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  1. I rock Mojos, I like them. And they are cheap, I get them for 15-18 bucks for two dozen.
  2. Golfpride New Decade multicompound midsize grips. 9 red, 5 white. Bag o tees, two pack of FJ gloves, dozen Nike Mojos and a Odyssey divot/mark tool since I can't seem to go more than a month without loosing them.
  3. It sounds to me like a lot of bitter people who don't have the extra coin for the putter they really want. Like everything in this world, you get what you pay for. R&d;, superior materials etc. The pros use them for a reason. Why do you think Tiger uses a Cameron over a Nike putter? I played the same beat down faux insert putter for years, then I moved to an Odyssey mallet. Used that for a few seasons and then started looking a Cameron. Picked up a Newport 2 midslant and haven't looked back. The quality is spectacular, the feedback is unreal. To me, it truly was worth the money.
  4. 6'2" 180lbs.
  5. Anything and everything to do with residential low voltage. Automation, alarms, surveillance, AV etc