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  1. New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I am a retired Army guy and recently started picking up golf now that I have a little bit of time with my new job. Played for a SIDS benefit recently and enjoyed it, so after alot of research and ball hitting etc...bought some clubs and waiting patiently for it to get warm again. Once again, hello everyone and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
  2. I would love to say Jack, however, I am of the mind that in the end it will probably be Tiger.
  3. Recently retired from the US Army, so I have finally decided to try to get into playing golf. Played at a SIDS benefit and shot a 110. Had a great time and now trying to figure all this out.
  4. Howdy all....I'm retired from the US Army and am now currently a Deputy Sheriff.
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