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  1. the ones in the picture are from the senior open earlier in the year. the ones he wore at the boeing classic looked like he was going hiking.
  2. you doubt what? that he was wearing them or that theyre cargo pants? he undeniably was wearing them, was also wearing similar pants at the senior open. http://www.khakicrusader.com/index.p...ay=995&from;=24
  3. any notice bernhard langer's pants at the boeing classic?? they had the extra two pockets and IMO classified as cargo pants.
  4. is anyone familiar on how exactly how to play (outside of corporate invites or invites from a friend). essentially is it anyone who has a certain handicap can play?
  5. throw a curve ball in there and pick freddy couples...shock everyone
  6. i would like it more if the following round was not determined by points, but specifically the previous rounds performance. for example, if Ernie Els finished 101 last week, hes not playing in the Deutsche Bank this weekend, despite the fact that he was no.1 going into the Barclays. Then the top 70 the following week etc. If they are trying to make it more like a "playoff" then this is how it should be done. In other sports, despite how you played in the regular season, if you play poorly in the playoffs, there are no second chances.
  7. i would say wedges are one of the few exceptions to this rule. if you are using a worn down, older wedge that doesnt get a good bite on the ball, you are not going to get even close to the amount of bite, spin and ability to hold greens as you would with a brand new or relatively new vokey or cleaveland wedge. it doesnt matter how good you are, you dont have the technology or equipment to put the required spin on the ball.
  8. How often do most people replace their wedges? With these TM replaceable faces it has me concerned that it's essential to get a new face every 15-20 rounds. Are the TM cheaper, forcing them to be replaced, or should even Vokeys be swapped out every so often?
  9. also....how much would cutting the club down affect its weight and stiffness? a significant amount???
  10. Minus the cost of a new grip, do you happen to have an "guesstimate" on what cutting them down would run me?
  11. Just upgraded to some AP1 710s off eBay. Got them new for a good deal but the only catch was they are 3/4 of an inch long. Will I be fine if I simply choke down on the irons or should I pay to have them cut down? I know some pros (Anthony Kim) choke down on all irons just out of habit. So what is the best course of action?
  12. i also use a 60 degree but most people i play with use their 52 and fire the ball low hoping for it to check up
  13. was rooting for dirksen...got to love a guy who carries his own bag.
  14. Tough to compare these two as they are playing in two completely different eras. Same reason you can't compare Babe Ruth to Albert Pujols.
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