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  1. I changed from my 905R cos I could do nothing but slice with it. Yes, I could have worked on swing to correct the issue, but I found that going back to a TM R7 driver sorted it (had one before the 905 but it broke - 905R was an exchange from the shop) I love the R7 Superquad, which was on the more draw setting (both heavier weights towards the heel - 12g-12g-1g-1g) and this straightened the slice. I was finding recently after a lot of practice that the srives were beginning to pull. Changed the weights yesterday to 12g-1g-12g-1g so on the draw setting and its made a bit of improvement. S
  2. Cutom fitted Titleist 755 irons; the custom measurements were standard loft & lie, standard length and reg flex tri-spec steel. So they are custom for me, and standard for anyone wanting to buy them down the line.
  3. from the Titleist site, the spec seems quite different between the 2. For info, I found the YS6+ in my old 905R to be quite boardy in feel (felt stiffer than a 'stiff')
  4. keep your eye on ebay... there are still the occasional new v-steel getting listed. Check the US and UK sites - UK would be cheaper postage to you I would guess. Your other option is to go with a 5 wood that has a 'standard' length shaft - the new burners are longer to generate more clubhead speed, and send the ball further. This was a consideration when I was looking for my 3; I didn't want one that was close to the distance of my driver, and bridged the gap between 5 wood and driver. But, a hybrid may be an idea - something around 18 degrees such as Callaway X or Cobra Baffler Pro
  5. ditto BS on distance - I read in a golf mag recently where Darren Clarke (Irish pro) was talking about what's in his bag... his 13 deg Taylormade Burner TP is always in his bag as it goes 260 yards. He's no small guy, and his 13 deg 3 wood goes as long as your 5 wood Anyway, distance aside, you don't need an excuse to go and get it. If you find that when playing you have a shot that you wish you had a 3 wood, then you need it. If you get round the course and are happy with the 5 wood then no need. For this 250+ yard shot, I'd probably use your 5 wood as it goes about 260
  6. Had a pretty awesome 1st 7 holes, 8 & 9 were scrappy and finished the front 9 with 18 points. Back 9 went terrible, and somehow scrambled another 12 points. All in, 30 points today, 29 yesterday so handicap +0.2 for the weekend so 13.0. Putter was sizzling hot though! My driver is normally a fairly safe bet for me, as have been striking it superbly for the last 3 or 4 weeks. This weekend, couldn't hit my driver at all on either round. Decided after the round today to have some range time to work out what was wrong; smashed 20 balls one after the other perfectly down the range. No idea
  7. Well, after my trial of the Callaway x and Ping G10 yesterday, I stumbled across a Callway Fusion 3 wood with the stock Aldila NVS shaft (stiff). After a few hits I knew it was better than the others - much more suited to my swing and was straighter, more consistent and a lovely trajectory. Its now in the bag, and the par 5's are becoming reachable in 2 now...
  8. I hit the Callaway X 15 deg (stock stiff) and the Ping G10 15.5 deg (prolaunch red) today... Was not a fan of the callway - felt like I caught it fat too often and flight was high & right, which was a surprise. Ping had a nicer flight, perhaps a bit too low but was more consistent. I think this club would be nicer with the stock TFC shaft.
  9. I have seen and heard a lot of people doing this; 4w and the 21 hybrid
  10. I thought a 2 iron was closer to a 5 wood? You read of a lot of pros that alternate between 2 iron and 5 wood depending on course conditions
  11. is there something in your contract with Titleist that states you need to play their irons?? Personally, if I wanted an all Titleist set, I'd have gone AP2 2 months ago rather than Callaway... I'm guessing the Callaway are a decent iron, so why not stick with them if you hit them well. If there are problems, change to what works best, not necessarily what matches the rest of your clubs.
  12. I play a 9.5 degree Superquad, with the RE*AX stiff shaft (mid tip) Love it to bits, and the club is on the "more draw" setting which gives me only a very slight draw (I have a natural fade). Flight is very high, and distance, although very long, is all carry. I think if I changed to the normal "draw" setting, the trajectory would be lower, and more roll, but on the courses and weather conditions I am currently playing, carry works well.
  13. nobody tried both? I've not managed to find them anywhere to try them out as they are now previous models...
  14. Same boat - have not played a 3 wood in about 5 years now, but courses I am playin gnow have plenty opportunity for a 3 wood to come into use (5 wood often too short for a par 5, or too safe on a par 4 off the tee) From what I have seen... (but not tried) Callaway X 2008 - very nice looking club at address. Good price. Ping G10 - sits lovely and square at address, choice of shaft options. Callaway FT - different looking to any other Callaway wood as has a traditional looking hosel compared to the usual S2H2 equipment. Taylormade Burner (2007) - I have seen this in the normal and TP
  15. another dozen Titleist PTS Carry... these things are fantastic! And there was a sale on in the shop, so got them for a 'bargain' 112 dirhams = about $30 :( Think I'll splsh out big next time I am in the shop and go with a new glove - humidity ruined the current one - they only last about 5 rounds here! Golf equipment is too $$$ here!! A few 3 woods with a discount that almost had me tempted, but still about double the US prices... $320 for a Ping G10 or Callaway FT / $255 for Titleist 904 or Callaway X 2008... Think I'll hold off until I get back to the UK!
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