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  1. Golf is just weird. I go through spots where my swing just disappears. Then, I will be standing over a tough shot with no confidence, nail it, and the world is right again for a few months. For me, slumps happen when my timing is off. One thing, make sure you always hit the putting green if only for 5 minutes before your round.
  2. I say no it is not worth it from a performance stand point. But, if you think it will make you a better putter and give you more confidence, go for it. A putter is supposed to help you make more putts. That's it. I have yet to figure out the allure of designer putters, thank goodness.
  3. Smaller makers like Rife will most likely be gobbled up like Never Compromise was by Cleveland. I have no evidence to back up that Rife will fall aside, just sayin. It's a shame as it is the little guys that usually push the big guys to keep up.
  4. Only happens to me by accident...going below 75 that is. On those particular days it is ALWAYS the putter that leads the charge. Last round I shot a 76 with 33 putts. Not all that great. But, I one putted the last 3 greens. All of em were over 20 feet and 2 for birdies. Days like that make me wonder what would have happened if I would have just made a couple 8 footers. Live by the blade, die by the blade
  5. Grats. Like the feel of the Methods.
  6. Lots of varied replies. One thing I DO hate about the wind is at the range like was mentioned earlier. 200y drives....40 yard full wedge shots....3W, 4W, 3H, 4H all going the same distance....bleh. Most of us can agree that the wind does force us to play better golf even if we shoot crappier scores.
  7. Hit my 7 iron almost 200 yards today and hit my 6 iron almost 150 yards today. Anyone else like playing in the wind? I used to hate it, now I enjoy it. For whatever reason I focus more when the wind is howling.
  8. TP Mills and maybe Machine putters might pull off what you want. Shot them an email. If I ever decided to get a custom putter those would be my choices. Edit: After looking, to get customization it may be out of the $400 range for these 2 makers. Never hurts to ask em though.
  9. Drop the pass? You want him to CATCH the pass. Massaqoui was going to the ground with or without the ball. Harrison was sitting right on top of the play. In football terms he had an eternity to decide what to do. Let the guy get his 2 yards and let the clock run is my point. Not sure why you think end of half is trivial. If the Browns get in 7-6 or 7-10 the game takes a different shape. You see Ohio in my sig and think I am a Browns fanboy. I am a football fanboy and an Oilers fan without a team. And yes, Harrison needs to lay the guy out...no question. But, you don't drop your helmet when you tackle. You just don't do it. It can lead to 15 yards to the O or a flat out miss on your part. Naivety? As in I a naive? Not sure personal classification has any bearing on the discussion. Show up at one of our youth practices and see how we coach the kids then call me unaware or soft or naive...whatever. We are 7-1 and play with schools 4 times our size because our kids know how to tackle and know how to block. BTW, this topic was to be about the NFL, not Harrison. He was the centerpiece of my topic, not the topic itself. Thus my original title NFL? The pro game is losing its fundamentals, just like the NBA, IMO. Um, duh? Sure you will delete this just like you altered my title.
  10. In a 2 minute defensive drill you give away all the 2 yard over the middle stuff. If there was a chance Massaquoi was going to get away, yes, break it up. But, he was headed to the turf with or without the ball. Tap on the shoulder and play is over. Tactically, it would have been the smart thing to do. Dunno, we teach the kids to play smart as well as hard. I wouldn't expect one of our kids to pull that play off, but if he did he would be rewarded. Football is as much tactics as anything else. Well, it should be anyway.
  11. Browns were moving the chains toward the end of the half with score 7-3. 2 minute warning was the play previous. If Massaquoi catches that pass they gain, what, 2 yards? Clock continues to run and Browns have to do a timeout or hurry up with a guy in his first game at QB. The Browns suck so I am not sure why you wouldn't let them have the 2 yards and let the clock run. Basically, do you want your opponent to have 2nd and 10 with the clock stopped or 2nd and 8 with the clock running with under 2 minutes in the half? Unless you need the ball back on offense, the defense wants the clock running if your opponent is driving on you with under 2 minutes to go.
  12. My main point was Harrison made a really stupid football move on Massaquoi. The hit he laid down was done with zero awareness for the clock, field position, and situational awareness. What this tells me is Harrison is a bad football player (not) or he was trying to hurt the guy. Make the play first is what I say. If you happen to put the guy down for a bit, bonus. His stuff is borderline legal and within the rules. Still doesn't make it a clean way to play. The Cribb's hit was laid down from Cribb's blindside. Harrison clearly lowers his helmet not to tackle....Cribbs was wrapped up, but to put a hurt on Josh. I have no problem with that actually. But, get rid of the head hits. What's the big deal? Why are so many people crying about losing head shots? We simply don't teach our kids to tackle like that. Once you drop the head, you are out of the play. I see pile ons as a bigger problem actually. You know, the play is dead and guys are still spearing and kneeing their way into the tackle. Lame.
  13. I get a lot of info when during my lessons. I work through them all at the range and take 1 or 2 of the tips/adjustments to the course. I will also try to remember what doesn't work for me so he can teach a technique to me in a different way or throw it out the window and try something different. My guy is serviceable and understands what I want out of the game. At first he wanted me to swing like a pro. Well, my body doesn't move like a pro so we have made adjustments this year to account for that.
  14. At least your driver is going longer than your irons. When I started I am pretty sure my 7 iron was the longest club. But, those wood woods were a bear to learn to hit.
  15. Was said once, but odds are it is deceleration as you are trying to "feel" the distance you want to hit the ball. Club head falls behind and you wind up hitting fat with soft hands.
  16. By all means, yes, you will be much less of a man. Hang your head in shame. Seriously though, difference between "ladies" clubs and "mens" clubs is usually nothing more that shaft flex. I would consider a can of spray paint if you plan on hitting pink clubs.
  17. I played a bit and I am assistant coach on my son's team. What is going on with the NFL? It's almost like the NBA where you throw the fundamentals out the window. Why would Harrison not let the Brown's receiver catch the ball then bury him? 2 minutes left in the half. Clock would have kept running as the Browns approached midfield and gained a couple yards. Sounds fine to me. We don't teach the boys to tackle with the top of their helmet either. Where is Harrison getting this crap about being taught how to play football? Whatever systems he claims taught him how to play must have rose colored skies because I know of no tackling move that requires the tackler to drop his head and ram into the ball carrier. Once you lose sight of what you need to hit on the ball carrier, you are out of the play. Move like this gets you one shot. You miss, guy gets a TD. Wrap the guy up and get the whistle. Showboat after the game for the ladies. Reading his comments, I am surprised no one has called him to the mat. I guess I have never been a big fan of these blow up hits. They've been around as long as I remember and at times you do have to blow a guy up. But, do it within the rules and with the pads in the gut. Put the guy down with the wind knocked out of him. He'll hobble off the field and think twice when he sees your numbers. Pretty sure these guys that are spearing will get theirs. They are all a chop block away from IR. Not sure a guy like Harrison understands this. I pick on him because he is the only offender out there that hasn't manned up and admitted to his mistakes. For anyone that thinks I am for a watered down NFL, no way. Our kids grow up watching these games and they need to learn the right way to play the game. What I have seen over the past 5-10 years on Def is NOT good fundamental football.
  18. Haven't read any replies, but putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt. After that, putt some more. After that chip 5000 balls somewhere. There is no surer way to reduce strokes from your game. Improve your greenside play and your 10 foot in play and strokes will vanish. Seriously.
  19. Posted this in another thread, but it all starts at your stance and address. Without a nice "linebacker" stance I have no hope of executing a proper golf swing.
  20. Coming over the top is perfectly natural when your arms have no where to go due to crowding the ball or taking the club back on a shallow plane. My mistake (may not be yours) is I get lazy at address. Instead of taking a nice athletic stance at address I can get upright and stand too close to the ball. This causes a backswing that is inside. On the downswing physics kinda takes over. My arms are coming in to my body and I have to throw the club away from me as I am trying to hit the ball. Club head comes back from being off plane and strikes the ball with a bunch of sidespin I don't want. OTT is a result of your mistakes at address, takeaway, and downswing. It is the result of a problem not a problem on its own. Really concentrate on clearing your right arm through the swing. Pretty sure I am not a S and T guy, but the principles are the same when trying to remedy a poor swing plane of any sort.
  21. You typed it before I did. Great looking club even with stickers.
  22. mcgriff

    Hole in one!

    Didn't think of it that way! Every time I stand over that 7I I will be thinking of it now that you metion it. Far as never getting one, let's just say it's not in my plans. I was just thrilled to be on the tee box to see that one drop. Edit: BTW, he put the Ace ball in the water on the next hole. Knucklehead. He said he didn't want to take another one out of my bag since he felt bad not paying for anything. Told him he would pay double in beer for losing that ball. Fun day all around.
  23. Scrambles are huge fun. Just have a good time and don't pressure yourself. Like the others said, tee off first and take conservative shots so he can be as aggressive as possible. When putting put a good roll on it so he can pick up the read.
  24. Still have a Callaway Hawkeye VFT that I hit from time to time. It is a bomber when struck correctly. But, technology has kinda left this one in the dust.
  25. mcgriff

    Hole in one!

    Isn't golf awesome? The crappiest shots imaginable can be just fine and the perfect shots can hit a sprinkler and wind up OB. What a game.
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