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  1. Played a few, I think one was Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA. Nice course built on hilly property. The greens were very hard to read due to the nature of the rolling property. I'm sure they all broke in a certain direction but I couldn't figure that one out.
  2. Thanks Erik. I look forward to meeting you!
  3. Sorry that I just saw this Erik. I haven't played the Weiskopf course in many years but I remember it being fun and challenging. It requires placement of drives to the correct part of the fairways. 17 is a very cool short par 4, the typical Weiskopf risk/reward hole. Sand all the way down the left side in sort of a Cape hole fashion. Cut off as much as you dare. I played The Loop in both directions in late September of 2016. Loved the courses. I think the CW course is harder or maybe I was playing worse that day. It's relatively flat but undulating. The fairways are extremely generous but make you think. You can't just bomb away, especially as it plays very firmly. My playing partner who is a long hitter drove through the fairway a number of times as the ball was rolling 50-60 yards. Then again the fairways were not fully grown in yet. The green complexes are great. Many options from putting to chipping if you miss the greens. I like this sort of course where there are options for approach shots. It's not a links course where you can putt from 30 yards out if you want as most of the greens are slightly elevated but you can bump and run by playing the humps and rolls that surround many greens. There are two Biarritz greens as well. It's very low profile and an easy walk. In fact you have to walk. No carts allowed as has been mentioned. I'd love to join you there some day Erik. I'm a major hack these days but working on it.
  4. Have you been to Forest Dunes? It's totally self contained. Nice rooms and a very good restaurant. Someone mentioned Garland. Talk about being isolated. The courses at Forest Dunes blow away the Garland courses.
  5. It's resort golf not public. I'm not sure what you expect. I played last fall and The Loop was $98.00 per round I think. I stayed over so I could play it the opposite direction the following day. It's really a cool course and worth a visit. It plays very firm and you get lots of roll. It may be softer this year as it's grown in but it's designed to play that way.
  6. Which 63 was better?

    Miller's 63 was one of the great golf rounds of all time in a major. Under maximum pressure, on a terribly difficult course he played close to a perfect round. It's not even a contest.
  7. Erin Hills, Site of 2017 U.S. Open

    Shuttles are the norm at major championships. Oakland Hills is outside of Detroit and is far from remotely located but for the US Amateur last year you parked about 4 miles away at a local school and they shuttled you to the course. It was the same for the Ryder Cup in 2004 but I think parking was at the Pontiac Silverdome about 10 miles away.
  8. Listening to advice from a higher handicap

    A low handicap golfer that understands the golf swing is someone I'd listen to. Same for a higher handicap player that may have health issues or is older but understands the golf swing. The big question to me is how do you interpret knowledge of the golf swing. I'm taking lessons right now so I feel that I am developing at least a modicum of basic knowledge. Not enough that I would advise another person on their swing but enough that I can begin to tell if someone can give good advice.
  9. Jerry Matthews Designs

    As others in Michigan have done, I've played my fair share of Jerry Matthews courses and others from his family. I have to say most of them are fairly forgettable designs although I do like the concept of moving as little dirt as possible. Of the courses I've played, Elk Ridge, St. Ives, The Majestic, Timber Ridge and Hilltop are my favorites.
  10. Tiger Has Spine Fusion Surgery

    I don't know how anyone could golf with a disc pushing on a nerve. Ouch! Hope this is very successful for Tiger.