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  1. My claim to fame

    I was on the Bozo show.
  2. Gi?

    Game Improvement.
  3. Cheap set of starter clubs

    I would say check other Golfsmiths. My local golfsmith has numerous sets of callaways and taylormades for < 150. I got my used set of callaways 4-AW,SW,LW,PW for $102. Check out Ebay also for used clubs. You can find some really good deals. I also picked up a new burner driver for 50$
  4. Country Clubs gone public

    As long as they arnt jean shorts or ratty and torn up, I dont think it really matter what kind of shorts they are. Just tuck in your collared shirt, wear your hat forwards. Pretty much it.
  5. Age

    I am 24 years old.
  6. What Kind of Person Do You Have to Be...

    A few weeks ago I was playing and somehow lost my driver cover. I realize I lost it pretty early on, but I couldnt just stop my round and go walking around looking for it so I just figured it a loss. When I finish playing I ask some of the guys working there if they had seen it. Someone saw it blowing across a fairway and picked it up and brought it back to the club house. I was so happy that someone returned it because I had just ordered the club not more then a week ago and it'd piss me off if I had to use some cheap head cover on my burner. I understand the people doing it because the greed in people never seems to amaze me. Thats why I bring my clubs every where I walk on the course. I leave them by windows when I go into the club house and I bring them with when I go buy a bucket of balls and whatnot. Never can be to safe.
  7. Golf School Mount Snow Vermont

    That sounds like it'd be a fun weekend thing to do. Obviously prices will vary from place to place, but if you dont mind me asking how much did this cost you? I assume you stayed at a hotel? Was room and board included in the price?
  8. So how tall is everyone?

    So man big people on here. I wish I was at least like 6 feet. I am 5'7 and about 140lbs with a 7-9 shoe size depending on brand.
  9. Ever Been Complimented?

    I just recently got back into golf after about a 12 year break. I stopped playing right before I went into High School. I went to golfsmith earlier in the summer to buy a new set of clubs and went onto the hitting machine thing they have there. I told the guy that its been about 12 years since ive even swung a club so he asked to see me hit a few balls. He said I havnt lost a step at all in my swing. All my balls were well hit and straight down the pipe. It was a pretty good feeling because I wasnt sure how I was going to do. Now of course when im playing on the course all my balls doing go straight, but thats just how things work. You can hit them fine while testing, but once you get on the actual course you start hitting bad.