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  1. The Cheers have Left Augusta

    I could go down the line of justifying my individual points here but feel I would only be playing into your hands. You asked us for our views on a the article about the Masters, we gave you that. Both myself and at least one other have been blazed by you in response, why is that? If you ask for opinions then you gets them. Perhaps you should have left it at "if you agree then reply" and it would have saved you the time and effort in replying to our mails. I don't come to the forum for this, I want to engage in debate, since when has this been so wrong? By the way good luck in the Scratch division this year, I hope you shoot 90
  2. How will YOU spend your Masters weekend?

    Stuck to the sofa, coldie in hand, occasional jumping up when a European makes a move. God only knows what the neighbours must think!! It being Easter and all is a huge bonus. I remember back in 1989 when it went to playoff and having to be up for paper round and school in the morning, knackered!! No need to rise early in the morning this time round
  3. The Cheers have Left Augusta

    As a keen viewer of the Masters for the last 18 years I can't disagree more with the articles sentiments. I have never seen as gripping a first 3 days than this one. Nobody has run away with it in the style of Tiger 10 years ago, we are all set for the most dramatic final round of a major ever!! Yes the course is brutal but the big numbers that have been run up, Applebys 7 and Ogilvys 9, are all the result of poor shots and poor course management. I have yet to see a good shot go unrewarded. The original vision of MacKenzie has been changed certainly, for the better I believe. Lets face it, the game is different nowadays and golf courses have to adapt to the increasing skill levels of the players. "The cheers have left augusta" This quote does not tell the whole story. The weather is positively freezing for that part of the world so its highly likely a lot of patrons have walked in or just have their hands in their pockets. Rest assured that the player with the lowest score will win, and will deserve that green jacket. The challenge is there for all, the challenge is fair but firm. Bring on 19:30 GMT!!I will be glued to this one.
  4. How do I show people that golf on TV is Compelling?

    The classic holed out wedge that lands 25 feet below the hole and then rips back into the cup. I remember Greg Norman doing this on the 14th at St Andrews in the 1989 Open, 2nd round I think. Always a spectacular shot even if we all know it mainly down to luck.
  5. You must be bored at work when you...

    Hehe! Remind me of the last Ashes cricket Series a couple of summers back. Studies have shown that the English economy actually stopped at points during those games
  6. Tiger and Phils Personal Relationship.

    Well Phil may well be phoney but lets face it Tiger is a freak. Deep down I think they probably admire the qualities of the other. I don't mean to do down the greatest athlete in the world (ever?) but he has been groomed for the position he is in now and that surely must be at the expense of all the cool things we do when we are growing up. I would love to have the game that Tiger has but would be unable to cope with a life without a lot of the growing up experiences that Tiger will have missed. Still think the tiger will kick ass this weekend though, them 2 bogies last night will ensure he gets it round in 68 max tonight.
  7. The move from the top

    Thanks for the lesson ringer. After I finish making sexy time with beautiful lady I will go to the driving range and give this a go. That'll be me hitting balls in 5 minutes then
  8. Spring Golf

    Agree completly, I need a bit of pressure to focus me. Also the greens on my parkland course are not yet up to speed, still a bit of top dressing on them. I have been out 3 times this last week and hacked it round big time. On the plus side I have spent my time laughing my ass of with the rest of the fourball as we proceeded to half every hole on the front 9 in bogey plus!! I asured them that the laughter will stop as soon as the greens get cut
  9. Mizuno Irons?

    I got my Mp60's in January, custon fit via a large golf retailer here in the U of K. There are loads of cost options on shafts (Rifle etc) while Dynamic Gold + Dynamic Gold Lite are non-cost items. You can also get the fancy red Golf Pride grips (Decade) or even the blue cord that Luke Donald uses, for no extra cost!! I hit 78mph on a 6 iron on the launch monitor and was fitted with DG lite regualr shafts. I hit these far higher than my old Pings which takes a bit of getting used to but will give me a whole new game when the course drys out come summer.
  10. Explanar

    I spoke to my coach about iot and he was of the opinion that its a really good way for beginners/high handicappers to get the hang of the concept of swing plane. I have worked really hard on plane over the last season and saw some great results. I still fall back into old habits and I still have to really accentuate the feeling. I like many people have misunderstood the whole takeaway issue, truning the shoulders too deep early on gets you trapped on the backswing and then forces a lift of the arms to the top. Played 15 holes last night. Dropped 9 shote on the front, worked out what I was doing, focused on turning to the top of the swing and played the next 6 in 3 under par!! The feel for me right now is: in/cock/turn on the backswing. Seems to be working a treat and am looking forward to the first medal in a couple of weeks. I think a couple of explanar lessons would be a very worthwhile investment.
  11. Greatest looking golf swings

    Damn! Looks like a hornet flew down the back of his neck when he got to the top of the backswing. Great rhythm makes an average golf swing look far better. Ernie for one is very languid but he gets the club in some odd positions and has always had a tendency to spray it round a bit. Bit of an odd choice this but Corey Pavin anyone? If you look at his swing in freeze frame he is in great positions all the way through. It does look a little strange at full speed but technically he is very good.
  12. Who would you like to see win again?

    It really would be something to see since Faldo is not playing the Masters this year. I am also not sure that Duval will be in the field this year, hasn't his exemption run out by now? A proper Cinderella story would be JD coming from 5 behind on the last day of the last full field event to gain exemption for the next 2 years. I have real fear that if he doesn't win his card back this year then we will have seen the last of JD.
  13. Which putter do you use?

    I got the Bobby Grace MK5 at the start of last season and brought my handicap down from 12 to 5.5. It is a kinda ugly looking thing but is very forgiving on off centre hits. You know when you have mis hit the put but the ball still rolls out on line and a similar distance. I would love to play a fancy pants Cameron but I feel I would be giving shots back, its not how but how many, golf is a game of misses.
  14. Tiger vs. Phil vs. Howell vs. The PGA tour

    Chuckie was absolutly awesome on Sunday and this will be a major stepping stone for him for the rest of the season. You really dont see anything going wrong with that swing, sooo solid. Phil is carrying a serious monkey around with his driver. Very negative swing on the 18th in regulation and again in the play off. It really shows just how much Phil relies on the short game. As soon as his very high standard slips even slightly he puts himself behind the pack. You have to love the chiili dip from on the green though, made me larf!!