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  1. I'd love to be there when you call a penalty on a guy as well. (This thread is absurd.)
  2. Stetson makes hats. Stenson wins golf tournaments.
  3. It is the best investment you could make. (Along with a series of Lessons). How far you think you hit it and actually how far you hit it are different and without a method of calculation (Laser Rangefinder) you will be in the dark. You might look into one that has a calculation of slope (not legal for tournament use though) as you will see that not every 150 or 100 yard shot is the same. You would actually be surprised at how many yards they differ depending on the incline or decline of the fairways/greens. You will definitely become a better golfer with it.
  4. Try rockbottom golf- sometimes they have a 3 pack of gloves for 10 - 12 bucks, and if you spend 75 or more its free shipping.
  5. I would aim for the bunker on the left and play a fade with my 3W. The wind might stop the shot short leaving a simple chip, but if it didn't, the shot shape would allow for the ball to land softly on the green. This would take the steep drop off to the left out of play, but might introduce the bunker on the right as a possible landing area. It being a par 5 2nd shot, the right front bunker would still be a nice place to be pitching from for eagle. The green being elevated also should be accounted for when picking a club for maximum distance. I would go with the 3W based on that consideration.
  6. We live at Salt Fork, so I mainly play here. I've heard great things about longaberger, ill try and get a tee time within the next month.
  7. Glad you are here on TST. We pretty much exchanged places. Im from Midland/Odessa TX and am now living in Cambridge OH. Hope your game continues to grow.
  8. Effington: You are a golfer. The ups and downs of golf occur to every single golfer. In your quest to know YOUR SWING you will not only find (Hopefully) what works. You will also find what terribly does not work. Your game will oscillate between the fantastic and the not fantastic. This is natural. What you learn about yourself during that period is what makes the journey exciting. You will have periods of time in which you can hit anything, there are no misses, it feels incredible. It may be just for a day, or for a few shots a round or it might be a month of steady progression. Then golf happens, you may go through a period of shots, days, weeks or months where nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is working right. once again that is natural. If you aren't making mistakes you aren't learning. If you ever get into a high pressure situation where you shank a ball off the hosel, how do you respond? I went through a month of hosel hits. It was the most depressing time ever, but it was the best time as well. I did like you and hit quarter to half shots. I learned that with each hosel shot, i was only using my arms and not my shoulders. I learned that my path was way inside. I learned that I needed a more upright swing. I learned that the takeaway needed to be drastically slower. I realized that my follow through needed to be much quicker. I learned about my swing. It took a while. The great thing is that now that I have gone through Hosel Hell, I know how to get out. It no longer ruins a round if I hit a shank, (it rarely happens now) it just means that one of the fundamentals has broken down. Your experience is one that with perseverance you will become the golfer you want to be.
  9. Those irons are my favorite irons. The fact that they are cavity, muscle, and blades gives you the best of all worlds in your irons. I gamed these for four years then made my own blended set of mizunos. The heads will last forever, just make sure to regrip or reshaft when necessary. Also make sure to adjust the loft and lie atleast once a year, as forged clubs can bend slightly over time.
  10. Here is something interesting that might add to the discussion- The New York Courts of Appeals, the highest court in New York State and the equivalent of other states’ Supreme Court, has ruled that a golfer need not yell “Fore” on a mis-hit shot. According to the Court of Appeals, those participating in sporting and recreational events assume the risks associated with the activity. In the case of golf, that includes getting hit with an errant shot. The case before the Court involved three golfers playing on a Long Island course. Two members of the threesome hit their balls into the deep rough. Both located their balls. As the one in front turned to announce that he had found his ball, the player behind swung at his ball and shanked it, hitting the other in the head. For non-golfers, a shank is a shot hit, usually hit off the hosel [the part of the shaft that attaches to the club face], that flies off at an angle not intended by the golfer. In this instance, the player who was hit was a neuroradiologist who lost sight in one eye and was unable to continue working due to the injury. New York’s Court of Appeals upheld rulings by the lower courts dismissing the case. The Court explained that intentional or reckless conduct may result in a legitimate claim, but that was not the case here. Being struck by an unintentionally shanked shot, according to the Court of Appeals, “reflects a commonly appreciated risk of golf.”
  11. I would also like to thank Erik, Mike, & Kick X for everything they did to make it happen. It was a fun outing and I look forward to seeing all you guys again. I had to leave out early to meet the wife, but hopefully the next time we meet up I'll get there early and we can trade stories. Once again Thanks, it was fun!!
  12. Iacas: I would like to join you all. I will be able to be there for the golf portion. Hopefully ill be there about an hour early. Thanks!! Paymon.
  13. What time and what course are yall playing? I'd like to join you all if time permits. Any and all info would help. Thanks!!
  14. You are about to embark on a journey filled with disappointment, disgust, confusion, negative swing thoughts, painful reality, confidence killers and the urge to quit. These don't go away, they just happen less often as gain experience. This 3 month timeline you are giving yourself is unreasonable to get to a number that is arbitrarily picked from thin air. As you develop, your handicap will lower in plateaus as your skill level with certain parts of the game become better. When one aspect gets better, the easier it is to practice that one thing and neglect the others. This is the reason why people's handicap stays within the same spread for a long time. You will have to become a master at constant evaluating and re-evaluating.When you become aware of your deficiencies, which are always there but may be hidden, and work to better them then and only then will your handicap drop but only slightly. There are no amount of balls you can hit that will prepare you for the pressure of playing in front of a gallery on your tee shot. There is no handicap that will prepare you for playing against an annoying person that you get paired with. There is no handicap that will give you the ability to perform the types of shots that you will need to navigate a tough course. A handicap is an identifier of skill (not necessarily the best indicator) and does not necessarily tell the amazing ability of a golfer or poor ability of a golfer. You will find in your journey experienced golfers that can shoot an 80 everyday of the week with a pitching wedge and putter only, even with high winds and rain. You can also find people that have played for a few months and can shoot the same score but need every break to go their way. What I wish for you is that you enjoy this wonderful game. I wish for you the wisdom to know that this game owes nobody anything. I wish for you the skill to perform a shot the way you see it in your mind. I wish for you the patience and humility it takes to fully enjoy the game. I wish for you the ability to see your own faults and the intelligence to quickly correct them. I wish for you the best of this game. Its not the number that you write on the score card, its the journey to be blessed with the ability to write that number on your scorecard. Good luck on your journey!
  15. It was amazing to see how many ex-college golfers that have started families and cant afford to golf, that have taken up disc golf. The guys that I have met are phenomenal disc golfers, and when i took a few of them to my home club and we played golf they were studs on the course too. I think that the younger crowd of golfers have less of negative view towards disc golf. I agree with iacas in that the image is slowly changing. Disc Golf needs a Tiger Woods in that he changed the game of golf from an old man's sport to a much younger vibrant sport that kids want to play.
  16. I was like many (or the Majority) of you guys out there. I shuddered to think about Disc Golf. Its a damn Hippie-Pot Smoking Sport* ( using the word "Sport" loosely.) I started dating a girl who played disc golf and after months of her asking me to just try it out, I caved. She took me to a nice course in Fort Worth, TX. In disc golf, holes are measured in feet not yards, so it is a 1/3 scale model of a golf course, with par 3's 4's and 5's.She showed me her array of discs- Drivers, Mid-Range discs and Putters, and each disc has differing flight characteristics and weight. I took some time to get the feel of throwing the disc, it is not like throwing a frisbee. Once I did however, I immediately wanted to throw as far as the other people were throwing. (Sound Familiar?) It took me about 6 months to start throwing in a comparable range as the more experienced players. I did have a leg up on the newer players though, as the rules of disc golf and the rules of golf, are very very similar. This is where we get to the meat of this thread. I have learned through disc golf how to manage the course and my thinking, therefore bettering my scores in Golf. In disc golf there are many instances in which you can go for the basket to make a birdie, but if you miss, there is a good chance the next throw is as far away as the one you just threw. In these instances it is much smarter to throw right under the basket for a tap in par. Over the course of the round these shots add up. These are usually the margin of victory. As in golf its not the amazing shots that make your score low, its the mitigation of the bad shots that make your scores low. Disc golf highlights many of the aspects of poor decision making and does so in a shorter time span. A disc golf course can usually be played in a third of the time it takes to play around of golf. If you play with a group of buddies the competition can be fierce and you will learn to handle pressure putts or drives, with ease. The more repetition and experience you gain by being in these situations can help you become cool under pressure. I remember the first time playing poker and having quad aces I couldn't control the shaking in my fingers, now after so many thousands of hands of poker my body's reaction is just like having 9 high, no shakes. Disc golf is usually free to the public, so it is very accessible to everyone. The only cost incurred are the discs. Like in golf, if you play with better players, the learning curve is much steeper. (positive) I have learned that the fundamentals in disc golf are closely mirrored in Golf. I have learned balance in my golf swing, precisely because I am using the opposite side of my body to throw a disc. I have learned that to throw a disc very far requires a very smooth transition, and not a wild forceful throw. There are so many positive things that disc golf provides for your golf game that I suggest any Golfer to give it a try.
  17. Callaway Hex Chrome or the Hex Black Tour. Amazing Ball. Period.
  18. The wedges that come with the sets are also garbage. Find a good used Titleist Vokey 56 degree sand wedge and a 52 degree gap wedge. They will be the clubs you use most often. You can find both on ebay for around 50 bucks. Get the older version they are still great.
  19. It made me think of this. See Below**
  20. I played in an Oil and Gas Tournament in Euless, Texas (Texas Star) and they had a runner up from the Remax Long Drive Competition who was seeking donations for a charity. On the 18th hole, a par 5 measuring 535 from the gold tees, he would hit a drive then if you could make the resulting double eagle they would fly you anywhere in the world for a week. He hit our shot with a carry of 380, and a roll out resulting in a total distance of 411. There were a few funny things: 1st: He teed the ball up about 4 inches. 2nd: He hit the ball so high it seemed like it would never come down. 3rd: His driver was about 4-6 inches longer than a standard driver. 4th: We asked what he was hitting and he said "The ball all the long drivers use is the Pinnacle Gold ." His smoking hot blonde girlfriend then showed us the Box full of them behind his launch monitor. They are a terrible ball around the green when it comes to feel, but since you asked for a Distance Ball this according to him was the best.
  21. What is your goal here? Are you trying to make play fair for 9 holes, then for 18, then for 9? Do you always play Stablefords? Are you looking for hybrid scoring to make things equitable? Are you wanting to use the scores that you use for Usga Handicaps? Please clarify.
  22. "For me, i find that i can swing very hard if my mechanics are good, as soon as i loose my mechanics, i can't swing as hard, and if i try, bad things happen." "Lose" not Loose.
  23. I have two of the clic gear 3.0's and they are fantastic. They have room for everything, and you can add accessories galore. They are very compact and they fold out and up in seconds. If you can find a coupon or one on Craigslist or Ebay, I would recommend getting one. They are around 179 to 199, and with the clic gear 3.5's coming out the 3.0's should fall into the 150 dollar range. I have already saved the purchase price plus accessories by not paying cart fees. I bought a second one so that I had one for my playing partners. They have always wanted to walk but they weren't sure about investing in a push cart. Four of my friends have since bought the 3.0 in different colors. One of them traded in his Sun Mountain for the Click Gear, I guess he wanted to be like us!
  24. I bought this book three years ago and it changed my game: (The 50 75 and 100 yard shots specifically, were the gold in this book.)
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