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  1. I think Golf in general has to be careful not to be seen as 'Snobbish' or 'Eliteist'. This is one of the reasons why I didn't take it up before moving here. In the UK, golf clubs are stuck in the dark ages, run by crusty old duffers who only have one aim in life.....to be a comittee member! Oh, the power! I have never worn jeans on the course, but I suppose that is partly down to the weather here. Shorts/light trousers and a range of 'Polo Sport Golf' polo shirts are my choice. I do sometimes wear jeans if popping down to the range for an hour in the winter tho'
  2. I have been following the new square Callaway FTi with some interest which I believe Mickleson will be using in 2007. For a novice golfer like me it is claimed to be very forgiving with a very high MOI rating. Does anyone know when Mickleson will be adopting this and has anyone tried this club out yet? Thanks.
  3. As a newbie bothe here, and to golf as well I am still in the 'Borrowed old set of clubs' phase. Living in Cyprus, the few golf shops are horrendously expensive compared to UK. Having scoured internet, I think I have narrowed down my bag selection to one of the following cart bags: Mizuno Vanquish Callaway Euro Cart Bag Nike Slingshot Tour Cart Bag Thoughts anyone?
  4. Hi all. Newbie here! I am in the very fortunate position of being semi-retired in beautiful Cyprus. I originally hail from the UK though.