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  1. Do you guys think that this purchase was worth it? I mean compared to some apps that keep score, GIR, putts?..Thinking about buying it. Also which package do you guys suggest?
  2. So the 3 bogey's came from the ball?... or maybe you just missed some putts?...
  3. All of this winning tournaments must be cause of those crappie Nike clubs he uses... I love when Rory was down and not winning everyone blamed the clubs... so now that he's winning is it cause of his clubs?
  4. Here's a good bit of info on some balls... I was talking with a Rep from a golf ball company.... They took the robot machine that swings perfect everytime.. with all the balls across the market...the high end ball.. they found a 10% difference in spin between all the balls across.. this test was from 100 yrds in.... the swing from the player is what determines the spin.
  5. I love my Ping i25 irons and hybrids... I would love to swing that G30.. it just looks sweet.
  6. The company Headquarters are in MAss.. but the balls are made overseas... Titliest balls are also painted.. and have a seem... Bridestone balls are seemless and are not painted... Look i like the bridgestone balls... the feel and distance i get.
  7. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls Rickie Flower -9 Rory Mcllroy -7 Adam Scott -6
  8. Bridgestone balls made in the USA.. titleist made.. some where else.... every box of PROv1 you buy $4 per box goes to Bridgestone cause of the lawsuit.. titleist copied there dimple patterns...
  9. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Phil Mickelson -4 Angel Cabera -2 Martin Kaymer -1
  10. wow i'm in such a baseball mode right now... how can i edit my post?
  11. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Phil Mickelson -4 Miguel Cabera -2 Martin Kaymer -1
  12. It was always called Bayonet and Blackhorse.. and it was a beautiful course, before and even better after the remodel.
  13. I've played many courses.. the best and usually voted is the USAFA Course. Courses I've played.. Ft.Bragg Ft.Carson USAFA Ft. Lewis Mchord AFB Keesler AFB Whiteman AFB NPS naval course Bayonet and Blackhorse Nellis AFB McDill AFB White Sands Maxwell AFB Hickman AFB I thin that might be it. These are in no particular order.
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