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  1. I just started carrying a Ben Hogan Edge CFT 3 iron, give me leeway between my TM Rescue mid 3 & 4.
  2. Got mine and my wife's delivery yesterday. The packaging was nice. I think it took just over 3 weeks.
  3. Hah, we dared our golf buddy to get the utility belt since he likes gizmos....and he did! On his own. Can't even take the ball marker out of the buckle since it's so small.
  4. If you're looking to get the putter, especially if you're looking for just a Wilson Harmonized putter, then I suggest checking out your local Walmart (sometimes I see some there in their golf sections) or you local big box golf store such as Sport Chalet/Sports Authority, Dicks, etc. since their the ones I usually see carrying the Wilson brand of putters. Sports Authority has Wilson putters and has overnight shipping. I'll also throw in the Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy for $60 as a good value.
  5. Are you looking to get your dad a brand new putter as a gift since most of the suggestions here are getting used versions from eBay. If you don't mind getting used then there are tons you can get around your price point, I'd throw in the suggestion for a Taylor Made Monza Corza. If you want to give a brand new putter, the Wilson Harmonized putter line is a solid equipment and great low price around $30-$40. Tour Edge putters for $40 Ben Hogan Bettinardi Baby Ben Putter for $40
  6. Wilson Staff 50/50 Golf Balls are on sale at Target (So. Cal area at least) for $11.98. Good ball at a low price.
  7. I just bought some comfortable FootJoys and they are comfortable walking a full 18. My previous shoes were some basic Top-Flite brand sneaker-like golf shoes and it held up for a couple years, just added some gel pads for extra cushioning.
  8. Low Priced: Pinnacle Exception Really Low Priced: Dunlop LoCo
  9. The Roger Dunn I went to was the Superstore in Santa Ana. I know the Golfsmith nearby may carry it since they list it on their online website. I would go to Nevada Bobs, but their hitting area is small and I would like to have a selection of used/trade in clubs like the ones offered at RD & GS since I'm looking at the Nickent 3DX, Wilson Di7, TM R7, and Mizuno MP-25s that have come down a good deal when bought used in the shops. There's a local Roger Dunn in Mission Viejo that I may have to check out if they carry some used Wilsons there.
  10. I headed down to my local Roger Dunn Superstore the other day to try out some game improvement clubs since I'm thinking of upgrading. I was thinking of either the Nickent 3DX set I've demo'd there before and also the new Wilson Staff Di7 that I've been reading good reviews on. When I went to the new iron section and even the used section, they did not carry any Wilson clubs at all. How come a large chain such as Roger Dunn not carry Wilson Staff. It's not like WS is a small company and at least on par with Macgregor, Bridgestone, and Srixzon that they do carry the lines of. Now I may have to truck to a farther Golfsmith location to try out WS items.
  11. Well I started out with a Pinemeadow clone of a TM 460, it had a weird sound to it and didn't perform as I hoped. I also purchased a command hybrid and a clone of a Callaway heavenwood from them and those two hybrids were really on the money for me.
  12. Since you're probably looking for golf balls under $15 the ones I like are Dunlop Locos, the Maxfli Fires, Precept XP3. The Pinncale Golds have been touted as good low-priced balls but I could never get into them, I do prefer the Pinnacle Exception but they're more expensive. If you don't mid using recycled golf balls, I was able to pick up a 24 pack of Srixzon ZURCs for $14.99 and they play really nice and soft like the Pro V1x and stop on a dime.
  13. The only time I see Honmas on the course are with older Korean couples (I play around the coast of So. Cal) and haven't seen any wow factor in seeing/hearing them being hit. I think it may be pretty much a prestige thing with them to show how much you can spend on clubs (like owning a Rolls or Bentley). It's odd though I only see them sold in mom & pop korean/japanese-owned shops and not at retailers like Roger Dunn & Golfsmith.
  14. Anyone know when the 775CBs will be discontinued since I like the set and would love to see them on sale.
  15. I'm also thinking of adding in a 2-hybrid since I cannot hit my 3 wood with consistency off the deck while I'm able to blast my 3 & 4 TM Rescue Mid anywhere. I have not seen anyone on a course though with 1 or 2 hybrids yet.
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