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  1. I'm pulling for the Notre Dame Blonde... and the older guy. And basically anyone on the Irish Guy's team. We'll see if anyone else stands out as the show goes forward. A few usually do. Looking forward to each episode. DVR set to record the entire season. Don't tell the wife, but it is HIGH on the list of timers, outranking many other shows in case of a conflict with another attempted recording.
  2. Been using the same irons since the mid 1990's... and have no reason to change. I'm admittedly biased and do love my irons. What was called "midsize" back in the day is pretty much a standard sized clubhead today. Great forged feel as well and I'm good to go. New irons... or use that money to basically play for free all year(s)? No brainer. I was going to post that Wilson Staff has won more majors than any other brand, but was beaten to it. 59 is a ton. My feelings on their current status in the game is this. They fell behind on some technological advances, pri
  3. A quarter inch to a third of an inch is what i have seen. Some grips, like WINN have a little more substance to the butt end of the grip. Next time you are in Golf Galaxy (or any other shop) ask your friendly re-grip specialist to show you a couple of the grips he has cut off that day (and most certainly discarded). They are probably only a few steps away in the trash can, and cut open lengthwise.
  4. Very good. You're following along nicely! Now... if a player makes a mistake with his scorecard - with or without intent - is the penalty the same? Nice username.
  5. He could probably beat a large majority of the players here... as could most of the Big Breakers.
  6. Oh lord... not this again. You don't have to break a rule maliciously, with intent, or even gain an advantage to be penalized. There was a guy with a scorecard at the Masters once.... look him up. The COURSE/PGA can set up the course any way they darn well please, from fairway width, green speed, lenght of rough etc. as well as determining which areas inside or outside the ropes are to be played as hazards or not. They CLEARLY communicated that hazards outside the ropes are hazards. Dustin Johnson ingonred that communication, which was #1 on the rules sheet if I rec
  7. Does not surprise me in the slightest.... If you want to shake your head in amazement/mocking/laughter... search "Scotty Cameron Damascus" You've been warned....
  8. Other - I've been a single digit handicap for 20+ years without a single lesson in my life Cost too much - For the cost of 5-10 lessons I can play how many rounds? Time - Wife and three kids... it's just not a good use of my time. I'd rather play instead, but only after everything else is done! (work, kids sports/events, things around the house, etc.)
  9. Same irons for me since 1995. I don't think I will be changing anytime soon....
  10. Now you have four putted! I never suggested anyone add a bunch of weight. Your suggestion that experimenting with lead tape on a putter (which THOUSANDS of PGA Touring Pros have done in competition) will make a putter "far out of balance and a poor tool" is ludicrous. The guy wants something IN BETWEEN a heavy putter and a standard putter. It's really quite simple. I putted with lead tape on my putter for 20 years. Made it down to a 4 cap, was a walk on at a Division I school, won High School Tournaments. When I changed to my current Scotty Cameron, the putter was HE
  11. Grips causing a major distance loss? Ummm no. Never heard of anything remotely close. Sure, the grip may change the swingweight a 1/4 of a point or something, but 12 yards with a short iron? Call me skeptical. Something else has to be going on. Ball, wind, etc. If you are claiming distance loss on the range, forget it. Those balls have been hit 1,000,000 times each.
  12. That's the internet equivalent of the three-putt....
  13. I would avoid a larger grip, unless you have large hands or have used a large grip in the past. Why?? Increasing the weight of the club in the grip end reduces the feel of weight of the head, changes the feel of the stroke quite a bit, and DECREASES swingweight. A better option in my mind is to put lead tape on the head of the new putter. You can put it on the bottom of most putters easily, and hide it so that you do not see it at address if that is an issue for you. Or you can stick it all over the place... up to you. Experiment with different amounts of tape first. I
  14. Wow, I was way off. I thought the question was.... Trap totally fillled with water, where do you drop could be answered by saying you should just drop em in the woods and pee there.
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