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  1. I own and operate an indoor golf center in Michigan.
  2. I have no good reasons for not liking some golfers and I fully accept the childishness of this but holy hell I hate Rickie Fowler. It's not the clothes so much, he just looks too much like Justin Beiber to me. Get a haircut! Same goes for Rory McIlroy. Can't stand looking at either of them on tv. As childish as this is these are perfectly valid reasons for me to hate them.
  3. Here's a link to another vid of him: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=102583779780833&ref;=mf Definitely an interesting character. Would've been a great guy to golf with. Here's a link to the feats mentioned: http://www.countyogigolf.com/feats.htm He seemed to not really be caught up in the mechanical side of the swing. It was completely mental to him. I love how fast he sets up and hits the ball. Incredibly beautiful, fluid swing, too.
  4. My 2nd oldest daughter got me this little guy for Christmas: I think I'll turn him into a headcover for my putter.
  5. For those that might want to watch it you can see it at http://espn.go.com/espn3/player?id=73151&league;=Golf
  6. Congrats. My best for 9 holes so far is 41. Hopefully I can beat that tomorrow. Don't know, though. I didn't play today 'cause I had to wait for the snow to melt. XD
  7. I didn't see a thread about it so I figured I'd start one. I didn't watch it live but managed to catch it on ESPN3.com's replay. That was great seeing Domenic Mazza hit one 404. I was glad to see him advance to the final. And holy crap Sadlowski. Starting big with his first swing. It's a shame he didn't make it to the final. Hell of a lucky shot for Joe Miller. Can't say I liked seeing him win given he only kept what...3 or 4 shots on the grid? Lucky for him they were big ones.
  8. If there's no snow on the ground then it's not too cold. I played in the rain today. It was great. Wish I had some rain gloves though.
  9. That's pretty much normal. I still remember hitting my pitching wedge around 90-100 yards :P. Now I hit it around 130. Distance comes with lots and lots and lots....and LOTS of practice. Not just randomly swinging at balls either but studying a good golf swing and learning it. Welcome to the obsession! :) May it frustrate and exhilarate you as much as it has all of us.
  10. I hit the pin with my second shot on a long par 4 from about 165 yards. Ended up about 6 inches from the hole. That's the closest I've come to holing out from off the green that wasn't a chip in.
  11. Hook, definitely. Cause on the days I hook the ball I'm usually hitting a nice, long draw on most shots. Slices are just way too frustrating to fix and they steal a lot of distance off the shot. I can aim a hook but can't ever compensate for my slice.
  12. Actually, I have 3 daughters from my previous marriage. I see them on weekends so I don't golf as much as I'd like on weekends. But I do sneak out early around 7 am most Saturdays and try to get back home before my girls wake up. They like to sleep in until noon sometimes on weekends. :) So I usually get to play 18.
  13. I sneak out on my lunch breaks every now and then to get a philly cheese steak at my favorite course and to play a round on the 9 hole Par 3 course. Only takes me about 40 min to get around those 9. I usually make it back within my hour for lunch. But if I go over no one gives me shit about it. My hours are somewhat flexible. I've played 9 holes in the morning before going to work, too. I would do it nearly every day but unfortunately I work with my girlfriend and we usually take lunch together, heh.
  14. I've had quite a few of those exact same shots. On one 150 yard par 3 I skulled it so hard it pretty much looked like I putted it from the tee box. Ended up a few feet from the pin and I got a birdie. :3 I had a bad shot today lead to a good shot. I hit a bad, bad slice into the next fairway over. The drive only went about 190 yards on a 420 yard hole. I then hit my 5 wood, struck it pure and straight. Ended up about 6 inches off the front of the green with a front pin location. Almost putted that in for a birdie, was just an inch too far to the right. Managed to get par even with th
  15. I have the Wii version and it's way, way better than 10. The new Tour Swing mode is great. It not only checks open or closed for the clubface but also calculates the In to Out or Out to In angle. It's very nice. Also, the game is very challenging once you take away the putt previews and spin after hit options. I've been checking out the Play the Pros feature lately and it's great. I'd love to have the PS3 version just for the graphics but the Wii version with the Motion Plus is pretty damn nice, too. Very nice swing simulation. I just wish it could read actual swing speed, too, instead
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