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  1. I'm not super active here, but love this idea - I doubt I can make this one as my wife is due in three weeks but definitely interested in future ones!
  2. Hey all, I've been working hard on all aspects of my game this year and wanted to get some feedback about the full swing. Linked below is at the range this morning with a 3wood - It was a great shot with a slight cut, but my session this morning was a bit inconsistent and I think I know why but I just wanted to double check and get some feedback Swing: https://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/cypfwYWC I've also attached 5 screenshots showcasing the issue I _think_ is affecting my consistency. In all the screenshots, the red vertical line represents the edge of my rear at t
  3. Hit the range trying to work on my head movement. Driving Iron: https://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/oHVqJlco Driver: https://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/DOLcR0AU# I still see some lateral head movement but when I try and keep my head still, it seems like I'm keeping it too far behind the ball - If I draw a line on the leading side of my head at address, my leading side is a couple inches behind that at impact - is this worse? better?
  4. Great. Thanks! Rewatching my swing, I seem like I'm doing okay on the backswing but on the way down, my head definitely dips and moves laterally towards the target
  5. Hey everyone, New year and ready for some golf! I've played in three tournaments so far this year (80, 87, and 82) and the swing is really feeling better than ever. I took a video hitting with driving iron at the range that (hopefully) showcases what I've been working on in the offseason - bumping the hip laterally to start the downswing. Link to video: https://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/gDLdHKrr Photo of a few positions starting at the top of the backswing: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChxamLyXEAAI2QM.jpg:large Ball flight is a consistent draw, but last week, I
  6. Went this past weekend and ended up buying the R15. The fitting itself cost $50 but they took $25 off for buying something. Overall, a decent experience but I probably would try another place for a fitting next time.
  7. Cool. Thanks for the information. I have some baseline from using my current driver on trackman with my instructor so I have an idea of what I'm looking for but I'll definitely bring it anyways. I didn't realize you pay for the fitting separately so that makes me feel better!
  8. Hey guys, I'm still rocking a TM Superfast with a regular flex stock shaft. I've been taking lessons for the past few months and my swing speed has been increasing (in the 106mph region now). Over the past few weeks, I've been hitting my driver really inconsistently and my instructor mentioned it might be because the shaft isn't stiff enough so we hit a few of his old drivers on Trackman and turns out that I'm able to get more distance (carry + roll) with a stiffer shaft. Anyways, I want to demo the driver market and find a new option with the right shaft. I have a Golf Galaxy and Dicks nearb
  9. Another update. Been taking lessons every week for a couple months now. I think things are finally looking better on video. I also shot a 77 in a tournament this year (best score ever), but followed it with a 85 the next week. Still working on it though. Here is the latest video from today: Not perfect, but a lot better than where I was. My miss is a thin draw - I haven't hit a single shot right in quite some time (not counting the fades my instructor is helping me hit)
  10. I was B-FIt for Bridgestone e7 golf balls - Jordan Spieth -10 - Dustin Johnson - 9 - Ricky Fowler -9
  11. Took a lesson earlier this week with Michael LaBella down at the Brian Jacobs golf school at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor, NY Key takeaways: 1. Takeaway club head feels way outside hands 2. At top hands are out in front of sternum club head feels more behind you 3. Swing in to out 4. Get to your half finish-hands away /out In front of sternum....right forearm over the left From that, here is a video I took this morning after practicing those changes Thoughts? It seems much more "on plane" than before. I haven't had a chance t
  12. Awesome. I'll definitely look into that
  13. I don't actually, but I'd love to connect with more/any local players as the only person I play with is moving next month.
  14. Hey guys, I'm back! Been working hard the past couple years getting a more consistent, repeatable swing. Here are a few from this morning: Front Behind As you might suspect, most of these shots were push fades or fades (no draws) I'll list a couple things I think I'm doing wrong: 1) Downswing - I'm rotating my upper body too soon (probably before my lower body) which seems to bring the club over the top 2) Downswing - I don't seem to swing
  15. Big flipper too - purchased the Tour Striker but didn't see the kind of results I expected. I feel like I'm making progress - been working on it for a few months now and hoping to break the habit soon. The tips in this thread look pretty solid and I'm starting to think along the same lines of posting the left side. From what I noticed in my swing, my leading leg bends towards the target instead of "posting up" and allowing my body to rotate over it. The least I imagine this drill can do is make it feel very strange to not drive the clubhead into impact so hopefully give me some immediat
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