the ball performs just like you would expect a premium ball to. However, many people do make fun of it calling it a range ball and what not. In fact, the pro at my course was making fun of it right before we played junior club championship. I went on to win by several strokes using the yellow ball for the first time in a tournament.
  8. I don't think there are any other companies that make flat dimples other than Wilson staff
  9. I don't wear a glove, is anybody else on here golveless too?
  10. I won't play the ball because I can't stand looking at seams, i am however in the market for a gamer as I have never really stayed with one ball and I like the srixon zstar yellow at the moment
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