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  1. I agree with never too cold as long as your are prepaired for it. Now living in the NW cold and wet is the norm. If I was from So cal I would have to say 60's!! LOL
  2. My new clubs have the winn v17 lite on them are these good all weather grips?? Live in th NW it rains just a little here, lol Thanks
  3. driver is a cleveland moi monster driver stiff flex
  4. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...ht=#post540833
  5. So I have been playing alot of free golf for my birthday and have been slicing the driver. Not my other clubs just my driver. Why can this be??? Some of the swings feel like I am just taking a slap at the ball. Maybe I am just feeling nervous with the driver and comfortable with my irons and hybrids. Thanks for the help
  6. 20-80+ for 18 with a cart if you get a deal they are closer to 20ish.
  7. all the signs I've ever read say Range balls Not reg balls that some has to hit another one. Let alone a Penta!!!!!!!!
  8. Thats a good question. I think he wanted to get me into some lessons. I'll admit there are times I struggle with hitting the ball well but I think in general I hit the ball great. sure I can work on some stuff, but who doesn't. When he offered to film me for free I had to jump on it. Looking at the swing to me it looks great with only a little tweek her and there. I was surprised on how much I turn though being fat LOL He wants me to set up more with my hands lower because he says it is just how its done. But he did say that I start o plane and end on plane as well ( isn't that the pt??) So a
  9. Never played there, but do live in the area. November could bring nice weather but more then likely it will be windy and rainy. So bring lots of dry clothes and good rain gear. Rain gloves and make surethe grips on your clubs are good.
  10. You could try plumb bobbin. I have never done this but see some do really well with it. I look from behid my ball and then behind the hole, with what I see I stand over the ball and look from the ball to the hole and see the line. Kind of like Tiger woods video game. Been doing really well as of lately too. Use to 3 putt about 60 % of the holes. Now I only have 1-2 per 18
  11. Anything inside of 100 yards was good for me yesterday. Would like to get better from 160 . That is a good 7 iron for me. Guess I'll go some were I can set up a target at 160 and in and work on hitting the target.
  12. well I played yesterday and shot a 88. Had 2 problem holes posted a 7 and a 8. Most of the holes I was on and putting for par and was good deal away form the hole. My putting has gotten better to almost stop 3 putts ( except the 7,8 yesterday) So waht are some drills I can do to get my approach shots up tight in reg to make pars or even a birdie once in a while. Thanks for all of the help
  13. Alright have played and quit golf for years. I started playing for something to doin the summer while out on summer break. The town course had a deal 45 dollar student yr rate for all the golf you wanted. So I played alot. I sucked alot too. Never had a lesson and never really kept score. I played every summer for 4 yrs (9-12th grade) Gave it up for a few years because lack of time I guess. Then took it up again and was scoring around 100+ I guess. Then I got too into it and started throwing golf clubs if I didn't do as well as I thought I should. Gave it up for a few years it wasn't fun. Afte
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