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  1. I've watched a little porn in my life and I carry a loaded gun everyday.. I'm reallllly abnormal apparently :D
  2. I've been playing for almost 10 years now, off and on. The last 2 years I've started taking it serious. I've only had one close call and I was 17 at the time and had only been playing a year of so. . 160 yard par 3 over water, hit a straight medium height shot (really thin) landed about 10 feet from the hole. It rolled smooth and took the break and hit the pin and stopped about 3 inches from the cup. My Dad and I walked up there and the pin had been placed half assed and was leaning significantly to the left. Oh well, knowing my luck it wouldn't have dropped anyway. No eagles for me ye
  3. I'm a Tiger fan, I started watching golf when I was young because of Tiger, it was fun to watch him win and I always pulled for him. That said, I don't think Tiger will dominate golf like he has in the past. The competition has gotten so much stronger, the young guys coming in and the europeans are the top 5 in the world now. I do think Tiger will get his swing straightened out and will be very competitive and soon. I think he'll be on the front page sunday of the Masters, he definitely has a chance to win it. One thing I've learned about watching Tiger is that you can never count him out
  4. Oh sorry I meant the whole putter head from steel. I am seriously thinking about trying it, but the cost of 1084 or 1095 steel these days.... and heat treating a piece that thick.. uggh.. Might be a fun project this summer to work on. Good luck on your putter, cant wait to see the results.
  5. Yould could get some thick 1095, 5160, or W2 steel. Have it annealed or anneal it yourself and use hand files and shape it. Once it is shaped hand sand it to around 400 grit and send it off for heat treatment/Termper. OOOOH I have some ideas now...
  6. I try to draw and fade off the tee when the hole is shaped that way. I still need a lot of range time, I'm still rusty from the winter break. I havent tried working my irons much, but after reading this thread I may start trying it. My driver fade stops abruptly and a approach shot with a fade might do the same... worth trying anyway
  7. I've had that happen to me also, skying every drive and I *think* what I was doing was letting the ball creep up towards the toe of my left foot. I was sliding back on takeaway and teeing the ball up too high. Maybe it was a combination of those three. But now I have a routine so that I tee the ball the same height and that the ball is inside my left foot.
  8. Try Tot Hill Farm. Looks like a video game course from the tee box at times. Very unique.
  9. You said you don't play with your friends that much anyway, once you get to the course with your membership and in the league I'd assume you'll make new friends. The indoor putting green would be the big reason for me.. free putting practice all year is something I wish I had access to.
  10. I would say yes, especially green conditions. I played two rounds over the weekend at a course where the greens were a nightmare to putt on. A two putt was all you could ask for and I left with 3 3-putts, which I never do. Also you have to think about how that affects your approach shots onto the green. I had several shots land on the green and roll off the back or sides, the greens were so hard you couldn't find your divot.
  11. What is worse is that he didn't "tell" his friend-caddie-financial backer.. He wrote him a f__ing note. That is about the least mature thing I've seen a 50+ year old man do. Be a man and tell him in person. Then when he decided to WD, whether it was hernia related or not, he expected that guy to take him to the hospital. What a total prick. Get a JOB, you loser.
  12. Battery life probably depends more on your specific phone model. I can get 18 holes on my blackberry Storm using this app and have a small amount of battery life left over. I did purchase a cell charger that uses AA batteries in case it runs low, which seems to happen more during the hot summer months for some reason, or if I decide to play 36.
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