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  1. It won't fix your swing or increase distance. Better spend the money on more coaching and practice. It's the swing, not the club... Just my opinion.
  2. I am currently using 9.5* driver. I currently drive on average 280 yards so swing speed is not a problem for low lofted clubs. I see lots of tour players using 13.5* (or 13*) and 18.5* (or 18*) fairway wood combo on tour. When do you know when to use the 13.5/18.5* combo rather than 15.5* (or 15*)/18.5* combo for fairway woods? Also, since I am using 9.5* driver, would the distance gap be better with a 13.5* fairway wood? I usually use the fairway off the deck and for distance purposes. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I personally don't think they are draw biased.
  4. I am located in S.E.A. so we get things cheaper than the US. No link but I can give you the phone number... But the shipping will be expensive... Scratch here unfortunately are sold for $200+ and can't get a hand on the cheaper ones.
  5. Does Mizuno offer KBS Tour as custom options or did you goto a club fitter?
  6. In general, you can't go wrong with Mizzy irons. Just need to choose what is right according to your skill level. If you are split between MP52 and AP2, I would give slight edge to MP52 for feel and looks from the top. Otherwise quite equal.
  7. IMHO regarding wedges... In the past: Cleveland... NOW: Vokey
  8. +1 for Vokey. Equal or better performance for much less $.
  9. I would love to enter the contest but I don't live in the US... But great prize I must say. Keep up the good job with the website. Thanks.
  10. I would recommend MP 32, 52, 60, and 62. My MP60 has been in the bag since it was first released but still in my bag. Can't seem to find a reason to change even with all the nice irons out in the market now.
  11. I am in the market to get a laser range finder for the first time. I know completely nothing about this equipment. Could someone recommend me a decent yet reliable/convenient laser range finder? What would be the estimated price? Thanks.
  12. On firm courses you would want to play with low bounce so 8* on your 52* is fine. However, from my personal experience, I always tend to dig with my past 58-8* vokey spin milled even on firm ground. So I changed to the 2009 Vokey SM 58* with 12* of bounce and it has improved my game tremendously. My current set up is 52-8* and 58-12*.
  13. I personally can putt with both mallet and blade. Makes no difference for me in terms of performance. I just personally prefer blade style or if I were to go with mallet, mid-mallet styles like Scotty Cameron Fastback suites my taste.
  14. I only use Grafalloy Prolaunch Red or Diamana Blue/White depending on the club heads. PL Red is a cheaper shaft but they perform as well as the Diamanas. I would go and get fit to see which shaft fits you best. Expensive does not mean they are better. In my case, they launched the best for me for the 909D2 and 909F2 so that is the only reason why I got them. However, they are very smooth. But on the other hand, if there was a cheaper version that performed similarly, I would go with the cheaper one.
  15. Just spoke to the boss of my initial contact at Titleist. The actual reason for delay is that Titleist has already forecasted world demand and produced/distributed the target number already and they are running out of components to build custom order clubs. He said one of the main reason for such shortage is that this is the last year that club manufacturers will be producing with the current groove regulation so Titleist has put a limit on production with the current groove rulings so that they won't over produce. Therefore custom orders will be delayed. I decided to just but one off the rack
  16. I think anyone below 18 is good in general standard. I think from research there are more than 70% of golf population who can't break 100 in their life time if I remember correctly. Only a minor % of the population are single handicaps. (I think it was less than 10% of the world golf population) Handicap 18 vs handicap 0 is usually one putt difference or one club shot difference in 18 hole round so basically you won't be delayed or annoyed with someone at handicap 18 even if you play single handicap.
  17. Ok. Thanks for the confirmation. I had another confirmation regarding this matter from another forum as well. So I can now confidently go and yell at the Titleist guys for lying. Thanks a bunch for the info!
  18. Yeah. It will be nice if you could find out. If this doesn't turn out to be true then I will have to go and get my deposit back since I don't want to wait for 2 months for my wedges... And if not true, I will still go and get my money back for confusing the heck out of me. Thanks.
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