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  1. Are caddies swing coaches? And it's not beside the point Erik. It is the point.
  2. I've never been one, whether it's basketball, football or golf to put much blame on anyone except the players. Obviously there are reasons other than LaCava that Tiger has not played well since Stevie left. So I feel it's all about the player and not the caddie. Stevie had Tiger in his prime. LaCava has had him older and injury riddled.
  3. I think the point is that caddies should be inconspicuous. Stevie is definitely not that. The golfer is the star not the caddie. It's the same reason Tiger fired Fluff Cowan. Jack Nicklaus said last week that he thinks players count far too much on caddies these days. Maybe he's out of touch with the modern game but back to the point of this thread, LaCava is known as a great caddie.
  4. Show up, keep up, shut up has been the caddy creed. Of course even Angelo Arguella, Jack's long time caddy did more than that but their job is not to be a therapist. They give yardages and clubs. I trust Tiger's judgement in caddies. LaCava is one of the greats.
  5. Exactly the problem with the HOF. It should be more exclusive.
  6. I'm not sure what you are talking about. Metal spikes were banned from most coursed due to the damage they do to greens. I don't know anything about insurance issues. And it was said above that many PGA players still wear them. I noticed Tiger Woods wearing them at Bay Hill.
  7. I'm surprised at the poll results that say yes. My immediate thought is he's not close to being a HOF'er. On reflection it's far too easy to make the World Golf HOF. Freddy being in is case in point although he's one of my favorites. Bubba should need at least 1 more major and 9 more PGA tour wins. All are entire possible.
  8. You do know that tour pro's handicaps are -5 to -6? You claim to be a 2. I think you'd be lucky to break 85 under this pressure on this course from these tees.
  9. Maybe I'm drinking the Kool Ade but I have to imagine the top players are shaking in their shoes over Tiger's rapid progression along with his apparent good health. No one should be surprised if soon he's once again the best player in the world if his back holds out.
  10. I don't see how swinging past the conclusively ball caused it to move.
  11. I agree with this. If he can play close to how he played even in 2013, no matter how good the rest of the field has become, he will still be the best in the world. That's a big if but when Woods was a the top of his game, he was on a different level than the rest of the field. Not to mention the intimidation factor.
  12. Why shouldn't The Golf Channel (and NBC) fawn all over this. From my point of view I wouldn't have paid much attention to this tournament if Woods wasn't competing. And from the coverage on ESPN and even the cable news networks his presence was huge for the game of golf. There's widespread interest in having the greatest player of the last 20 years once again be competitive.
  13. In the context of his last few years, a strong A, in comparison to his competitors this weekend a B. If he can improve his game and stay healthy, they should be pretty scared.
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