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  1. How's the heat wave treating you?

    Playing in Arizona, it feels like you live in a heat wave all year long! I don't mind playing in it at all! It's a dry heat
  2. So when can we expect to see all your Nike gear in the Marketplace forum? I may be looking to purchase a new bag pretty soon...
  3. Stories of broken glass or close calls.

    One of the first times I went golfing with my bro-in-laws we were playing at a club that he is a member at. It was the first time I had played on a private course. It winds through a neighborhood, not super nice, but decent homes and I slice a drive into the houses. I was waiting for the plunk off the roof and all of the sudden I heard shattering glass!! I was mortified! We went up there and the guys neighbor is waiting out there for me. He starts laying into me and then the owner comes out. I guess I had landed the ball on the glass top patio table that had some flower pots on it. He was pretty cool about it and I went over and swept it up after my round. I was pretty scared though! Another time, one of my friends and I were playing with my dad and on number 9 coming back to the clubhouse we have about a 175 yard par 3. My buddy totally overshot the green, hit the cart path and it bounced up on the grass right in front of the clubhouse. He proceeds to go up there and chip in across the cart path for birdie! I couldn't believe it, probably the luckiest shot I have ever seen!
  4. Anyone Ever Win A HUGE Prize At A Golf Outing?

    I didn't, but my dad got his first hole in one ever in a golf tourney and it just so happened to be on the win-a-car hole! He ended up taking the cash payout since they already had enough cars. I think it ended up being about $35k. Must be nice!!
  5. I just saw this post and this reply is probably too late. I booked a room this weekend at the JW Marriott in Scottsdale that includes unlimited golf! You also get a $50 per day credit to be used on site (the spa in my wife's case). It was $149 a night. The courses look really nice and the pool etc will make for a nice relaxing weekend. Hope that helps!
  6. Making singles reservations

    I feel like I am going to run into this problem for the first time here in just a couple weeks. Somehow I talked my wife into the JW Marriott family fling and swing package for our anniversary which includes unlimited golf. She doesn't golf at all, but the package comes with a $50 credit per day to the spa so that is where we will be spending our anniversary. I haven't ever had a problem going off as a single at the many public courses around, but it seems like this course is more of the resort type. The free golf doesn't start until after 11 so I am hoping that the heat will scare most other people away. Usually when I golf as a single I will just show up at off peak hours and I haven't ever had any problems as a walk up, but I am wondering if I should call and schedule a tee time where I most likely will be paired with someone else, or just risk it and try to get on as a single and make it around by myself. Any advice?
  7. Insanity vs. P90X

    I am planning on getting back into the workout regime again this summer. I have P90X and did about 75 days of it a couple years ago before I had to quit because of injury. I haven't had the time to do much of anything lately. I was lifting every day up until about 1 year ago but because I switched jobs (old job had a gym I would go to at lunch) I haven't been able to find the time between that, school full time and family stuff. I have a break in school this summer and am really looking forward to golfing a lot more and getting back into shape. I was going to borrow insanity from my bro-in-law, but after reading the thread, I might just try to do P90X again. Any tips? I am about 5'10 190 right now. I would really like to lose about 15 pounds or so. I would need to go buy another pull up bar if I did P90X but we still have the resistance bands.
  8. The Big Break "Indian Wells"

    Go Russell!! Congrats on not being the first one gone. I think if I was ever on a show like that, that would be my biggest fear. It looks like there will be some pretty good blowups this season. I am excited to watch it unfold.
  9. What's the weirdest food you ever ate?

    I spent a couple years in Thailand and I ate some kind of weird stuff there. Dog is completely acceptable to eat over there and actually tastes pretty good. Of course I had the fried insects - scorpion, grasshoppers, worms, etc. I actually enjoyed the fermented fish (plaa raa) they put in the food in the eastern part of the country. We had grilled field mice on a skewer and some boiled blood soup stuff, it looks like really dark red jello. I figured I would try everything once, and ended up liking a lot of it!! Here in Arizona they have cow tongue tacos and tacos de cabeza (head meat tacos) at the more "authentic" restaurants. I enjoy trying different types of food. My mom always told me, "don't knock it 'til ya tried it!"
  10. Got into a couple colleges!

    Congrats on the acceptances!! I am going to ASU right now and I love it. I was born and raised here in AZ though, so I am used to the hot summers. Where else can you where shorts and short sleeves on Christmas and Thanksgiving?? It is a fun school and your education is what you make of it. Good luck with wherever you decide to go! There is no shortage of golf here in Tempe year round and we could always use another Sun Devil
  11. San Diego Courses?

    I was wanting to play a round at The Crossings when we stayed in Carlsbad a couple weeks ago but I guess they were Aerating. I was so bummed! We used to go on vacation to Carlsbad every year and I was looking forward to playing there because of what I had read on this site. I ended up playing at Fallbrook Golf Club up just out of Oceanside and it was a lot of fun, great course and the other 3 I got paired with were a lot of fun!
  12. I played in the San Diego area a couple weekends ago (Fallbrook Golf Club) when I was on vacation. I booked a 5:45 am tee time so I could get back and enjoy the beach. Being from AZ I forgot to take into account the time it takes for the fog to burn off. We ended up going off about 6:15 but we still had a tough time seeing the ball. Luckily I had a leftover yellow ball in my bag and it helped out a ton! I think I might switch to playing with a yellow ball full time now!!
  13. Official Big Break Dominican Republic thread

    Like breaking the glass windows? The only windows I can find are on the houses next to the course. Think they will mind?
  14. Official Big Break Dominican Republic thread

    I got nervous when I saw this thread and thought that I hadn't set my DVR in time! I will be watching for sure! I think I really got into this show just waiting for a massive blowup from some of these contestants that they are bringing back. Oh ya, and the golf too
  15. TV Online?

    I don't know of any that lets you watch the shows live (or while they are being shown). I usually use Hulu, but that usually takes a couple days and some of my favorite shows aren't even shown online. You may have to wait a couple days before it becomes available online