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  1. Trouble spots, yes got those. I develop a second a chin after a weekend of drinking and eating pub food. Must be the salty diet plus beer making me look bloated. Such a pain, that requires a 5 mile run to swear off the water... Ohhh, on the golf course. There is no trouble spots. Unless a bad swing causes me trouble. Dog-leg, short or long. Water or whatever. Bunkers, Dont bother me. Just dont get me started on slow play. Golf needs to played with CONDIFENCE and if your stepping toward a shot that you perceive to be a potential "trouble spot". Its game ove
  2. Haha. This thread is funny. Half ppl are ranting the other half are bragging. I'll join Unless you've got your name on your bag, your not out driving me.
  3. The strangest thing I've ever seen on a course. People playing by the rules. I know it's rare, but it happens! Lol Imagine that!
  4. Losing pages. Print media is almost extinct. Blame the millennials.
  5. I cant stand golfing w people that play "casual" golf. They are very inconsiderate. They think cause they are there to have fun. It's ok to not watch my putting line, or bother to hold off on there conversation while I'm going thru my pre shot stuff. Cracking open beers whenever they feel like (in my back swing). I can go on and on, I know it's a by product of playing at public courses, but instill wanted to rant. I race motocross, and practice days at mx tracks are split up by how fast the riders are, because a having slow rider and fast riders on the same track, at the same
  6. I'll chime in. Took up golf in my late 20s (fall of 2010). Practiced at the range a lot and played mostly executive 9 holes courses until the snow came. (Canada eh) The following spring (2011) I played my first round at a championship course, blue tees 6400 yards, par 72. Shot 98. Three months later I shot a 83 on the same course, but that was the only time I broke 90 for the rest of that golf season. In my 3rd season (2012) golfing I would mostly shoot between 86-90 with a few 81-82s thrown in. 2013 (4th season golfing) was the first time I broke 80 and broke par on 9 holes, b
  7. I have one. I use it most every round, but if I play at courses that I've played a million times then I'll have a good ideal of my club selection. At new or un-famliar course it's out on most shots
  8. I don’t bump and run. Not something I practised much learning the game. I prefer to move the ball thru the air around the greens. If a shot can be ran up on the green then I’ll putt it.
  9. That looks like a ton of effort. My wife would never allow for that, and I'd rather get away from the house, and actually focus on my game while I practise. If I was home my wife would be distracting me. Plus, the only type of backyard practise area that would actually make me get outside and use would be something like what Tiger has.
  10. Muscle memory. I'm sure you gained a ton of muscle in your weight loss journey. Since your covered with new muscles. You need to train your new body to use the new muscles correctly in sequence. With such a drastic change in weight, you can expect the same change in your swing, so your basically starting your full swing over again. The new swing won't be as time consuming as you might be affraid off, but the results will be worth the rebuild!
  11. I mind my own business on the range. Even thought I see most everyone's swing flaws. I just don't care. I never give swing advice. When I see a golfer getting really down on themselves I do try and offer some words of encouragement. Something like; don't give up, you never know how close you are to that next scoring plateau if you quit, or don't let good shots get to your head but don't let bad shots get to your heart.
  12. First club purchased for my Dunlop starter set was 60* Nike wedge. I learned to use it like Picasso used he paint brush. Only using my imagination and all feel. Experimenting and trying short game shots from all over. today it’s my only club I use from within 100 yards. I make the adjustments to suit the shot at hand and is the main reason I can keep a decent cap when my ball striking takes a vacation! Don't be affair of the high lofts. It could be the key to unlock a new level of golf.
  13. Tee it high and let it fly! Shes good to go, eh
  14. New blades, is that a brand? Hybrid and blade combo. That would be interesting...but not for me!
  15. You got to hit down on the wedges. You hit the driver good because it's totally different delivery compared to a wedge Swing. one swing is steep and the other is flat. Normally short people have a flat swing that at times results in thin shots with wedges. Light grip pressure is paramount. firm handshake, only during business meetings. Light grip pressure. Or pay the price of high scores!
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